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The Redknapp report

The Redknapp report

Jamie Redknapp assesses all 20 Premier League clubs as the season reaches its halfway stage.

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Richard Offord (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

It's interesting to see an Arsenal fan criticising Bale for diving, a bit of pot calling kettle black after having had such experts as Ashley Cole, Emmanuel Eboue and Robert Pires in their ranks recently, to name but a few. Bale dived against Swansea and was rightly booked, I too hope he cuts it out of his game because he does not need to do it; he is good enough to destroy teams without having to resort to such Arsenalesque levels. I think Jamie's comments are fair, I tipped Man Utd for the league before the season started but Man City have been the most impressive team, and I think they will end up winning, but United will push them close. Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal will finish in places 3 - 5, but in what order? If Spurs can win their games in hand, and build up a healthy lead over the chasing pack, then I hope they will be able to withstand any wobbles. COYS!

Posted 15:02 4th January 2012

Joe Rousseau (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi everyone, I just love English football and can't imagine my sporting life without it. I did review Jamie's comments and found him to be pretty accurate in all summations bar a few minor details, but he did not point out who he foresee's will be relegated! If I may I'd like to share my point of view briefly. I think it is difficult to guestimate at this stage being halfway through, but there are some key indicators on several most likely outcomes: - firstly eventhough it saddens me to point it out QPR will be going down. They just look lackluster as a unit the last 4 or so matches and I think the chips are down. I predict that Wigan will join them in the Championship and really about time too. I give them credit for their gutsy efforts at times, but being a top flight football club is not only about 2 or 3 great wins you can talk about, it's more about the consistency in combined team efforts in frequently winning home games with the odd result away from home. They just don't do that enough. Finally it's a toss up for the 3rd team who will go down. Many contenders in Blackburn, Bolton and I believe Wolves can be included. There could be debate around Norwich and WBA, but I think they will do enough to stay up. Mr Kean from Blackburn is going to go real soon I think, whetehr it could do for Blackburn as what it did for Sunderland...well....I think it's too late. Anyway Arsenal won't win eventhough I really want them too, they just don't close out as well as some of the other top teams do consistently. Looking fwd to seeing Henry back!!! Who knows...Have a great 2012 guys!

Posted 08:33 4th January 2012

Jacob Frost (Norwich City fan) says...

Jamie you said Norwich were the most likeliest to go down between the 3 promoted sides at the start of the season, you didnt back us at all. You're right though; our key man is Paul Lambert. Without his man management the players we've got just wouldnt be able to click together, Most norwich fans cant even pick the first 11 before a game because Lamberts using the whole squad collectively and making sure everyone contributes in some way this leads to our team spirit and togertherness.

Posted 17:34 3rd January 2012

Eliazaro Okembo (Manchester United fan) says...

I disagree with most of manutd fans i do think that united's best player currently is tom cleverly, its no secret that since his injury man utd has under performed. This cannot be compared to the team's performance at the start of the premier league campaign when he was fit. Rooney is abit rusty lately .

Posted 11:37 3rd January 2012

Ashley Weir (Liverpool fan) says...

Very good article from Jamie, and like others i agree he got the vast majority of key men right and refected on team performances well. Even though Gerrard is back i think due to fitness reasons Suarez is our key man, Evertons is definately Baines or Osman not Saha. And Sturridge ofr Chelsea is right, but Torres would be if AVB played him. My hat tips off to Spurs this season they have been fantastic and should retain their top 4 status. Being optimistic id say bar Chelsea 4th (replaced by Liverpool) the top 4 will stay the same but i expect mixed results and a tight finidh. Cracking season so far! YNWA

Posted 11:34 3rd January 2012

Chris Mclewee (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

James Smith - you mention Bale not performing against big clubs but I seem to recall that in the last couple of seasons when Spurs have played the Gooners, Bale has been on the for his diving, I hate it too and wish he would stop, its unneccesary. City are class and they have bought class, they WILL win the league and more than likely it will be this season. If its not this season they will add one or two players in key areas (central midfield, replacing barry and de jong) and they will push on. By the way I am not saying Barry and De Jong are bad players but its the one position where they dont have the VERY best in the world.

Posted 11:19 3rd January 2012

Donovan Naidoo (Real Madrid fan) says...

@ Andrew,David,Andrew and Andy...Utd played without Rooney this weekend and lost the game at the back,Hatrick for Berba at Fulham? he (Rooney) really the key man,they still scored goals does that mean Nani and Young pose less of a threat going forward?.....Rose colored glasses ,me thinks.When pitted against a more balanced European squad Utd failed dismally with Rooney...... yes I do watch English football.Did anyone see Spurs make any decent plays once Parker left the field? Sandro is great and Modric are great but without the backup it was difficult to defend against Swansea. especially with no-one chasing down the ball and winning it all the time. Van P is great don't get me wrong, but he needs to the ball to score...and right now Arsenal score first then can't bang in more...if he's the key man why isn't he creating more?...

Posted 09:19 3rd January 2012

Mark Legallienne (Liverpool fan) says...

I agree with most of what Jamie says, i think he has become a great pundit and think he knows his stuff. Some of the comments are laughable on here and you wonder if they actually watch football!! Man c key is Aquero/Silva, Man u is obviously Rooney, Arsenal is again obvious RVP (As if he doesnt score then Arsenal struggle) , Liverpool key man i see as always being Gerrard, if he can play for the rest of the season he will drag Liverpool along, which is the one thing that has been missing this season. As for Chelsea i think that is the most difficult team to pick there key man, you would have to say Drogba or Mata, for me..

Posted 17:28 2nd January 2012

Joe Clarke (Everton fan) says...

The key men look roughly about right for all the sides besides everton I think jamie redknapp has got it wrong, Louis Saha is not our key man he has been useless all season he just doesn't look like he wants to score, he doesn't try hard enough for us and has been a real let down. In my opinion our key man this season has to be either Leon osman or Leighton Baines.

Posted 02:32 2nd January 2012

Claudio Sancese (Arsenal fan) says...

Unlike James Smith I still think Arsenal will challenge Man City for the title, with Tierry Henry joining Van Persie upfront and showing Walcott few moves!!! I also disagree & think that Man City has a great manager and that their class showed from the 6-1 demolition of Man U Mancini has bonded a great group of players which play exciting football. The danger for City is the Catenaccio style games they will encounter from some premiership teams!!!!PS Referees Man Utd does not need your help!!!!!!!!!It will be exciting till the very last day.

Posted 17:58 1st January 2012

Richard Hobson (Sunderland fan) says...

I think Sessegnon is more of a key player than Larsson, and maybe Mignolet because Westwood is good but Mignolet is one of the leagues best keepers, along with Tim Krul (Newcastle) and Michel Vorm (Swansea City)

Posted 16:02 1st January 2012

Ben Graney (Sheffield Wednesday fan) says...

Good article but I have one question Jamie...who is going down?! He has everyone staying up!

Posted 11:47 31st December 2011

Kevin Mukhwana (Manchester United fan) says...

man utd r back keep watching us as we devour our opponents but pliz sir alex can u land hulk at old trafford also bef up our mid. we dont need sneijder he`s too old bring in new and young blood

Posted 09:15 31st December 2011

Anthony Clarke (Manchester United fan) says...

I think the abuse Steve Kean is getting from large sections of Blackburn Rovers fans is despicable at best. It is disgusting to watch supporters running up to get as near as possible to him after matches to spew vile abuse at him. Granted everyone wants to see their team doing well. For gods sake at the half way mark they are 2-3 good results away from safety. The crowd of chicken farmers who know nothing about football, hardly go to games, flaunt their wealth so grotesquely who own the team and pull the strings sit back watching this while getting so much notice for their chicken empire, yet all the s*** falls on Steve Kean's head. I've never seen such disgusting behaviour. And to top it all of they are only a small club. Lets put things in perspective here; 1 trophy in 100 years just being in the premier league should be a bonus but no they think they should be challenging for europe. Get over your selves, leave Steve alone the powers that be have him where he is and seem to be insistant on it and the more of a big deal being made about it= more attention for Venkys. Voice your anger at the ones who have your knickers in a twist, get behind your team before its too late

Posted 00:00 31st December 2011

Andy Ahmed (Manchester United fan) says...


Posted 22:25 30th December 2011

Terry Shorrock (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Jamie, I hope you are right in your prediction for Blackburn. We have had precious little to celebrate so far this season, but they should take heart that they have loyal fans who will stick with them, even on the other side of the World........!!!!

Posted 03:17 30th December 2011

Mike Jevon (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

James Smith should get real, spurs are in front of Arsenal and are producing exiting games with good results. As for Bale diving that's fueled with envy. Spurs have a great team which could yet be improved with the addition of another world class striker. As for Harry he has made the team sparkle why else would other managers see him as the next England boss. Its results that count City have shown that no one owns the premiership but carry on hoping James.

Posted 19:31 29th December 2011

Adam Golightly (Manchester United fan) says...

Donovan Naidoo you have no idea what your talking about tottenham wouldnt be in the position that they are if they couldnt play expansive football thats a ridiculous comment. in regards to champions league positions being available in england i dont think is a worry the revenue that our company brings is huge and uefa wouldnt remove any places for us

Posted 13:01 29th December 2011

Andrew Timpson (Arsenal fan) says...

Donovan Naidoo - I have never seen such nonense in one comment. Do you watch football? Or are you just guessing key players for each team mentioned? I am all for people being entitled to their own opinion, but that post was ridiculous. Giggs - hasn't played anywhere near enough minutes to be regarded as a key player. King - great talent, but so injury prone, not a key player. Arteta and no AVP - seriously!? Zamora - can't even get into the Fulham squad, never mind team. That post seriously offended me.

Posted 12:59 29th December 2011

Hugh Purcell (Celtic fan) says...

Rooney is brilliant for Man Utd in midfield, showing how he is determined to keep improving all the time. Looking forward to the second half of the season. Man City are good, but Aguero has been missing a few chances lately. Silva is excellent, but do they have the mentality to go course and distance?

Posted 12:45 29th December 2011

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