Nadal crushes Murray dream

Nadal crushes Murray dream

Rafael Nadal has beaten British hope Andy Murray in straight sets in the semi-final of Wimbledon.

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Manel Arantes says...

Andy Murray is a wonderful tennis player, and he will win much more than a single Grand Slam, just wait and see. He is very young and he is still learning, and he is facing at his era two of the best players of all times: Rafa and Roger. But Nadal has an inmense respect for Andy, and I don't think to be very wrong by saying that the most unpleasant rivals for the man of Manacor are Murray and Del Potro. Come on Andy. Vamos Rafa, eres el mejor!! I love Wimbledon

Posted 12:18 3rd July 2010

Matthew Holmes says...

Why is it that the English adopt other countries players when there winning and outcast them when they don't? i hate it, just because they have no good sportsman. I saw that in mirror newspaper they where claiming that Murray was part English the day before his semi - final, when he lost they where claiming he was 100% Scottish and saying how bad he was.

Posted 11:56 3rd July 2010

Jim Davis says...

how can you compare Andy murray to the english football team?where were scotland at the world cup?who cares if he ever wins wimbledon anyway?id rather wait for someone english!!

Posted 11:08 3rd July 2010

Scott Hayter says...

Andy Murray has peaked just like Henman did and will NEVER win a grand slam event. Face it, he has reached his maximum and it ain't good enough. But, just like loads of AVERAGE golfers, he has made a fantastic amount of money for being GOOD but NOT GREAT at his chosen profession. Get off the Murray bandwagon and enjoy watching the true greats of Nadal and Federer RIGHTLY mopping up the big events. Stop talking him up into something he will NEVER be.....a WINNER!!

Posted 10:31 3rd July 2010

Steve Wright says...

as if anyone cares about this boring bloke outside scotland........the english hate him he's an average player nowhere near federers or nadals class and will never win a major.i see the enthusiasm outside my fornt door in the local tennis courts and by next week theyll be empty again...why because its only when wimbledons on,everyone wants to play it.the other 50 weeks a year the place is empty.

Posted 10:23 3rd July 2010

David peter Lynch says...

Well said to many of the contributers. We could not suffer the pro Murray bandwagon if he got to the final (but he didn't). The St George cross and the Spanish flag were flying last night. Viva Espana and England.

Posted 09:49 3rd July 2010

Jeremy Fox says...

Its always the same with the english. When someone in scotland or wales does well they are british, such as Calazaghi or murray but when things go wrong the are welsh or scottish. Its a disgrace. get behind them. Murray got to the semi finals and only lost cause nadal was amazing. Murray played brillaintly but nadal just a better player at this time hence why he is world number 1. and how can ye compare murray to the english team. england played nobody and still got knocked out early and sent packing.

Posted 09:47 3rd July 2010

M H says...

you gotta laugh. the only way murray will ever win sw19 is if nadal and federer stay at home. he will always be a nearly man. mind you thats alot closer than scotlands football team will ever reach!!!

Posted 09:39 3rd July 2010

Ann Mcd says...

I have not been prooved wrong, Murray is just not good enough, he will never win a grand slam. He had no competition in any of his matches in the lead up to the semi finals. I would like to know if he had of met Falla in the first round would you all be on here remarking at how bad it was, because he would have beaten him. I dont know why you think that he played well he did not even break Rafa till the 3rd set, and that was only for a few games Rafa came back. If Murray was any good he would have broken Rafa and taken him to 5 Sets. GET OVER IT MOVE ON MURRAY IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, HE IS BAD MANNERED BUNCHY ATTITUDE PROBLEM. HITTING HIMSELF WITH THE RACKET BEHAVING BADLY HE NEEDS HELP AND U SO CALLED MURRAY FANS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIS BEHAVIOUR. YOU JUST CANT SEE IT CAN YOU ???????

Posted 09:15 3rd July 2010

Richard Lucas says...

Nadal was born with the Strength and Stamina it takes to be a Champion. Like Sampras/Federa its not achieved in the Gym. Murray reminded me of John Terry trudging around in the World Cup. There absolutely no comparison between Nadal and Murray except in the "One Eyed" fans, and worst of all the Tennis Pundits/ Commentators who force me and many others I suspect to Silent Viewing.

Posted 09:03 3rd July 2010

Pradeep Makhecha says...

Both Murray and Nadal produced a great match.Nadal has that little extra experience for the "big" moments and played a his tennis just that further step up than Murray. Thats why he is a 7 times Grand Slam winner and the worlds number 1 , for a reason!. I believe Murray can step up that extra level like Nadal and Federer and everyone in tennis knows that. It will be just a matter of time and Murray will win a Grand Slam IF he remains focused!

Posted 09:02 3rd July 2010

Michael Kadiri says...

Lee you are right. Very depressing. I have been in SA during the world cup and it is amazing how many people from all over he world smirk and sometimes downright laugh when England do badly. Our media don't help because they communicate this arrogance to the world on behalf of all of us - always claiming we are the best when we are not.

Posted 09:01 3rd July 2010

Steven Taylor says...

Look the sooner everyone who EXPECTS him to do well admits he's TOSH, the less expectation every year :)

Posted 08:55 3rd July 2010

Adam Whiteley says...

miles behind the rest of the world? dont be a sour grape lee lawrence, just because we failed in 2 noticable sports this year, dont mean we are miles behind over all, we are the only country in the world to have won the world cup in football, rugby and cricket, and we have current boxing world champions, sailing champions, cricket world champions, formula 1 world champions (2 in a row at that) and yet you sit there and say we are miles behind? at the football world cup it didnt go to plan, and wimbledon maybe not, but we are not miles behind the rest of the world, not by a long way

Posted 08:50 3rd July 2010

Andyg Godwin says...

He is just not good enough. I can only see him winning a major in the future IF the likes of Nadal, Federer and others have an "off day" because when all the best are on form, no chance.

Posted 08:28 3rd July 2010

Harry Kinnear says...

How dare people class Andy Murrays performance with the English football team,he reached the semi-final again, playing the best in the world, Who did England beat to reach the semi-final ! Oh sorry they never made it that far ! Andy will come good in the near future, he is the best we have ever had,

Posted 05:50 3rd July 2010

Dilip N says...

Its just childish to think that Murray would beat Nadal even after his morale crushing defeat in the 2008 QF. Nadal is just too good not only for Murray but for even Federer. Some might not agree but the stats show Nadal is long way ahead.

Posted 05:18 3rd July 2010

Sue Dowding says...

How dare you Andy gave his all and the match was decided on only two or three points. Only a tennis player would appreciate how much both players gave and we should be very proud of the way Andy conducted himself. Raffa was gracious in defeat and deserves to be the champ. Andy will be back next year never fear!!!!!

Posted 04:33 3rd July 2010

Zulazmi Jaafar says...

Just like the Wales National Rugby team when playing All Blacks..all talk but NO RESULT...

Posted 03:30 3rd July 2010

Stephen Willis says...

Andy Murray does NOT have the game to win the big games. He will win money, he will stay in the top 10 for a number of years however he will win as many majors as Colin Montgomery!

Posted 02:39 3rd July 2010

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