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Test of strength

Test of strength

Jamie Redknapp says Andy Carroll can fill the Luis Suarez void - if Liverpool play to his strengths.

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Simon Kirya (Liverpool fan) says...

True, the andy carroll we loved was the newcastle lion in the box version. He is far from that right now and looks very soft. I think its more to do with the people around him - he was used to having fighters like Barton, Nolan and the like and that was his motivation and he thrived on that attitude which is not the case at Liverpool where he seems very isolated.

Posted 19:22 6th January 2012

Henry Tiote (Liverpool fan) says...

Gerrard is truly the man to supply for Andy Carroll

Posted 19:01 6th January 2012

Sq Sq (Liverpool fan) says...

Yes Jamie, as I have been saying all along as well. But we have a management team at LFC that has a patriotic/ideological belief on how the game should be played so.....?? Strange thing is, im not sure if anyone else notice this, but this liverpool team does resemble the Roy Evans team doesnt it? Lots of style but lack the killer instinct. You're more qualified than i am to talk about the similarities here. Roy was also a product of the boot room, hope its not deja vu again

Posted 18:51 6th January 2012

Red2death Red (Liverpool fan) says...

Why must Andy Carroll be the solution? Just because he cost the most money? Dirk Kuyt's an established striker who could well step up to the plate. Craig Bellamy is an accomplished forward who's no stranger to goals. Maxi Rodriguez can continue his fine vein of scoring as he does with or without Suarez around. Not to mention Gerrard who's synonymous with stepping up to the plate and scoring important Liverpool goals. Seriously, why the focus on Carroll? Just because he could possibly fill the void that Suarez has left? There are plenty others in the squad who could do the same, and arguably better too. They just didn't cost as much.

Posted 18:44 6th January 2012

Lynnis Medcraft says...

Sorry - Liverpool play good passing football, looks really negative when Carroll plays. Even when they lob the ball at him he doesn't do much with his head or feet. Think KK got it wrong with him. Best to admit defeat and get another two like Suarez with the money. His attitude to team-mates is all wrong on the field too.

Posted 18:29 6th January 2012

Kevin Pinnell (Liverpool fan) says...

Its not just about service to carroll, he looks slow a labouring, he gives up the chase very easily, his skill is way off mark and his lay off to people when the ball is on the ground isn't good either. We can't just have a striker whos good with his head, it becomes to predictable. Bellamy is 32 and can run rings round carroll, he has the passion for Liverpool, he never gives up and shows some great ability and he has scored a few goals with his head so why keep using carroll? Ive supported Liverpool for 37 years and can't remember seeing such a poor performance from a striker of ours.

Posted 18:14 6th January 2012

Paul Allen (Liverpool fan) says...

Every great team has at least three good strikers, Liverpool has two, one is out for for the next 7 games the other is out of form. They must buy an in-form goalscorer now to make that 4th champions league slot. Only then can they kick on and challenge for a title.

Posted 18:11 6th January 2012

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