Nadal crushes Murray dream

Nadal crushes Murray dream

Rafael Nadal has beaten British hope Andy Murray in straight sets in the semi-final of Wimbledon.

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Frank Walmsley says...

Is this the new Tim Henman senario where we all get a bit giddy when Murray reaches the semis year in and year out until he retires? I certainly think so. So near but so far. Let's hope I'm wrong and Murray can win one day.

Posted 02:25 3rd July 2010

Mike Scott says...

As a fellow Scot I was disappointed with the Nadal/Murray match, but don't agree that he gave his all, personally I don't think Murray was interested and looked flat-footed, head down and would rather have been somewhere else. This was a miss-match, and looked like an old man (Murray) against a young man (Nadal). I think after the last couple of weeks, our overpaid, overated sports people should be ashamed, as fans pay a fortune to see them, it's time for a radical rethink with regard to these sports.

Posted 01:27 3rd July 2010

Peter Bradbrook says...

We as a nation we put to much pressure on our sports stars Murray is a fine example of this when he is away from home he wins with no problem but at home he fails he did it at Queens and now Wimbledon once again, Henman was the same. Come on fans and the press next year take the pressure off and don't expect what you cannot do yourselves.then you will see the real Andy Murray and not the one you saw today a shadow of the real man that can and will beat the world

Posted 01:24 3rd July 2010

Charlie Owen says...

Lee Lawrence are you are total moron ? Aside from the Football we have done pretty good - getting to the Semi's at Wimbledon and the fact that England have stormed the pack at Cricket and F1 these last couple of weeks - that's failure too is it ? No is is suggesting the rest of the world should be like us - we are not Americans ! Get your head out of your a*** sunshine.

Posted 00:20 3rd July 2010

Baz Page says...

Andy Murray is Scottish. England lost in the football. They are two different countries. England, Scotland, Wales make up Great Britain. Andy Murray made the quater finals of Wimbledon, the final of the Australia Open he is truely one of the greatest players in the world. If the English players had half the fight and spirit of Andy Murray a true Scotsman coming from a southern Englishmen England would be world champions!

Posted 00:08 3rd July 2010

Lisa Skidmore says...

What's all this "we"? My country lost at football...Scotland lost at tennis...two different countries! Vamos Rafa!

Posted 23:30 2nd July 2010

Mike Wilson says...

Andy Murray went out of SW19 on his sheild today after a valiant effort against the worlds number 1 - no shame at all , he hould fighting heart and tenacity in this wimbledon campaign and was simply beaten by the best in the world - just wait till next year is what I say , Its a pity our football team couldnt muster such an effort .

Posted 23:25 2nd July 2010

Lee Lawrence says...

what a sporting week for the country that rules the world (not) maybe 300 years ago. perhaps we will now realize that we are miles behind the rest of the world and try and sort things out and stop thinking the rest of the world begs to be like us when the fact is they hate us and hope we fail at all times

Posted 23:00 2nd July 2010

Tony Craddock says...

Andy Murray gave his all but Rafa Nadal was on another zone today. He went down fighting but its the crucial points that make a difference. Maybe next year ?

Posted 22:21 2nd July 2010

Douglas Batcheler says...

We have lost at football,now Murray has lost,lucky we are wining at cricket 3/1 . Just one more innings left, so we cant lose.

Posted 20:40 2nd July 2010

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