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Jamie's judgement

Jamie's judgement

Jamie Redknapp gives his take on all 20 Premier League clubs ahead of the kick-off this weekend.

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Adam Higgins (Manchester United fan) says...

I think Jamie has misinterpreted about West Bromwich Albion, personally I do think their home form is strong and calculated, however, it is collecting points from teams who are going to be around them, theoretically, teams involved in the relegation mire and the dogfight at the bottom. However, the title race will once again be wide open for the almost entirity of the season with at least seven teams with aspirations and ability plus strength in depth in the squad to suggest and mount a challenge.

Posted 14:44 12th August 2010

Tom Creasey (Arsenal fan) says...

Nice to see a pundit who hasn''t written off Arsenal before the start of the season, every year pundits give rubbish excuses like "they haven''t spent enough" as if slapping a £25m price tag on an unknown player magically makes them a world beater. Arsenal and Chelsea will be a year older this season and that suits one considerably more than the other.

Posted 14:33 12th August 2010

Hamid Tusaddaq (Liverpool fan) says...

top 8: Chelsea fc Everton Man Utd Aston Villa Liverpool fc Man City (sneak past arsenal) Arsenal fc (same fate as lfc like last year next season next yr arsene wenger kicked and martin o neil will become manager/fabregas leaves.) Totenham hospurs(they will hav one eye on CL)

Posted 14:22 12th August 2010

Matt Hodges (Arsenal fan) says...

I think it''ll be the big four again and man utd to win the title. Think Arsenal will be let down by a bad start and probably end up 3rd or 4th. Gonna be the same old story of recent years at the top. As for whos going down. Reckon Blackpool might surprise people n just stay up. Wolves, West Brom and Bolton to go down.

Posted 14:21 12th August 2010

Adrian Bird (Manchester City fan) says...

I would like to see all the northern clubs do well including blackpool and for Spurs/Man U to fall flat on their faces. Hopefully City will get at least 4th and avoid the mermering of the gutter press. To go down: West Ham, West Brom and sadly Wolves.

Posted 14:04 12th August 2010

Shef Ishaque (Arsenal fan) says...

Arsenal will run away with the league this year! Man city second! Those OAP''s at man utd and chelsea havnt got a chance..heed my words.

Posted 13:56 12th August 2010

Kristofer Svensson (Everton fan) says...

Well done Jamie. As an Evertonian I naturally went straight to what you think of our chances, and with you being a former red I was a little shocked by what your thoughts. The media in general severely underestimates us a team, even Villa are rated higher than us and they are falling apart as I type this comment! Regardless of what the media think, I think we can challenge for the forth spot this season. On paper, our fully fit first choice starting eleven is capable of beating anyone. Why shouldn''t we feel ambitious? Also, if Moyes had the money your father blows year after year at Tottenham we would be title challengers!

Posted 13:50 12th August 2010

Jamie Tierney (Everton fan) says...

Hey Jamie... So Everton drop out of the top 6 for the 1st time in years and suddenly we are no longer a top 6 team but a team hoping to break into it! Personally I think that this year the usual big 3 + LFC, Spurs and Everton are going to be in a league of their own. Villa will stumble without MON and I predict Mancini to be the 1st casualty of the season! Good Luck to 1 and all from Saturday and I am hoping for another magnificent Premier League season ;)

Posted 13:44 12th August 2010

Tom Hughes (Stoke City fan) says...

Journo''s have to pick three clubs in their mind which they think will go down, they can''t say all teams have the same chance of staying up now can they? I would love Blackpool to stay up, love it. They play football in the right way and have earned the right to play, but you have to be reasonable. They, along with the baggies, have the greatest chance of going straight back down. Out of the two, I would much prefer you guys staying up!!! And I think most people would say the same. Give your club the vocal support they need, all year long, and thats all you can do. Good Luck Blackpool,

Posted 13:44 12th August 2010

Craig Smith (Liverpool fan) says...

Completely agree with everything said about Liverpool. Torres needs to be fit most of the time in order for us to have a successful season, and I seriously hope Roy gives him a rest when he needs him, preferably, not when Liverpool need a goal. (Birmingham) The main aim is the top 4 finish, and I honestly think they will get there providing match fitness is good for the spine of the team.

Posted 13:40 12th August 2010

Simon Warman-freed (Chelsea fan) says...

As a Chelsea fan I am very concerned over the depth of talent in our squad for this season. We have lost some considerable, if older, talent while our main rivals have been strengthening. Without doubt at this point we are much weaker than last season where we only won the league by one point. If Chelsea are going to be able to sustain a title challenge then we need to buy some quality players now, and I am staggered why it is taking us so long to do so. Unfortunately I believe that Manchester United will win the league this year and at this rate Chelsea will be third.

Posted 13:35 12th August 2010

Glen O''mahony (Manchester United fan) says...

i think its either united or arsenal this year you have to coumt in the new home grown rule and i think it will be united just egding it just slightly.

Posted 13:09 12th August 2010

Dave Litt (Blackpool fan) says...

Jamie, I have to agree with 99% of your comments. However the only people I think that Ian "Olly" Holloway is getting cheesed off with is pundits and journo''s telling us what we already knew!! I''ve read some pretty unfair comments from Southern Based journalists about Blackpool, the team and its fans. We do deserve to be in the premier league, our books are balanced and the team spirit is second to none, we may go down again, possibly with an all time low !! points total. But don''t right us off just yet......please

Posted 12:32 12th August 2010

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