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McInally's World Cup XI

McInally's World Cup XI

Alan McInally has picked his dream team of players from the 2010 World Cup. Who makes the cut?

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Ben Lawrence (Chelsea fan) says...

Casillas Lahm, Puyol, Mertesacker, Contrau Schweinsteiger Schneider Xavi Ozil Villa Iniesta unlucky to miss out: Suarez Forland Ozil Muller Van Bommel Van der Wiel Sergio Ramos Pique Messi Lucio

Posted 16:54 12th July 2010

Paul Greer (Liverpool fan) says...

Casillas Lahm Puyol Pique Ramos Xavi Iniesta Sneider Muler Villa Forlan

Posted 16:52 12th July 2010

Ryan Summerscales (Alloa Athletic fan) says...

No Muller, No Sneijder. Van Bommel, your having a laugh Alan McInally, simple fact is you'll always be biased towards Bayern players, Van Bommel is an aminal. I'd take Klose out for Muller.

Posted 16:45 12th July 2010

Naasir Galant (Real Madrid fan) says...

Decent composition. In my opinion, Sergio Ramos was a bit more explosive in attack and did well enough in defence to be considered as the better RB. Cant agree with Van Bommel, I'd have to agree with Declan Mcgrath, "Van Bommel is nothing more than a hacker". I think Cruyff summed it perfectly, "Johan Cruyff on Monday slammed the style of play of his compatriots during Sunday's World Cup final against Spain as "dirty" and "ugly". Van bommel did nothing constructive in terms of football but more so, attempted to spoil the rhythm of the spanish team but also in general throughout the world cup, so definately Xavi?Sneijder. Mueller over Klose definately. Put Klose in a team battling to put together a few passes and he'll be nowhere. I would also definately have Messi in there. Perhaps at the expense of Mueller. Arguble.

Posted 16:30 12th July 2010

Mick Turnbull (Sunderland fan) says...

There are many selections in your side that I'd turn my nose up at, namely Casillas, Lahm, Contreau, VAN BOMMEL, Klose and can someone please explain why Forlan is appearing in everybody's teams. Apart from being able to strike a Frido ball that bent three different ways for a total fluke of a goal against Ghana, just what has he done to deserve the acolades showered upon him - I'm afraid I'm missing something here. It's been the poorest World Cup I can remember and I can go back to the Battle of Santiago in 1962. I believe the end product from it all will show coaches that it actually is practical to play with not one, but TWO holding players in front of the back four as both Holland and Spain achieved the necessary results and have got away with this method. I think we are in for a really boring Premiership this forthcoming season if coaches see this as the way forward.

Posted 16:23 12th July 2010

Akmal Ali (Arsenal fan) says...

I would of picked Wesley Sneijder instead of van bommel without a doubt !!!

Posted 16:18 12th July 2010

Michael James (Sunderland fan) says...

No Sergio Ramos?????

Posted 16:10 12th July 2010

Matthew Deboise (Arsenal fan) says...

Casillas Lugano, Puyol, Ramos, Ashley Cole Busquets Muller Xavi Sniejder Forlan Villa

Posted 16:04 12th July 2010

Chris Graham (Manchester United fan) says...

i think its a really good team, but theres a problem and that problem is Thomas muller he was a shining star in the world cup and is also at a such young age he should be in that team thanks

Posted 15:43 12th July 2010

Kent Bodhi (Barcelona fan) says...

YOU KEEP THE BEST OUT... Xavi = best and most passes in WC, not to mention the best midfielder in the world in the last 4 years.. Sneijder = score 5 and man of the match 4 times.. Messi = the best player in group stage.. AND KEEP THE WORST IN ... MVB is the worst anti-football in this WC.. Klose is tap-in commodity.. Puyol is always the weak spot for Spain defences..

Posted 15:43 12th July 2010

Zooy Huu (Liverpool fan) says...

Two left backs in 1 team, 2 holding players. this team would struggle to win 1-0 let alone 10

Posted 15:35 12th July 2010

Declan Mcgrath (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Van Bommel is nothing more than a hacker, how a football expect like your self can choose Van Bommel above Xavi is beyond me. Personally I would have Muller, who I thought had an amazing WC ahead of Klose

Posted 15:28 12th July 2010

Aman Narang (Liverpool fan) says...

How can ne1 put schweinsteiger ahead of sneidjer? Yes schweinteiger was great but sneidjer was the heart and soul of the dutch side. I think he combined the vision of xavi with the goalscoring touch of villa. Without him the dutch were fairly ordinary.

Posted 15:14 12th July 2010

Mark Yates (Aston Villa fan) says...

I think I would of picked Wesley Sneijder or Thomas Muller, these are the two players that really impressed me at this World Cup.

Posted 15:08 12th July 2010

Rutger Mons (Everton fan) says...

no sneijder? ure whole composition is wrong, drop Klose and put Villa up front sneijder and iniesta will supply

Posted 15:02 12th July 2010

David Wilson (Manchester United fan) says...

casillas maicon pique puyol melo robben sneider xavi iniesta villa forlan/klose

Posted 15:01 12th July 2010

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