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The Redknapp report

The Redknapp report

Jamie Redknapp assesses all 20 Premier League clubs as the season reaches its halfway stage.

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Simon Varley (Preston North End fan) says...

Its amazing to me, as good a team as City is, United are right there! inspite of having just a gaping hole in central midfield, an inconsistency at GK and up and down performances. I think Rooney is key as he gets the 1 goal in the 1-0 bad performances that you need down the stretch.

Posted 02:53 29th December 2011

Andrew Morris (Manchester United fan) says...

@Donovan Naidoo, you don't watch much English football then do you? Rooney is by a mile United's key player, have you not noticed the correlation between when United do poorly and when Rooney does poorly? remember last season when United dropped loads of away points and were generally poor at the start of the season? Thats when Rooney was recovering from his bad WC. and RVP is so much Arsenals main man it is unbelievable, i know that they generally play better when Song plays, but RVP is the only one putting the ball in the net, you take him out and no one else is scoring

Posted 18:35 28th December 2011

David Parker (Manchester United fan) says...

This is a reply to Donovan Naidoo who made a couple of really bizarre comments about Man Utd. Firstly Rooney is our best player, there can be no arguments about that, which clearly makes him the key man in our side. Giggs can not play week in week out and can be very incosistent. Yes he is a legend but wouldn't get in our 1st choice 11. Secondly you mention Berbatov replacing Rooney, are you having a laugh??

Posted 15:35 28th December 2011

Sam Coulthard (Norwich City fan) says...

some fair points , however you seem to think norwich are the only team who will go down this year because blackpool and hull have before , i wonder how many times you have seen us play this year although we have lost to the likes of tottenham and manchester city , against the lower teams we have out performed most .

Posted 14:39 28th December 2011

Khabir Hoosen (Liverpool fan) says...

One of the best seasons by far, games are unpredictable. As a Liverpool supporter I will have to say that Man City are looking good but they need the passion of Manure players to fully succeed. Liverpool will have to invest in a striker that can be a play maker as well dont think we made the best buys and if we did there is allot of work that needs to be done. I heard that KAKA might be up for sale.... David Silva and RVP have been the best this season by far. The second half awaits, I cant wait! YNWA!!

Posted 13:50 28th December 2011

James Smith (Arsenal fan) says...

I think Man U are peaking just at the right time and will win the title. In hindsight, for the the money spent by Man C, the fact is you can't buy class and it will take more signings and perhaps a new manager before they win the title - halfway through the season and cracks are beginning to show. Needless to say, as an Arsenal fan I'm hoping we continue to climb the table after the worst start in history. All in all, at the end of season, I think the top four will balance itself out to be United, City, Arsenal and Chelsea. Despite Spurs being top 3, they have benefited from the poor starts from Chelsea and Arsenal and transitional periods, I don't think Redknapp (arry) has worked wonders. The cream always rises to the top and I think that's why Chelsea and Arsenal will excel in 2012. I also remember how Spurs lost their top 4 CL position last year in the second half of the season - I can see it happening again. If Bale stops diving and develops his game to perform against big clubs and not just bottom of the table clubs, it could help the cause.

Posted 13:41 28th December 2011

Nicola Pilmoor (Sunderland fan) says...

I would agree Larsson is our key man at the moment. But I think saying O'shea and Brown haven't worked is a bit lazy really. We have only conceded 22 goals and haven't been beaten by more than one goal all season. There are only 6 teams have conceded less anf 5 of them are top 4 contenders. Clearly it is up front where we are struggling- we need someone who can pull the defence about like Welbeck did in order to create space for other players.....

Posted 12:18 28th December 2011

Jonathan Kelley (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Giggs the key man? he doesn't play enough and while I agree with the pludits for Berbatov he still doesn't come close to what Rooney can unlock. I have to disagree with the mention of Adebayor as the Spurs key man? Its neither King or Parker who are again very important to Spurs, Parker claening up while King being (when fit) the best CB in the premier league. Modric is what keeps us ticking recieving and makng the intelligent pass or run the creates space and time for other players to operate.

Posted 11:43 28th December 2011

Jay Suffrey (Manchester United fan) says...

My greatest worry is the fall of English football. More likely than not, this year's winner of the EPL will either have failed to reach the knock out stages of the UCL (Man U or Man City) or failed to reach the knock out stages of the Europa League ( Spurs). If this is repeated in the next few seasons shall we see a reduction of the EPL slots in the UCL?

Posted 10:39 28th December 2011

Donovan Naidoo (Real Madrid fan) says...

Defo do not agree with Rooney being the key man...for me it's Giggs....creates all the plays,and in the area Fergie has the greatest weakness...Rooney can easily be replaced by Berbatov....he maybe older, but he steps in easier behind a striker a role he was used to at Spurs (behind Keane) for Spurs..their Key Men (yes two)...are Ledley King and Scott Parker. Without those two Adebayor et all can't play expansive football.King provides a sturdy back line, and Parker's absolute stamp of authority in the middle of the park ensures Modric and VDV play more creatively.....Everton undoubtedly Jack Rodwell.Key men for Arsenal...Arteta and Song...when those two don't play it looks a bit misshapen and the balls don't come through as easily.Van P finishes well granted...but he can't score without the ball. Jack Wilshere coming back may change things alot. Fulham need Bobby Zamora. He is their key man. Dempsey is the "go to" guy. Zamora sparks the creativity.

Posted 10:24 28th December 2011

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