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Down to the wire

Down to the wire

Jamie Redknapp is still backing United but believes Chelsea could smuggle the title out of Old Trafford.

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Joe Maxwel (Everton fan) says...

I think mathew wallace is a utd fan in disguise!chelsea t nick it on sunday i reckon,the blow it against everton on the final day!

Posted 16:03 6th May 2011

James Bowes (Liverpool fan) says...

Sunday afternoon's game ought to be a fantstic spectacle, and i think that it will be won and lost in the midfield, where i think that Chelsea may edge it. Torres to come on and nick the winner in front of the stretford end would be sheer poetry. As a scouser, and a liverpool die hard, it would make not only my weekend, but my season. No hard feeling's towards Nando, he had his reasons, and he's gone now, but let's see him put a smile on everyone's faces, except of course Taggarts !!

Posted 15:55 6th May 2011

Matt Rosenfeldt (Chelsea fan) says...

Very well written article by Jamie. I feel that the Chels could maybe sneak a controversial win but then knowing utd they will win the league by smashing Blackburn 5-0. It will be an interesting few weeks to come. I would love to see Barca schooling Utd in the final. King Carlo is the right man for Chelsea. Winning the Champions League is not an easy thing. We need to keep consistency in every aspect at Stamford Bridge if we are going to become the first London club to win the CL

Posted 14:50 6th May 2011

James Mills (Plymouth Argyle fan) says...

Fair comments Jamie...yes I do believe Man United are favourites going into this Sundays epic fixture! ...Chelsea have everything to do however Man United have everything to lose! ...Man United¿s squad will be fresh and ready to do the business at Old Trafford on Sunday...Fergie got his tactics spot on mid-week against Shalke and will now reap the benefits with key player such as Ryan Giggs, Vidic and Rooney rested, fired up and ready to go! However I can¿t help but think Chelsea are going to just have the edge on Sunday and steal 3 valuable points! ... if so the two teams will be deadlocked on points both with 73 so I reckon it will all come down to the remaining fixtures. Having backed Chelsea at the start of the season ¿I would love it¿... ¿I tell you now, I would love it¿ if Steve Kean or Ian Holloway can take points off Man United or even just keep the score line down but I doubt that will be the case! ...I truly believe Man United will win the title this year on goal difference.... strap yourself in, it¿s going to be one hell of a ride!

Posted 14:15 6th May 2011

Callum Wheeler (Chelsea fan) says...

My prediction: - 2-1 chelsea. Go on the blues!

Posted 13:58 6th May 2011

Matthew Wallace (Chelsea fan) says...

i think United will be to good on the day, i have to say united have won the title and prob Champions League as well.

Posted 13:56 6th May 2011

Kenny Akins (Chelsea fan) says...

thanks jamie,it s another superb analysis ,it s going to be a difficult game for both a way united ve a edge cuz they ve gone pass chelsea twice this season and that is not s gonna come down to who wants it most on sunday if chelsea play with all seriousness they ll win........common chelsea

Posted 13:38 6th May 2011

Darryn Petersen (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Jamie, I'm a manutd fan all the way from South Africa. I'm not really one for verbal jousting, but I have faith in my team in wrapping up the title on Sunday. Then again anything can happen, cause he in S.A, we have saying when it comes to crucial games and leage deciders and that is that "The ball is round", so anything can happen on Sunday and come 28 May. Go Man U go.......

Posted 13:17 6th May 2011

Darshan Shukla (Chelsea fan) says...

I think Jamie has sumed it up well !!! But being a true blue fan, I belive Chelsea might just nick this tie. Certainly the momentum has shifted a lot in last few weeks as far as league is concerned in Chelsea's favour. But again Man United's home record has been gr8 too.. So all in all its going to gr8 game of football, and I hope it's clean and controversy free. Come on you blues !!!!.

Posted 13:17 6th May 2011

Ark Noel (Manchester United fan) says...

You must be having a laugh aren't you Jamie..Title 19 is coming back to the theater of dreams. BELIEVE!!!!!! P.S: we all know you secretly want Chelsea to win but the godfather is in charge!!!

Posted 13:16 6th May 2011

Scott Nolan (Chelsea fan) says...

i think chelsea will win 2-1 and drogba scoring both goals and torres to start on the bench

Posted 13:14 6th May 2011

Brendan Cosgrave (Aston Villa fan) says...

its the most exciting end to a season for years,not just at the top but at the bottom as well. i still believe Man U will the title and the champions league against Barca at their second home Wembley.

Posted 13:12 6th May 2011

Steve Bennett (Manchester United fan) says...

it seems chelsea will be without their Star player, Martin Atkinson, so there's their big advantage gone (maybe).

Posted 13:06 6th May 2011

James Adrian (Arsenal fan) says...

Super article from Jamie once again.

Posted 12:49 6th May 2011

Alex Adibe (Chelsea fan) says...

Take it or leave it CHELSEA will carry the day notwithstanding my postion as a fan. Firstly, if you reflect on whre we are coming from you will agree with me because the lads in estimation has done well so far and that means the pressure will be off their shoulders while MAN U before her home crowd will be playing to impress which will put the pressure on them and who knows, in the process could make mistakes which CHELSEA as i know them will capitalise on and punish MAN U. Guys, i say you go to Old Trafford and catch your fun for if the season finishes as it stands now you have done well. Who would ever believe last march 1 that CHELSEA would make TOP 4 by now let alone 2. Gud luck guys.

Posted 12:43 6th May 2011

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