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Premier League picks

Premier League picks

The Soccer Saturday experts predict what will happen in the new Premier League season.

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Mark Jones (Arsenal fan) says...

Look at the bigger picture Chelsea dont normally win the league because when they get injuries it cost them they dont av the most diverse squad. Also you have to take in consideration the african cup of nations as well. Chelsea are older they look on poor form and they have lost players. Man Utd have the best chance because of their strength in deph which is why they always win it they have a mixture of youth and experience. Arsenal have a young team thats why their hard to predict they can suprise you. They have a good chance in they get a good centre back with a reliable keeper.

Posted 17:40 12th August 2010

Leigh P (Everton fan) says...

I think Everton will be the EPL dark horses this season, they will take points of Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal. I would say don''t underestimate them and I can certainly see them getting into the top-4. Remember they don''t have to play in Europe this season, so I''m actually very surprised that none of the pundits have gone for them to make the top-4.

Posted 17:38 12th August 2010

Bob Shanook (Manchester United fan) says...

I don''t agree that Chelsea are the team to beat this year. They did score 7''s and 8''s which is impressive but that was only 4 games. Let''s not forget they did lose 6 games in all which in most other seasons would have seen them lose. I think people forget that Chelsea''s main rivals played with 2 key midfielders in defense for a fair portion of the first half of the season. Had Chelsea been worthy champions they''d have won the league by at least 4 or 5 points given the injuries Utd had. It also amazes me how none of the pundits or Chelsea fans acknowledge that they were well beaten by Utd at Stamford Bridge and had highly questionable refereeing decisions to thank for the 3 points and at Old Trafford, where Chelsea did play much better, they still only won because of an offside goal - a game where our main man was out injured. I''m not saying Utd deserved to win those games but at the very least we were the better team in 3 out of the 4 halves and we deserved a draw for each. If you totalled that up Utd would''ve actually won by 5 points. You could also say that Bolton should have had 2 penalties against them which were also very poor decisions. Chelsea were not deserving last year and this year Utd will prove it. As for Liverpool, i think Roy Hodgson is a great appointment, I do think it''ll take time to stabilise but i can definately see them becoming a force again, along with Aresnal.

Posted 17:18 12th August 2010

Margaret M (Blackpool fan) says...

Predict away you pundits, no one in Blackpool cares, they¿re thrilled that, against all expectation, Pool were promoted, & will be the only team in the Prem with absolutely no pressure. So what if we¿re back in the championship next season, we¿ll all enjoy the ride. We do believe in miracles after all Ollie & the lads performed one last year, what they have done for our club is fantastic. Best of luck Seasiders , hold your heads up high, you deserve more respect than the overvalued, overrated prima donnas (we all know who they are.)

Posted 17:09 12th August 2010

Bostic daniel Oduro-agyekum (Chelsea fan) says...

This season watched out for the Blues(Chelsea),Despite the fall of the Community shield against Man U .

Posted 16:58 12th August 2010

Keith Seery (Liverpool fan) says...

I have been a Liverpool fan for 16 yrs now. I can''t see why we can''t challenge for the title this year we have a really good squad this season, Torres, Gerrard. Joe Cole, Jovanovic etc. I don''t want liverpool to be going for the 4th spot leave that to spurs and Man City, all where missing is a good decent strikerand were grand. I say the golden boot will go to Torres or Drogba. Two world class strikers, For the one to watch it would be hernandez.

Posted 16:18 12th August 2010

Zac Ahmed (Chelsea fan) says...


Posted 16:13 12th August 2010

Jonathan Shaw (Aston Villa fan) says...

Just because Martin no Deal has walked away in a hissy fit after wasting most of the 120 million Lerner gave him to crack the top four, don''t think we won''t do well this season, last year Villa were so predictable, playing his favourite 11 no matter how badly they played, and he never changed it, if you ask most Villa fans they are shocked at his resignation and timing but not that upset he''s gone, he took us as far as he could but he cannot rotate a squad, he spent a lot of money on transfers, players like Beye came in on 40k a week, and MON played Cuellar at RB so Beye became third choice RB on 40K!!!!! Good riddance, watch us go now we have freedom again

Posted 15:47 12th August 2010

Aaron Bell (Manchester United fan) says...

One to watch i would say Albrighton at Aston Villa watched him play AV last friendly and the u21 england game with o''neil gone i hope he still gets picked cause the kid is good.

Posted 15:35 12th August 2010

Homzie D (Manchester United fan) says...

Well, I can understand why the pundits have gone for Chelsea to retain the title. Yes, they scored 7s and 8s last season but, they got a few lucky 1-0s too had they gone the other way, things would have been different. They won the league last season thanks to a Drogba offside goal and wasteful finishing by Berba at Ewood Park. Utd destroyed them at the weekend and if this was the sign of things to come, the pundits will be embarrassed come May! Utd do not have well known players but, our youngsters are hungry and have the desire to win our 19th title. I think Liverpool will surprise us all by finishing in the top 4 and in Joe Cole, they''ve got a fantastic player and with El Nino, Stevie G and Joe Cole, their front 3 is as good as any team. My top 4 will be United (champions), Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. I don''t want to predict the bottom 3 as I hate it when a team gets relegated. Top scorer - Wazza and one to watch - Chicharito .

Posted 15:12 12th August 2010

Hamzah Shaikh (Manchester United fan) says...

u need 2 watch hernandes play dis year man his gonna rock man

Posted 14:55 12th August 2010

Lucy Gardner (Manchester United fan) says...

Sorry Lads but did you not watch the community shield, people can say it didn''t mean anything but in my mind it made a statement, chelesa didn''t look a shadow of the team last season they have too many players over 30 and not enough younger players coming through there is no blend there, you are going to see the magic of sir alex ferguson once again and why he is one of the greatest managers that have ever lived!

Posted 14:03 12th August 2010

Phil Howard (Wigan Athletic fan) says...

Matt Le Tissier and Paul Merson predict Wigan to go down every single season and then say they over achieved again and again!! I guess if they keep on predicting the same team to go down every season they are bound to get it right eventually!!!

Posted 13:58 12th August 2010

Joe Hughes (Wigan Athletic fan) says...

I notice non of the ''experts'' picked everton for any of the top dog positions. cant believe that after the way they finished last season. also kept their squad together. well I think they will all eat their words when everton finish 3rd or 4th. as for my beloved wigan well we should be top half. come on

Posted 13:39 12th August 2010

Gary B (Blackpool fan) says...

Its to be expected everyone has us to go down, but then again we had that labeling last season and look at what we achieved. In Ollie we trust, Up the Pool!!

Posted 13:26 12th August 2010

Jake Cunnington (Liverpool fan) says...

I don''t see why most of the soccer Saturday team are saying that Liverpool need at least a couple of seasons to recover from the horrors of last season and should only be aiming for a Europa League/Champions League finish. If Torres scores plenty of goals like he did in his first season in England, i don''t think there''s any reason why Liverpool can''t be challenging for the title this year. I really believe Roy Hodgson can be the man to lead Liverpool to title glory and finally re-establish Liverpool as a frequent title-winning side. I''d be gutted if manchester United surpassed liverpool''s record of 18 league titles. :( Jake Cunnington, 13 years of age.

Posted 13:04 12th August 2010

Glen Maccabe (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Nice to see the pundits with an Arsenal background being so unbiased (JOKES) Thanks for the Support Jeff ! C.O.Y.S

Posted 13:00 12th August 2010

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