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Does the Cap fit?

Does the Cap fit?

Is it right to stick with Capello? The Soccer Saturday panel give their verdict on the England boss...

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Dave Orchard (Chelsea fan) says...

Its simple..were england & need a english manager.. harry redknapp & if david beckham can loose his hollywood image then he might just make a good number 2.

Posted 14:11 3rd July 2010

Harry Willetts (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

he is only a club manager at best , it's obvious he is not cut out for the england managers position.

Posted 12:58 3rd July 2010

Martyn Crimmins (Manchester United fan) says...

It's not down to the influx of foreign players, Englands so called 'Golden Generation' are the product of the great foreign players that Gerrard, Lampard, Roonery etc have learned from and aspired to reach their level. The real problem is 442, not 1 of the 'big four' play it, nor does any of the top champions league teams or the best international teams. The only place it belongs is the Championship, so how about England dispel the myth that 442 is the English way, because aside from Lennon and Defoe who plays it at club level?. If England were a Premier league team they would be Stoke with the tactics they play.

Posted 10:58 3rd July 2010

Cindy Williams (Arsenal fan) says...

The problem with England is not with the manager but the players. They are a bunch of prima donnas who aren't very skillful and lack football intelligence. Until we fix our youth system England will never win the World Cup. It hasn't gone unnoticed that none of our players play overseas. Those that did go in the past, like Michael owen and Beckam didn't do too well as they had to compete against talented and skillful players. Change our youth system!

Posted 10:45 3rd July 2010

Tim Armstrong (Manchester United fan) says...

I find it funny that peopel question the players and the formation, was this the reason that made England concede from a goal kick and then again when both our Central Defenders were over on the left side of the pitch leaving Glenn Johnsen to cover the entire box and his own posision ? England showed in all 3 games that they have an inabilty to get the ball on the deck and play football, there was no short passing or interplay in midfield. Gerrard and Lampard constantly went for the Hollywood Pass and killed our Tempo as well as our possesion. Even when Capello did change things, He brought in Defoe in order to discorage the long ball. what did Lampard, Barry Upson and Terry do..... Long ball's Gerrard and Lampard should never have played at this world cup, they are both "Roaming" players that dont fit into any system that is not built specifcly for them.

Posted 10:05 3rd July 2010

Barry Wood (Birmingham City fan) says...

I agree with Paul Merson, (which is a first beings how anti-Birmingham City he usually is) Harry Redknapp would be the best appointment for England manager. Redknapp would be able to get the best out of the players whether they were superstar status or not. He would build a great team spirit, playing with freedom combined with tactical nous on the pitch. England players just need the confidance to express themselves in the same way they do at club level. It is so sad to see a team with so much potential on paper perform so badly on the pitch to the point where they can't even control the ball, and pass it to each other. The problem for England is a mental one and not a question of poor footballing ability. A mental one which 'Uncle Harry' could sort out of that i'm certain.

Posted 09:29 3rd July 2010

Dennis Heckels (Manchester United fan) says...

If I went to work and didnt achieve what was asked of me I wouldnt get paid. If the man had any dignity at all he would hand back his wages. Why are these so called geniuses not paid on what they achieve? Oh maybe its because the people that are paying them are employed under the same terms. Have pride in my country? don't make me laugh.

Posted 09:02 3rd July 2010

George Griscti (Liverpool fan) says...

Why do we continue to blame Capello? In the end it is the players who are on the pitch. They showed no enthusiasm at all, were not agressive and gave everybody the impression that they are doing someone a favour by being there. Compare their attitude with that of the south american sides. The players are simply not interested in playing for their country and made sure they did not get injured.

Posted 08:07 3rd July 2010

Peter Lewis (Chelsea fan) says...

Capello should have gone. By allowing him to carry on to the 2012 campaign is only going to delay the inevitable, more decision errors both on and off the pitch. The FA know that they have also made an error in appointing Capello in the first place and do not want to appear to loose face and £10 million. They should come clean and hold their hands up, apologise to the nation and with a selection of current and ex English managers and players, people that actually know the game chose our next English Manager. As for the £10 million, lets be honest this is peanuts to the FA.

Posted 05:14 3rd July 2010

Marion Percival (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

i think that england team was a disgrace , they should donate all there wages to charity , because they dont deserve to be payed that kind of money , they might as well stopped at home , for what use whey were

Posted 02:44 3rd July 2010

Graham Garrett (Arsenal fan) says...

Capello picked the squad, he picked the teams, he played players who were not fit, and played players out of position, made ridiculious substitutions, and his tactics were all wrong, and hes paid £10m a year, all the FA do is say carry on, bring in an English manager who understands our way of football

Posted 23:09 2nd July 2010

Graham Davies (Manchester United fan) says...

I wish people would stop blaming foreign players in the prem, how many play in La Liga? Serie A? do people honestly think the big clubs deliberately pick a young foreigner over local talent?- that is actually down to rules preventing clubs recruiting outside of a set distance so if they cant source locally then abroad is the only option. However do we need so many foreign players lower down the leagues? No. Should the FA take a more pro-active role in youth development? Yes. With regards to Capello he is the best man for the job so we should back him ..clearly Hodgson wasnt to keen on the role so signed with Liverpool to rule himself out and with all due respect to Harry Redknapp who I think would do a great job, the FA were never going to take him on while he still has the tax evasion problems hanging over him

Posted 22:26 2nd July 2010

Shane Monkman (Blackpool fan) says...

Capello cannot be blamed for the poor performances of the players, however he is the man who picks those players. Rooney was not himself, Barry was awful and yet he kept playing them. His team formation, tactics and substitutions left us all baffled. I think he should be replaced and England be managed by an English manager. If you look at the top teams they are all managed by managers from their own country.

Posted 20:46 2nd July 2010

Graham Walton (Sunderland fan) says...

Capello`s first major mistake was taking John Terry. He should not have just been stripped of the captaincy, he should never kick another ball for England. He simply is not good enough as an International defender, his performances in all 4 games of the World Cup were Woeful. However his presence in the camp was shown to be nothing more than disruptive,lacking respect for his Manager & team mates. Just who does he think he is. ????. Hopefully he will never ever wear an England shirt again. It is pointless keeping faith in Capello if we are to keep the same abysmal nucleus of the World Cup squad. Terry, Lampard, Upson, Defoe, James, Wright Phillips, Carragher, Johnson, Green, Heskey, all had very poor World Cups and cannot be trusted in an England shirt ever again.

Posted 20:24 2nd July 2010

Les Thornett (Liverpool fan) says...

One thing I noticed was the difference in the passion and pride within the teams. England has a multitude of very talanted players who had every possible they needed and achieved nothing and disapointed all England fans. South Africa had a Team of players whio played for each other and showed great pride in reprisenting their country. If the team fails but each player has given their All you can ask for nothing else. this seemed to be lacking in the Englang camp. To put the blame on any individual like Rooney or Gerrard is wrong. yes they did not reach our expectations but it is a team sport and the team must take responcibility and for no one to explain waht went wrong (without selling their story to a tabloid) has also let the fans down.

Posted 19:56 2nd July 2010

Eric Ng (Liverpool fan) says...

All the blame seemed to be aimed at Capello. Why don't anyone analyse the true cause of it? It was because of John Terry. He tried to call for a press conference to clear the air with the manager. This has caused disharmony within the team. Who does he think he is, the captain is Gerrard, vicecaptain is Lampard, he is a nobody in the team. If he wants to prove he is somebody in the team prove it on the pitch, not off it. He tried to create a revolt against the manager and this is a very serious disciplinary case, more so, during a tournament. Why is the FA keeping quiet on this, are they going to let him get away with it? He should be banned from playing for England again.

Posted 19:10 2nd July 2010

Dennis Hillyard (Chelsea fan) says...

Did anyone in their right mind ever believe that the FA would sack Capello or that he would resign? Even before a ball had been kicked in the WC the FA in their infinite wisdom gave Capello a new and improved contract. WHY ? To sack him now would simply illustrate the folly of their ways. On the other hand, why on earth would Capello NOT want to stay on. After all who else is going to pay him six million a year based upon his record as the England coach? Just a little hint to the FA. Only seven countries have won the WC between them and I include England. QUESTION: How many of these countries did so with a foreign coach? ANSWER: None, Is there a clue there ? In 2012 when Capello's contract ends and they then dismiss him. This will mean that any new appointment will have less than two years to qualify ffor the 2014 WC. And people ask me why I emigrated to the USA to coach? The above says it all.

Posted 18:44 2nd July 2010

Peter Bassett (Chelsea fan) says...

Blaming tiredness was stupid,how come premier league players currently representing other countries arn`t tired? The fault lies in the first place with the big wigs who run the f.a.Other countries use the skill and experience of former managers and players,i.e Beckenbaur for Germany.Choosing Capello on such an inflated salary was always misguided.His knowledge of the game and players in this country was limited,his command of the language was frankly insulting.It appeared he had no form of rapport with the players,or even his own coaching staff.Doubtless we are stuck with him,but we will not succeed in the Euro`s in two years time unfortunatly.

Posted 18:39 2nd July 2010

Rob Fryett (Manchester United fan) says...

I think it's the right decision. They did fail, spectacularly as ever, but Capello is in his first national job, and he deserves the chance to have another go, his reputation has earned him that. There were plenty of things I think he got wrong. I think that if you're going to play a straight 4-4-2, you have to pick one out of Lampard and Gerrard. Simple. They are our two best midfielders (for their clubs, anyway), but they're just too similar to function in the same team. Unless you play Lampard next to Barry, Hargreaves, Carrick, somebody like that, then have Rooney alone up front with Gerrard playing off him like he does with Torres. That's his best position, there's really no debate to be had about that. Also, I think there's a real problem with John Terry. He's an incredible defender, an incredible leader, but when he came out to the press saying he was 'speaking for the players', it stunk of him trying to take over from Gerrard, and I really think that it's something that needs to be sorted out. Whether he deserved it or not, he's not the captain any more. That's it. He needs to learn that, or Capello will have no choice but to drop him, in my opinion. I think that created tension in the camp that was unnecessary, on top of everything else. Capello will sort all the problems out, I have faith in him. I just don't have faith in the players, who I truly believe just can't play together.

Posted 17:12 2nd July 2010

Brian Hamill (Celtic fan) says...

Capello should not be staying in the job. He had a long time to work out the right system to get the very best out of the talent at his disposal. This is quite a simple task, it's not as though he had the many more trials and tribulations that a club manager has, and yet in two years Capello had not come close to achieving this. He imposed a dated, rigid, ineffective flat 4-4-2 system on a talent pool which could not perform within those parameters, and he managed to make the squad look like even less than the sum of its parts. Capello's reign has been a titanic, unforgivable failure and he simply has to go.

Posted 17:07 2nd July 2010

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