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The pain of Wayne

The pain of Wayne

The Soccer Saturday experts give their verdicts on where it all went wrong for Wayne Rooney.

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Sardar sadek Nizamee (Arsenal fan) says...

Its the english media and english people only think Wayne Rooney is Up there with Leo Messi. Infact Wayne rooney was not better then Drogba Last season but just because English he gets more attention. Rooney is no way better then Carlos Tevez. Better attacking players then Wayne Rooney? Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka,Robben, Sneijder, Higuain,David Villa,Iniesta, Drogba. Is rooney better then Torres?Oh please..

Posted 17:52 1st July 2010

John Butt (Thurrock fan) says...

Rooney is not and never was world class. I do not know why he gets slaughtered for not turning up this is the 3rd tournament he has done that. Should be dropped from the England side altogether along with Gerrard the spoilt brat who only wants to play where he wants to play.

Posted 17:35 1st July 2010

Ash Aubeeluck (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree with Merse. Lets be honest, he is a great great player and someone who destroys premiership defences, but when it comes to highest level of football, its the special players that shine, regardless of form. Messi hasnt scored a goal yet and still looks a class above everyone. Ronaldo and Drogba have had "poor" world cups but weve still seen glimpses of how good they are. Rooney didnt do one good thing in the 4 games he played. He still hasnt scored a world cup goal in his career. He'll probably smash in 30 goals next season but this was the stage to shine.

Posted 17:33 1st July 2010

Jason Brindle (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Come on guys, lets really think this a bit more obviously than formation, fitness, tiredness, technique etc etc. We focus on Rooney first when we should be focusing on the team first. Whilst I can't stand the Daily Mail, Martin Samuel is bang on when he says 'if England had a brain, they might be dangerous'. This is so true. When we talk about Rooney, he is probably the most technically talented player and probably the most exhausted player from this premiership season. But what would makes the best be brillant is they 'think' when they havent got the ball to create space for themselves at any level. Thats what Rooney does for United to find space to make great passes and score great goals, but : a) the rest of the team dont think at all ie, look at the way the other players were so easily picked off,out of position and chased shadows against Germany so easiliy and... b) Rooney didnt do his normal thinking because he had a lot of it on the pitch because be never had the ball and 3 defencers were on him. Thats what the best, the real best like Messi, Zidane, Maradona do and did so well and what Rooney didnt, regardless whether he was tired or slightly unfit!!! Finally, what is interesting with Argentina is that the coaching team dont think of Messi as the king of the team, its Mascherano. If we focused on others more, we might get more out of Wayne.

Posted 17:20 1st July 2010

Helen Knight (Manchester United fan) says...

I agree with Charlie. The manager got it wrong. Why is everyone coming down on Rooney. Look how he plays for United. Look how United play. They move the ball up the field, short passes. Englalnd long ball. Doesn't work. Rooney never got the support.

Posted 17:14 1st July 2010

Masaba Paul (Liverpool fan) says...

Am sorry to say but, He is not a top player the way people think, I just cant imagine a player scoring 33 goals a season and put up such a performance at a big stage. Lets not blame it on the injury, we so players like Ronaldo come on for brazil after an illness and injury and performed well.

Posted 16:36 1st July 2010

Okorie Judesteve (Manchester United fan) says...

i know for wanye, things migth look too bad, but its not the end, i believe in second chance, rooney is still young so should not resign to failure, there are still opportunities to prove, man ligthen your hopes, its well

Posted 15:42 1st July 2010

Arthur Brian (Chelsea fan) says...

Regardless of the manager's mistakes, a technically good player should be able to make something out of nothing.....English teams tend to value running, effort, heart/passion more than skill/ball control/technique.....this means that little will happen when the manager's system breaks-down.. other countries will in such times be lifted by magical moments from gifted players

Posted 15:22 1st July 2010

Adrian Page (Charlton Athletic fan) says...

Personally I think that he was told to be a creative force explaining why he set up 5 or 6 real clear cut chances of which none where taken and I just wonder if he lost faith the ability of the players around him, also if these had been taken we'd be talking about a creative genius on the pitch. Also the tactics were all wrong, Lampards only real strength is his ability to get goal scoring opportunties when he has the freedom of not worrying about defending yet whenever he's been part of a two man centre midfield he's looked very average at best, so we play him in a two man midfield with someone who was massively short of match practice. At international level you need players that score with every 4 or 5 shots we have 3 people Rooney Defoe and Bent, yet Bent didn't even go, Defoe barely played until the end and Rooney was to busy trying to be creative as only him and Gerrard can create anything regularily from open play. This too me was shown by the fact that the Germans were happy enough to allow Lampard and Barry all the time in the world on the ball yet Rooney and Gerrard constantly had 2 or 3 players sticking close to them wherever they went.

Posted 15:16 1st July 2010

Lewis Smale (West Ham United fan) says...

Agreed..Rooney was not fully fit and firing on all cylinders and was man marked in all 4 games... For some reason he couldn't even control the ball BUT he want the only one! The only players to come back with their reputations intact are a.cole ,james,defoe and thats it. The worst player though was frank lampard he went AWOL in all the games and he was a passenger and we were playing with ten men.. not to mention jt (big time charlie) trying to run the team wot a JOKE

Posted 14:48 1st July 2010

Frank Judge (Manchester City fan) says...

you never saw the "Real Rooney" because the refs in the EPL allow him to dive in 2 footed, lunging tackles, studs showing and being generally badly behaved. In the World Cup it was blindingly obvious from day one, that the refs would not tolerate this behaviour and wanted to see good football played...that is why him..and other " top 4" players were found wanting. EPL refs dont apply those rules to the top 4 FACT!

Posted 14:34 1st July 2010

Viveshan Phillips (Liverpool fan) says...

Wayne Rooney is over rated ....end of story!!! The English media has built this hype around the English players when in reality everyone is mediocre...except for maybe Steven Gerrard. I think it's time Everyone in England realises this and gets with the programme .."England have not been a force in world football for a very long time". English premier league is a force but it's predominantly made up of foreign players... who in turn make player from this England side look good.... Carvallio makes Terry look good. Valencia and Nani made Rooney look good with their good Deliveries.... Lampard only plays the way he does cause Mikel and Essien allow him the freedom to do so. Xabi Alonso helped gerrard be a better player.... I could go on and on but you get the picture .

Posted 14:02 1st July 2010

Chris Moores (Manchester United fan) says...

Charlie has it spot on... Cappello didnt play him correctly. Also when you watch United they move the ball quicker and watch the runs of Rooney as to time te pass or cross, England dont do that they take ages then just lump it in meaning that Rooney is static by the time the ball arrives in the box. Also Muller for Germany pointed out that there are too many Alpha males in the England squad which I think has alot to do with the poor team effort. Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Terry and Ferdinand )when hes there) are all leaders of their Clubs and must find it hard to then fall in line while on duty!

Posted 14:01 1st July 2010

Frank Farrell (Barcelona fan) says...

Wayne Rooney can be described as a good player and plays well in the English Premiership. However he does not have International calibre and pales into insignificance when compared with the likes of Zidane, Messie, Maradona, etc. In fact to mention him in the same breath is to dishonour the abovementioned. The English have never had brilliant international players and the results speak for themelves. One final ever on the world scene and one fortuitious victory at home shrouded in controversy. Compare that with Italy, Brazil, Germany, France !

Posted 13:59 1st July 2010

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