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The Redknapp report

The Redknapp report

Jamie Redknapp looks at all 20 Premier League clubs so far, their top performers and New Year needs...

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Nicholas Adams (Arsenal fan) says...

Jamie I think you are spot on. The big teams haven't really hit top gear with all the pionts droped. Arsenal are up there and I don't see why they can't win the league. man utd are donig well at the top and chelsea, man city ad tottenham are lurking around there so I think by april we will see a 5 hoursed race.

Posted 18:17 23rd December 2010

Xabi Alonso (Liverpool fan) says...

Roy Hodgson doesn't seem to know what he is doing. I agree that just because he is english he recieves less criticism. the same with joe cole. Im sick of everyone saying that cole should play in the middle as that is his position. but when has he ever played there. he usually played on the left or right of a 3 man attack. Hodgson needs to address his tactics. our defensive line plays to deep and konchecky is useless. Aurelio is a far better player and his passing is one of the best in our team. this doesn't say much as our passing is relatively poor at da moment. i actually think pepe reina is one of our best passers of the ball and he's the goalie. lol. i really think letting smaller players go have cost us dearly. players like arbeola done a really good job and he left for like £4m. also riera brought a much need balance to our attack and i know he wasn't great but if you look at the games two seasons ago. he played on almost all our wins. i know he had beef with rafa but hodgson could have used him. then hyppia left. don't really need to say much about him as everyone knows he's a legend. though i believe it was right to make a management change, hodgeson is way out of depth. people blow his horn simply because he is english. WOW he got to the europa final. so what! he can't stand the pressure. the liverpool squad is not that bad. i think playing johnson in right mid would do wonders for us. and jovanvic hasn't been a chance. he is similar to kuyt but would score more goals. put him in attach and i believe he will score. we should get rid of roy and get in hiddink and deschamps. i think its brilliant we have a finacial director coz roy would have wasted money on dempsey and gera but commoli who has done ok in the past will surely get us some talent. we need pace down the wings as liverpool have no pace in the team at all.

Posted 17:19 23rd December 2010

Edgar Apap (Liverpool fan) says...

Jamie, I agree with your report but when it comes to liverpool no way mate. Liverpool are so indistress that Lucas lieva suddenly thinks hes one of the best players in the side. That sums it up mate. we are in shambels Id say.

Posted 16:57 23rd December 2010

Nick Nelson (Liverpool fan) says...

I think if you take the comments across the board in general it is clear the Prem League is in danger of becoming very average. Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea and one or two others all perfoming well below expectations but still around the top of the tree? More than any other season in recent memory most games are hard to call, and 'shock' results are no longer really that any more, it makes life more interesting in the short term, but ultimately it will be the big money teams which do the business on and off the pitch, as usual. Of course the Prem League will continue to introduce 'new' ideas to try and spice it up but it has all been done before. How long before the dreaded salary cap and the threat of CBA's and player strikes loom? Expect we'll be hearing reheated arguements for and against a European 'super' league before long as well.

Posted 16:41 23rd December 2010

Nick Alton (Chelsea fan) says...

Pretty good report Jamie!. Chelsea will need to reinforce in the transfer window. I just don't think the youth products are upto scratch to maintain us challenging for the CL and EPL. Losing the experience of Ballack,Deco,Carvalho has made us vunerable as a team but the old rearguard do need a kick up the backside and to step upto the plate and prove why were double winners! Merry Christmas Jamie and the skysports team!.

Posted 16:13 23rd December 2010

Carolyn Jones (Liverpool fan) says...

Jamie, are you out of mind by suggesting that Roy should be allowed to bring in his own players? I wouldn't trust him with a penny given he bought Konchesky and Poulsen. The same squad that Rafa left behind finished 7th and that was considered a bad finish. With Roy you get the feeling he is satisfied if Liverpool finish mid table because he is a mid table manager, no better. Liverpool's problem is that they have the wrong manager. People hate to criticze him because he's English. Benitez got a lot more criticism for doing a lot better. By the way, I'm ot a supporter of Benitez and hope he doesn't come back. But Roy is definitely not the solution to get Liverpool back on track.

Posted 15:07 23rd December 2010

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