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Jamie's judgement

Jamie's judgement

Jamie Redknapp gives his take on all 20 Premier League clubs ahead of the kick-off this weekend.

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Dindas Dunda (Everton fan) says...

i entirely agree with jamie he has had good preditions all of the time and i think that everton will be in battle for the top four with man city and arsenal and i think man u will get there title back the it will be chelsea with totenham next then a huge battle but i think liverpool will have there worst seasoon ever and scrap to get europa league, but i think that they will have to battle with birmingham, villa and possible west ham as they have made so many sighing but if the can gell the team together then they will have a very high chance

Posted 10:45 13th August 2010

Vinay Yadav (Manchester United fan) says...

What a blog . . . Jamie. I like u r dad as a manager as well as ur blog. I do believe SAF has a hidden and final roll of dice before transfer market ends. And that is when we will buy some influence in midfield. Other things are very exciting for man utd. For chelsea they r goin downwards with aging squad and poor in form JT. But they will be 2nd again. As for DUMB city, hmmm! They will see in 2yrs. all the money will be drained out from club and sheikh will sell the club with huge debit. Because money cant buy success. As for L''pool they will get more stability .

Posted 10:12 13th August 2010

Mariko Mulauzi (Arsenal fan) says...

Arsenal have got what it takes to lift the title this season.

Posted 09:07 13th August 2010

Mike Allen (Liverpool fan) says...

I think this year Liverpool will surprise a lot of people. A few shrewd acquisitions already, a great manager and hopefully mascherano is off as our record with him playing is worse than when he doesn''t! Man City will be inconsistent and Mancini will pay the price for too many egos. I agree that Everton will be strong as well. This is going to be a cracking season with Spurs, Arsenal, Utd and Chelsea in there as well. Looking forward to teams beating each other regularly which is great compared to Sapin where two teams beat all the others! The best league in the world.

Posted 08:49 13th August 2010

Nick Baker (Manchester United fan) says...

I don''t see us winning the league this season, because we are rebuilding. It''s not just a lack of cash for new arrivals, although that''s part of it. It''s also that the old guard are past their best and certain players - Berba, Carrick, Anderson and more - haven''t grown into the players we''d hoped for. Happens at every club. I see a lot of players playing for their United futures this year, as there are youngsters pushing for most positions. So, Chelsea to win, with us, Arsenal and City taking the remaining CL places. Spurs, Everton and liverpoo taking the next 3 places. And having seen Blackburn''s pre season here in Australia, I can see them fighting relegation.

Posted 08:38 13th August 2010

Mark Smith (Arsenal fan) says...

Decky what an earth makes you think Chamakh can''t hack it at the top level! Is it the fact that he scored four goals in the champs league last year against very good opponents? He has been probably our second best player in pre season behind samir nasri! We have needed a player like him for ages! Tall, strong, good in the air but also good with his feet! With him in the team it gives us a plan B! Againt chelsea and united if we are struggling to get through them with our passing game then now we have the option of putting a few balls into chamakh and he will compete with terry vidic etc in the air and we haven''t had that before! You are barking if you don''t rate Chamakh

Posted 07:50 13th August 2010

Sandeep Narasimhan (Chelsea fan) says...

Great Analysis. I cant differ with u.Chelsea are the team to beat , simply because they are the champions. As far as CL is concerned , i am little worried for ur dad and spurs. I dont feel they have the experience to deal with different European style. I think this could just be like what happened to everton in 2006. Man City is good proposition, with Tevez upfront and a very solid defence . They could really push for 3rd . But Mancini do have a good job in managing all these players ego. I wonder why they spend 21million new signing (Silva) , to leave him out of europa squad. Also he is one among the very few having experience in Europe. As far as United is concerned , they lack quality in midfield, yes Giggs and Scholes are untouchable on their day. But i wonder how many days they would be able to play on a stretch this season. Also without Rio they will struggle in defence too. Yes Hernandez , Bebe, all could be terrific in attack. But attack was never a problem for them with Rooney and co. Arsenal- sorry another season without anything and at the end they will end up loosing FAB Yes Chelsea seems to be a little weaker. Not because we lost Ballack,Deco & Belleti , Essien would take care of it along with Yossi and hopefully Ramires. Joe was a quality player and he will be missed, but that wont affect our team as he had very little impact last year ,except for the match with MANU( which was vital) and we got promising players in Kakuta, Sturridge & McEchran . The real problem is defence, not b''coz Ricardo left as Alex was better preferred to him last season. Also Ivanovic is a good cover. But the real problem is Terry, if he gets back to his best then the season is ours for sure. He is so important not only as a player but as a leader. Cech is vital , but we can manage without him few games. So Chelsea Champs Again.....

Posted 05:56 13th August 2010

Ryan Chamberlain (Manchester United fan) says...

I think this season will be the same to last season very tight all the way through but i dont see chelsea being in the top 2 as they have looked so impressive this term but the could pull something out the bad but i think it will be the manchester boys fighting it out for the tittle with united nicking it by 5 points , the bottom half of the table will be a real dog fight as i see teams like wolves, west ham , blackpool , bolton and many more going to be fighting for the premier league state im sure it will be a great year to watch the football .. COME ON UNITED

Posted 02:09 13th August 2010

Richard Bradford (Manchester United fan) says...

Title asperations are simple; Chelsea are rid of a lot of the "old brand". However, they havent brought in the talented youth to replace the likes of Deco and Ballack, especially in positions as vital as that for a team which creates everything from central midfield. Arsenal are again being underestimated, but as many have said, if Wenger can control Cesc''s ego, Arsenal should be there or there abouts at the end of the season. United have the same hysteria thrown about for another season, but they will prove once again that they are the team to beat, with the experience of Giggs and Scholes and youth of Hernandez, the Da Silva twins, Macheda, Cleverley etc. The remaining Champions League spot is wide open, as Im sure the bove teams will ease to the top tier of European football. United win the league, cheeky one on Berbatov top scorer.

Posted 01:32 13th August 2010

Craig Rushworth (Blackpool fan) says...

Very nice to see the above support and general encouragement from the neutral teams for Blackpool. We are under no illusions next season is going to be our hardest ever, but i can assure everyone we will fight to the end, and will stick to our principles of playing good, honest attacking football with as much flair as we can. If we do go down, and it will be a distinct possibility even before a ball is kicked, we will do it with a smile on our faces, having had the opportunity to play with the "big boys"................truthfully, i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 01:17 13th August 2010

Andrew Hanley (Newcastle United fan) says...

I think we will have a tough season and if we are to stay up we need to invest alot in the last couple of weeks in the transfer market, the team that has came up is basically the one that came down and all we have done to add to the squad is buy an unfit Sol Campbell (however he is a good player when fit), an injured Dan Gosling who isn''t available until new year and James Perch who is here to fill in at the fullback positions. The fact that we have ruled ourselfs out of taking Hatem Ben Arfa on loan from Marseille frustrates me as we would benefit from purchasing a winger to match Jonas'' ability and we need to purchase a STRIKER to play with Carroll, Ameobi has never really done well in the Premier League, Lovenkrands is good and played well with Carroll last season but in the Premier League it will be tougher and someone like Craig Bellamy on loan for a season to score 10 or 15 goals and recieve the knock downs from Carroll who i think will be fantastic this season. The fitness worries about Steven Taylor are yet to be unsolved and Joey Barton needs to get a good season at the club. However Andy Carroll will be great and with Kevin Nolan going forward he will grab some goals. It is a big season for Jose Enrique who was one of the best players at the club last season and didn''t get the chance to show what he''s made of in the 2008/09 season. Intresting time for us Magpies!

Posted 00:59 13th August 2010

Steve Coole (Manchester United fan) says...

Good analysis from Jamie although I can''t quite work out who he thinks will go down this year. I am from Manchester before anyone asks and I was really impressed by our performance against Chelsea on Sunday albeit in a friendly. I don''t think many people would disagree with me that Scholes put on a masterclass last Sunday but he cannot play in every match over the course of the season. I personally find it baffling how we have not gone in for Ozil but in Fergie we trust. Anyway, I genuinely believe we could have a three to four horse title race this year... Arsenal have a great signing in Chamakh and keeping Fabregas was a bonus, Chelsea and United are pretty much the same and if City don''t challenge for the league then Mancini should absolutely be out of a job! Oh and then there is Liverpool, Spurs and Everton chasing that fourth spot (and accordingly to Michael Hitchings Fulham!?!?!?)

Posted 00:12 13th August 2010

Chris Gibson (Manchester City fan) says...

Top four will be 1. Chelsea 2. U*d 3. Man City 4. Arsenal.....I love all the jealous city hater comments on here...its only a matter of time before we win the league, so get used to it U*d fans, were comin !

Posted 23:16 12th August 2010

Wayne Kingh (West Ham United fan) says...

the fact people have confidence in avram grant is a joke. even with out the penalty reduction Portsmouth suffered, they still would of finished 20th. i would''nt be supprised if west ham followed this season. the fact you didnt mention joe coles possible influence this season says alot

Posted 23:09 12th August 2010

Mark Morris (Arsenal fan) says...

I dont think anyone has particularly strengthened this summer, even with Citeh spending just shy of the Ton, its not really a strengthening. I do think the top 3 will stay the same, it will be down to luck and injuries, if United get the defensive crisis again their strength in depth will be tested, If Drogma has one of his hissy fits and upsets the dressing room, well... And Arsenal, its our same problem trying to keep our first team fit, in the last 2 years I think there has been less than 10 times the recognized 11 best players have played togethor which is not a sign of having a chance to win the title. 4th spot I cant see beyond Spurs or Citeh, I know liverpool will be in with a shout, but dont believe they have done enough with just changing the manager, especially with their want away defensive cover to allow Gerrard his freedom. Bottom of the table I think 3 from 6, Wigan, West Brom, Wolves, West Ham, Blackpool & Newcastle. It could go anyway, especially depending on home form and injuries.

Posted 22:40 12th August 2010

Ystein Grnnevik (Everton fan) says...

I''m extremely nervous this year. I''m also extremely excited. Villa and Man Cini will be early casualties; Villa due to lack of squad, Man Cini due to overoptimistic ambitions. Man Cini will be first manager to leave... Man Utd''ll win, Chelsea and tottenham''ll fight for 2nd, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton will fight to the death for 4th. If Liverpool lowers their ambitions a bit this year, I think they''ll actually win the whole shebang next year. I''ve got butterflies in my stomach this year though, and I haven''t had that for ages! (",)

Posted 22:10 12th August 2010

Peter Gunn (Everton fan) says...

this is our chance to break into the top 4 again with moyes getting better and better at getting the best out of average players and with the quality ones which are already there beckford to get at least 20 goals it would be great to finish above city a club with no history who pay over the odds for so called superstar players ie yaya toure and liverpool with there average manager who i know liverpool fans are not entirley happy with cant see them finishing no higher than last season due to there inability to attack the lower teams who know how to get a draw at anfield arsenal will have a field day against them liverpool live in the past and always will do

Posted 21:58 12th August 2010

Poju Adesilu (Arsenal fan) says...

I believe that arsenal are the team to watch the season, if they invest in a centre back and a goalkeeper, I think they will have a good chance of taking the premier league back to arsen

Posted 21:36 12th August 2010

Jack Cullen (Bolton Wanderers fan) says...

Lee chung yong didnt have the best world cup? Everyone else i have seen and talked to has said he was one of the stand out performers!! you obviously didnt watch any of south koreas game did you?

Posted 21:00 12th August 2010

Dave Caine (Sunderland fan) says...

Jamie is mainly spot on with his predictions, Everton will have a really good season, the title again will be between Man U and Chelsea but Arsenal will run them close. Sunderland have made some very astute signings and I believe and hope that we can compete with the 2nd premiership teams like Aston Villa etc and finish 8-10 and a great victory double over the under achieving Maggies would round of a great season. If Bent gets injured then yes it would be a big blow but with Campbell,Waghorn and now Wellbeck and maybe Bellamy I think our striking options are not bad at all, not to mention our great youths coming through. Anyway, I hope for another great football season and the 3 who came up will most probably go back down again, haven''t spent what is required for this huge leap in talent.

Posted 20:53 12th August 2010

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