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Down to the wire

Down to the wire

Jamie Redknapp is still backing United but believes Chelsea could smuggle the title out of Old Trafford.

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Tariq Ali (Chelsea fan) says...

I think Chelsea will win at old trafford, unless ref does united a favor. After that I think united has better chance of scoring more goals than us in next matches.

Posted 16:30 7th May 2011

Naomi Colclough (Chelsea fan) says...

To be honest, regardless of what happens on Sunday i'm proud of Chelsea, to come back at this point of the season after our awful run shows unbelievable character, and the fact that if we hadn't had that run Man utd would've been left for dust, so for their fans to start blaming it on two lucky decisions that went our way against Tottenham makes me laugh, nothing they haven't been doing all season, vidic, handball??? springs to mind. They should've had it wrapped up by now so game on, it's yours to lose ............... COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!

Posted 14:18 7th May 2011

Sanjay Shenoy (Chelsea fan) says...

great article jamie!!always a great read.keep up the good work. i keep my fingers crossed. only thing i will say at this point of time is that chelsea knows that if they want to win they gotta work towards that................

Posted 13:33 7th May 2011

Harry Undercover (Manchester United fan) says...

i reckon we can beat chelsa anyday but we might have to build up if we've gonna beat barcelona. Come on rooney and you fergie

Posted 12:26 7th May 2011

John Maher (Chelsea fan) says...

Football has been the winner this season as nobody has dictated the league and makes for a great sunday,chels could still nick it fingers crossed but if not hats off to man u for sticking at it ,so come on chelsea good luck and go for it,

Posted 12:21 7th May 2011

Iain Sproule (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Its a huge one for United. Chelsea, despite a bizzare game against us, have put in the legwork to get back into the race. Utd should have this one in the bag already. And it could be a huge double blow. Its not like they can lose the league and go "oh we have the CL final" - its Barcelona, not Basingstoke theyre up against. They could end up losing both league and CL final in spectacular fashion. All we can hope for is a great game tomorrow and no controversy.

Posted 10:53 7th May 2011

B Reasonable (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

Good article - on the button. It could go either way, with Man U having a slight advantage. I hope it doesn't come down to a dodgy refereeing decision, and that whoever wins, it's fair and square. I fear that someone will be sent off (could be Luiz, Rooney, Vidic or Drogba, they're all headbangers) to ruin the game and leave a sour taste.

Posted 10:32 7th May 2011

Mathew Hibbert (Chelsea fan) says...

if we win on sunday then we would have to make sure we score as many goals as possible in last 2 games

Posted 09:39 7th May 2011

Ahmed Mohamed (Manchester United fan) says...

i believe man utd will win this tittle

Posted 08:28 7th May 2011

Melvin Arnold (Manchester United fan) says...

i will be happy with a draw its going to be tuf but ill say 1.1 rooney and drogba scoring i really belive utd will win champions league final revenge will be so so sweet common utd tittle?

Posted 08:12 7th May 2011

Mathew Aconley (Liverpool fan) says...

Fletcher will definitely be playing, probably in place of Giggs. Ferguson always picks the dogs against the top clubs. Fletcher and Park scrapping away 1-0 United I'm afraid.

Posted 19:01 6th May 2011

Emmanuel Emma (Chelsea fan) says...

Hmmn, am obviously tongue-tied and expectant. Jamie, you are point-on. Many upsets still abound. I think Chelsea is looking beyond the United game should they consider the run-ins. C'mon Chels, the sky's blue.

Posted 18:15 6th May 2011

Liffa Chitseko (Chelsea fan) says...

I think chelsea have come a long way to reach this far,they were almost written off some 2 months ago,they were on 5th position,they have managed to topple others.why not manu.go chelsea.

Posted 17:53 6th May 2011

Paul H (Chelsea fan) says...

Whatever happens on Sunday and beyond I just hope that the game is won fairly with no controversy. If Man U beat us fair and square then they deserve the title. From where we were in March I'm already thrilled with where we are now. If, however, we pull it off on Sunday then I'd hope that Fergie doesn't begrudge us taking three points away as he never seems to give any credit to teams that beat Man U. Knowing Chelsea though I can see us winning at Old Trafford and then blowing it at Goodison on the last day! Go on you Blues. Good article Jamie.

Posted 17:51 6th May 2011

Amelia Harrison (Chelsea fan) says...

i enjoyed reading this, and its a good analysis! im going to be watching the blues try and grasp the title, odds are 2/1 on chelsea and 11/8 on united, so fingers,toes,arms,hair and ears are crossed for chelsea. weve won the past 5 games and past 3 games in the prem of united, haway chels!!

Posted 17:26 6th May 2011

Chibuzor Arihilam (Arsenal fan) says...

Jamie as usual a great article. Refreshing all the time reading your articles. Cheers mate!

Posted 17:15 6th May 2011

Thomas Addoah (Chelsea fan) says...

Jimie has done a very superb analysis of the game and I agree to the fact that man u are favourite because a draw will even do for them and "WEB" in the middle. But being a blue fan and looking at where we are coming, Carlo and his boys will do everything possible win because the league title is the only hope left and this game seems to be decider. Hence there nothing but win. Go chelsea go.

Posted 17:11 6th May 2011

Krishnayan Gupta (Chelsea fan) says...

hi jamie,i think chelsea will win 2-1 if not the man u's 12th man the referee helps them by sending luiz off coz they know he's the manchester slayer...

Posted 16:30 6th May 2011

Nicol Subramoney (Stoke City fan) says...

Fair comment,Jamie.It was a real pity that injuries forced you out of the game but having said that,your analysis of the games is a joy to read.I have yet to read any bias in your comments.Very,very good.Keep up the good work.

Posted 16:25 6th May 2011

Vik Deen (Manchester United fan) says...

how has it come to this? no disrespect to chelsea and arsenal but we shud of had this title wrapped up weeks ago. and chelsea were out until a bizzare fixture against tottenham. anything but a loss in this next fixture shud see us through the most unconvincing title race of all time. i see us getting the result we need a win or a draw unless chelsea's run of fortunate refereeing decisions continues in which case they have a gud chance.

Posted 16:05 6th May 2011

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