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England's got talent?

England's got talent?

Were England's players good enough? Do we need to look to a younger breed? The panel have their say...

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Alex Burke (Crawley Town fan) says...

As a young football coach, i agree with the recent comments of Steve Mclaren. Mclaren has said we now need to look at the bigger picture and realise that grass roots football in this country is poor. The coaching in this country is not up to the standard that it is in for example Holland, Spain and Germany. These countries invest millions in producing more world class youth coaches. Are we therefore suprised they produce more world class young footballers???? The National Centre at Burton which is due open in 2012 is a step in the right direction but we won't see results overnight. I do agree with Thommo when he says its not all bad as our youth teams do compete. The U20's and U21's were both losing finalists in European competitions last summer and this year our U17 were succesful. There are a number of talented players coming through but we need to produce more. I for one am looking to Jack Wilshere, Jack Rodwell, Adam Johnson, Gary Cahill and Joe Hart to really make thier mark. I also think Chris Smalling, Gabby Agbonlahor and Keiran Gibbs are close to stepping up. Another player I hope is on the radar is Josh Thompson of Celtic who at 18 is an outstanding young defender. Beyond that there is hope in players like Nathan Delfounso, Ross Barkley, Connor Wickham, Andre Wisdom, Joshua McEachran, Nathaniel Chalobah

Posted 22:21 17th July 2010

Martyn Crimmins (Manchester United fan) says...

Maybe england need long term planning to win the next world cup by introducing youth now that will fill their potential by 2014. The german model is good, perhaps hurried in to fruition by the lack of world class individuals, but still, bringing the under 21's who know what it's like to win tournament football is a big plus for them. England lack this experience of winning tournaments at lower age levels, so why not focus on ensuring they do and then develop the cream in to the full squad. We (wales) had a very bright under 21's and were practically forced to blood them at full level due to lack of quality in the squad. We certainly look a better team with bale, ramsay, ledley and collinson and gave the germans a better game twice in the world cup qualifiers than england did.

Posted 15:51 17th July 2010

Outsider . (Newcastle United fan) says...

Firstly missing rio was a big loss, he was the link between midfield and defence because he can come out with the ball and play a pass, pique did this very well for spain and was obvious he picked a bit of this up with his time at man utd. with the midfield, they dont come and take the ball from the back four and forced the defence to hurry into clearing the ball and losing possession. playing gareth barry as an anchor man in midfield was a terrible choice, he played most of his career at left back for a mid table team. the ideal player in this position is a makelele or scholes. agile and good passer. england miss scholes more than any other player because he was the closest they had to the spanish players like xavi and iniesta. up front rooney needs to play behind a direct forward like bent or defoe. he plays better when theres someone occupyin the back four and he can see the gaps and exploit them.

Posted 12:56 17th July 2010

Cavan Carter (Liverpool fan) says...

The reason england were terrible in SA was not because of any of the excuses we've heard so far. It is because they are simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!! without their foreign counterparts next to them they havent got a clue. Also their ego's are too big for their talents! take a look at teams like Germany, USA, ghana and Uruguay. Remember the sun headline EASY hahahahah what a joke. watch Wales beat them next year aswell, atleast were bringing youth through!!! take a look Capello and the FA!

Posted 22:26 16th July 2010

Oswaldo Del castillo (Manchester United fan) says...

There are a lot of good comments...but allow me to point out that no matter which flawless and brilliant master plan is carried out... it will not help England win a world cup again. Why? Just consider having Germany, Brazil, Italy or Spain divided into 4 national teams (in the case of Spain for arguments sake Calaluña, Central Provinces, Andalucia and Galicia...) does anybody really believe that under that scheme any of them would win a world cup? I don't. 1966 was a mirage or even a miracle...The only way is to create an all United Kingdom team...but that's doomed from the start as vested interests in fans, leagues, nations and power in the different FA's would doom the initiative from the start...Why are there 4 teams in the UK (which is in country)? Does this make up for 4 good national teams or 4 mediocre (or passable at most) squads? Just think about having all that talent together. You could invoke the example of Slovakia (a small country that made it reasonably well)...but that is an exemption not the rule...and they did not win the cup (nor they will!).

Posted 20:32 16th July 2010

Rasi Naidoo (Everton fan) says...

I have been watching english football for years,firstly the cause of failure at the World Cup is ego problems amongst players and the high amounts of money these guys get paid. Previously it was for the love of the game or the country now it is for the love of money. Apart from this English players do not play with vision anymore as compared to players in other leagues . Another interesting aspect I have noted is that the English central defenders in particular do not play from the back as compared to other teams . Maybe they need to develope players as complete footballers and visionaries of the game. Hope they can do well in Europe in 2012.

Posted 10:17 16th July 2010

Kasra Dehghan (Arsenal fan) says...

Sorry but let's just face it.. The England team aren't as good as you think they are.. the media build them up and so do other people, for some moments of brilliance people don't notice the incredibly poor play that they do. I'm not saying Rooney had a bad season, but the amount of sitters he missed and the amount of shots he had on goal was well into triple figures. Gerrard and Lampard can't play on the same field, which leaves Barry exposed and constantly out of position covering for one of them two fools.. who are getting slower and less aware with age. Don't get me started with our over-rated defence.. Cole is consistantly a good player, Johnson is probably a better winger than he is defender, Ferdinand has had a shocking season, King is constantly injured and the rest are simply clowns compared to the likes of decent players of other teams, like Klose. The reality is that were not that good, we get made out to be something we're not. The formation doesn't suit the team either.. at all. And how can we not have a keeper who has had an incredible season, as our 3rd choice keeper instead of two keepers, one of which was relegated and the other very close. I'm probably going to get blasted for this comment, but if you face the facts and see it from another perspective, then you might just understand.

Posted 01:45 16th July 2010

Gavin W (Aston Villa fan) says...

Englands problems were clear to see. In the first game he had lennon gerrard Lampard and wright-phillips in the same midfield. lennon and wright-phillips offer little in attack apart from an odd assist every few games but offer nothing in defence or keep giving away the ball. WP has been dreadful for 3 seasons but is still living off the media hype he creatd a few years back when he scored a flurry of goals before he went to chelsea. If you could take that away from him he would prob be playing in the championship. Also there is a huge myth about Gerrard and Lampard being the best midfielders in the world. THEY ARE NOT MIDFIELDERS. READ THE TEAM SHEET. chelsea always had 2 of ballack, mikel, essien to make up for lampards indisapline and to give him a free role which he is very, very good at. Same goes for gerrard who had the mighty alonso and mascarano to give him the freedom he needed where disapline doesnt matter. I would have played 4-2-3-1 like they do at club level. I would have played Parker and Danny Murphy who are 2 proper disaplined players you need to give players like gerrard and lampard the freedom they need. thats why they were so many wholed left in midfield because gerrard and lampard were hanging round the box trying to get on the front page of the next days paper

Posted 21:40 15th July 2010

John Smith (Barnsley fan) says...

I personaly think england just do not have any world class players wayne rooney should change his name to micky I have allways said he is only good till he comes up against first class defenders the world cup confirms that, as for the rest of the team enough said, england in four years time keep your fingers crossed.

Posted 14:43 15th July 2010

Svend Andersen (Arsenal fan) says...

i think we can look at the team formation for ever and a day and still not come up with reason England played so poorly. What happened to the side brimming with confidence as we strolled through the qualifiers with only one hiccup, against similar sides, that we met in our group games in the World Cup. I cannot believe that between ending those qualifying matches to the two friendlies and then onto the group stages we disintegrated as a team. My only thoughts are that there was disatisfaction within the squad which led to the half hearted performances given by most of the players.

Posted 11:04 15th July 2010

Dawud Abbad (Manchester United fan) says...

the problem is that the english footballing mentality at the moment is that no genuine playmakers like oezil and iniesta have come through the system. the fast pace of the leagues in the uk means that they either become flops (veron etc) or are marginalised in unsuitable positions (j cole as left wing an berbs as striker) because there ability to control the tempo is seen as a weakness, since there is only one tempo, fast. To follow the model of the best international teams, either the prem. lge slows down and becomes more tactical, or players like wilshere need to be brave and leave the prem and leave for spain, italy, germany or even france, before they become wingers.

Posted 00:06 15th July 2010

John Brand (Reading fan) says...

Englands last game against Germany before the world cup was in Berlin... England won 2-1 with a young 3rd string team ... should have been more than 2-1... I`m not sure if anyone watched the u21 final ... England had 60-70% of the game but were hit on the break and lost 4-0 ... the tactics in in both games were very simular ... bet the Germans could not believe there luck ... there is nothing wrong with our game or our yong players ... before the 2006 world cup the German coach Klinsman and his assistant Lowe flew to England to watch premier league football ... they saw the English game as the way forward for the German team ... for some reason and only the past England coaches can answer .... England does not play to to the same system as top Premier league clubs . A top club manager does not allways make a top international manager ... Capello v Lowe ? ´there cv`s do not compare ... but Lowe`s tactics against England in the world cup (like the u21 final) were spot on ... WE HAVE THE PLAYERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 23:14 14th July 2010

Ameir Hinawy (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

There are so many problems relating the fall of our team in the recent competitions. 1) The structure of football from school level to premiership ie no serous competition that will motivate youngsters to compete to. 2) To play to any team in UK for lower family is imposible because of the cost involve. Therefore football is only for middle class and upper class. Where a lot of talent players end up playing in Parks and sunday legues 3) While we are always enjoying watching the way Spain and Brazil play. in here at all level the player is forbiden to to show off their skills.!!!!!! All in all we are million years behind team like Spain. Argentina. Ghana. South Korea etc. Scouts instead of spending a lot of money to travel abroad to get players WHY cant they go around the parks and am sure they will be shock of how much talents we have in this country.

Posted 20:20 14th July 2010

Dennis C (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

England International players look good in the Premier League because they play against average English players supported by foreign players. The Premier League would not be what it is without these foreign players. Can you imagine a Premier League with just English players? The Premier League would be very boring with just English players. The last time England had great players was in the late 80¿s and early ¿90s with Paul Gascoigne, Gary Leneker, John Barnes, Chris Waddle, Glen Hoddle, Terry Butcher, Des Walker, Peter Beardsley, Viv Anderson, Kenny Sanson, Kevin Keegan, Trevor Brooking, Ray Wilkins, Bryan Robson etc. These were great player that were capable of winning the World Cup ¿ the current England players cannot be compared to those players. Our local English coaches and managers did not know what to do with talented players. They lacked the ability of their foreign counterparts to utilize the qualities of the talented players we had at the time. English coaches, at the time, argued that an English team with more than I or 2 skillful players would not succeed because skillful players like Glen Hoddle are lazy, do not defend, would weaken the team etc. They did not play John Barnes, Paul Gascoigne, Peter Beardsley, Chris Waddle and Glen Hoddle together for that reason. Well, Fabio Capello would have won the World Cup with those players. France won the World Cup with similar type of players. Fabio Capello is excellent; he just doesn¿t have the right players to work with.

Posted 16:29 14th July 2010

Chris Ncfc (Norwich City fan) says...

At GH - Arsenal fan. How many of the current Engalnd squad were playing abroad last season? And these foreign mercenaries as you put it, I think you will find are sat in a certain Arsenal team are they not? Simple fact is we need to be playing more English players in the PL, not have them sat on the bench week in week out watching their Spanish, Argentinian and African team mates.

Posted 13:59 14th July 2010

Mujib Ahmed (Manchester United fan) says...

Some good comments raised by the panel and also the people who have commented. I just want to say that what cost England at the world cup and all other previous tournaments is playing 4-4-2. 4-4-2 is fast becoming obselete. The match against Germany, England were outnumbered in the center of midfield. Everytime Lampard went to close down Schweinstiger, Ozil was in free space. If we look at the two teams that have won the premier league in the last 5 years (Chelsea and Man united), they rarely play 4-4-2, they play a variation of a 4-3-3/4-5-1. Having that extra man in the middle helps against the big teams. I'm not saying it would have made England beat Germany, but having Barry, Lampard and Gerrard in the middle, lampard may have helped. If you look at the four semi finalsts they played a variation of 4-3-3

Posted 11:44 14th July 2010

George Harrison (Arsenal fan) says...

As an earlier contributor said,we should study the German model .Over the last few years they have nurtured their young talent,and played them all in The Bundesliga,and have given a wealth of German Players to their national team! The Premiership has a dearth of home grown players,because of all the foreign mercenaries who come here for the rich pickings that are on offer. Of course home based fans have a right to expect their teams to win trophies,especially in return for the inflated prices they pay to follow their own team. However,until all our teams are made up of at least 70% home grown players,we won't ever compete on the international stage! As a footnote,it has to be noted that Spain are undoubtedly a great team.Most of their players are based in their own country.Enough said!

Posted 22:26 13th July 2010

Graham England (Manchester United fan) says...

I think the problems arise in 2 areas. The much maligned media expectation. What other club or country having not won a competition since 1966 would approach every tournament with such otherwhelming pressure to win it or come close? Steady progression and less expectation are what is needed. The second reason is the blend of players. look to the top players with links to eachother and knowledge of eachothers game. i remember the overlapping of neville and backham being a highlight of watching england play for a long time, and that was down to the players knowledge of eachother. Think how many important goals came from that right hand side turning provider. so look towards how combinations of players work rather than who is individually the 'star'. look at players like carrick joe cole and lampard who grew up at west ham and learned their trades in the same system. get a core in that mould and work around it with more or less everybody having at least a couple of players they know well near them on the pitch. They'll trust eachother, know eachothers thoughts more and it should help the team spirit and togetherness. Ok the example given doesn't have age on its side but the mould and idea is what i wanted to get across, not the exact names on the shirts.

Posted 16:59 13th July 2010

Cj Sparham (Chelsea fan) says...

Let's not forget that England were in the European u21 final with Germany as well, and if it hadn't been for injuries to a few key players I'm sure we would have done much better. Where were Spain, Italy, France or Portugal? I'm growing increasingly annoyed with certain pundits and managers (one, to my surpirse being Harry Redknapp) who seem to think that the future looks bleak for English football. Well it doesn't, and that's a fact. I have particularly high hopes for Joe Hart, Adam Johnson, Jack Rodwell and Gary Cahill, as well as the likes of Phil Jones, Phil Jagielka, Chris Smalling, Jack Wilshere, Keiran Gibbs, Lee Cattermole, Gabby Agbonlahor, Fabrice Muamba, and James Milner. Lets not forget that Walcott, G. Johnson and Rooney are still very young too.That of course is not to say the the F.A. couldn't do more to bring more talent through. To be honest, I'm not a great fan of Capello- my hope is that Roy Hodgson has a good spell at Liverpool and replaces Capello after the Euros. His tactics are dated (no holding midfielder? Spain, Holland and Brazil have two!) and the language barrier must have a negative effect on the players. And I'm sorry, but whether you like Peter Crouch or not, he gets goals, and to not use him was dreadful management. In fact, if he used Crouch we probably would have finished top of the group and wouldn't have had to play Germany. Finally, I have a simple wish that the new crop of talent appear more patriotic than our current 'golden generation'. Learning the national anthem would be a big step!

Posted 16:48 13th July 2010

Daniel Preen (Chesterfield fan) says...

The way i see it vis that there isnt enough decent English players playing for the top teams in our country. Ok so Rooney plays for Man U and Terry Lampard and A. Cole play for Chelsea but thats about it. The starting 11 for Spain in the wc final consisted of 7 Barca players and 4 Real players. The top teams in the PL only care about quick success and are not willing to nurture any young talent. Also English players are way too expensive as Merse stated, £35m for Milner, please. He's not world class is he

Posted 15:22 13th July 2010

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