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It's been a good week for Chelsea, but they haven't turned the corner yet, says Jamie Redknapp

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Sam Chen (Liverpool fan) says...

As Redknapp says Chelsea have not proven to have turned a corner just yet. They still need to show consistency against a top English side. City are just that and the pressure will be on. AVB reacted badly to the press last week and may have put himself in a precarious position if they get beaten tonight. Personally as a Liverpool fan, I'd be glad to see Chelsea lose tonight and expose further cracks in an aging, unsettled squad.

Posted 17:16 12th December 2011

Muhammad Kamran (Arsenal fan) says...

I totally agree with Jamie. Today is the match which show how much chelsea have turned the corner. If today they play well and beat City, it means Chelsea are back and even if they draw the match with City that still not too bad. But I want Chelsea to beat City.

Posted 06:07 12th December 2011

Neil Cheesman (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree entirely with Jamie's comments. Tomorrow Chelsea play Man City at home. 'Luckily' defender David Luiz is suspended. Technically he looks like a great player.... but he can't defend - so to play without a 'first' choice' defender for this game is probably a blessing for Chelsea. Chelsea beat Valencia in mid-week and a lot has been made of Chelsea winning and Andre Villa Boas the manager must have got it right. I didn't see it that way at all. Chelsea decided to stop defending like a Sunday morning team (about time) and defended 20 yards further back meaning the defenders had the forwards in front of them. Valencia were VERY poor and the difference between the two sides was that Drogba having his best game for a long time - scoring 2 goals and making the 3rd. (oh and Petr Cech woke up in goal) I wonder what the score would have been if Torres had played for 90 minutes. I doubt that Drogba can continue to draw back the years and what happens when he heads off for the African Cup? I can't help feeling that Lampard has been made the scapegoat for the AVB revolution. And this is poor recognition for a player who has served them very well and is currently 2nd top scorer behind Sturridge in the league who is a forward and Lampard is 3rd of the Chelsea squad rankings by SKYSPORTS pundits. It seems like Meireles is in AVB's pocket as he had played for him before. Man City at home on Monday will be more of a test than Valencia that is for sure and may well show the way forward for the rest of the season. I have supported Chelsea for a long-time and yes change has to happen but to be honest for me the jury is still out on the manager AVB.

Posted 14:45 11th December 2011

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