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Running out of time

Running out of time

Arsenal's woes could worsen if they continue to let their stars' deals run down, says Jamie Redknapp.

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Paul Lupi (Arsenal fan) says...

When Arsene Wenger became manager he inherited strong solid defenders like Adams, Bould, Keown, Winterburn, Dixon. These guys took no sh.. from anybody, and they knew how to clear out the box. Since then Wenger has brought in mainly Soft defenders from overseas, and continues to overlook strong British beef. He could have bought Scott parker but refused to..he wouldn't resign Adebayor...and he spends the clubs money as if it belongs to him. Things will not change while he is still in charge!

Posted 21:33 18th February 2012

Obileye Samuel (Arsenal fan) says...

I agree with the point made by jamie,wenger are not only to be blame bcos the board are only interest in making profit and not thinking of winning a silverware and also how the fans feels

Posted 20:55 18th February 2012

Nik R (Arsenal fan) says...

For me, Rosicky is in the Andrey Arshavin mould in that he's never really cut it at Arsenal, especially in the big games. He's always been on the periphery and has never really been the star man. Really, Jamie? What about Rosicky's goals against Liverpool back in 06/07? And he scored a few important ones after that as well. He's never been the same after his knee injuries but he's been one of the more creative players in recent games. The comparison to Arshavin's wrong as well. He's been terrible this season but prior to this, he's shown up in the big games. 4-4 against Liverpool? A stunner against United? A stunner to put us ahead against Liverpool? Great finish to a counterattack against Barca? Those are all big, big games.

Posted 15:56 18th February 2012

Chidi Kennedy (Arsenal fan) says...

Jamie was right.The club board is interested in making profit. buy cheap talented kids from Africa and Asia for few quids then sell them off. the fans suffer this risky business. Let Wenger resign if he is not part of that business.

Posted 13:56 18th February 2012

Vincent Asika (Arsenal fan) says...

Jamie is right and has made great points.... Can wenger and the boards read this?ni felt so humiliated and pity for Persie cos this is not what he is supposed to be seeing this time. He strives so hard and no body fights with him. So was the time of Fabregas. The players need to have this fighting spirits and most especially stay fit.

Posted 12:07 18th February 2012

Gordon Young (Chelsea fan) says...

Arsenal fans, would you prefer to go the way of Rangers and Portsmouth ?? not every club has a billionaire owner. The likes of Liverpool and Chelsea are looking with envy at your stadium and are not in such a different position as yourselves. No club can afford to sell the like of Fabregas, Nasri, Cliche etc etc etc the list goes on and on, not properly replacing them. Your building the Etihad coincided with first Chelsea and then Man C being able to outbid you on every player, prices are now crazy, eg £35mil for A Carroll, and still, some Liverpool players were not born the last time they won the league. It could be 20yrs until you do again. Sorry financial fact of life !

Posted 10:37 18th February 2012

Joe Farrelly (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

The most telling point to consider from Tuesday's match is how many of Arsenal's team would have made Milan's starting X1? Van Persie, yes, Ramsey on top form, maybe, anyone else, an amphatic no. A couple of years back most neutrals would have said Arsenal were maybe a keeper and centre back short of being the second best team in Europe after Barcelona but naively Wenger kept faith with his crop of young players and obstinately refused to accept what everybody else could see. First that he was likely to lose Fabregas and Nasri and second the team needed strengthening with strong characters. The problem at Arsenal, a little like at Man U, is that the manager has so much control that no one seems able to challenge their methods, where else would it have been acceptable and even ignored to lose massively in the premiership, Arsenal at Man U, or to go out of the Campions League (Man U) at the group stage? So Arsenal fans have to consider the previously unthinkable, Wenger may have to go !!.

Posted 10:36 18th February 2012

Harry Roy (Arsenal fan) says...

Although Arsne Wenger has done a great job for Arsenal for over a decade, he now needs to think seriously about getting in to Champions League spot next season and try to win a trophy this season which both are very challenging as ever and concentrate on bringing world class players next year!

Posted 06:53 18th February 2012

Vik Deen (Manchester United fan) says...

everyone needs to take a step back and look at this i mean seriously. cant believe people are talking about wilshere and chamberlian (kids with potential but little experience) to save arsenal. i mean can u imagine starting chamberlain at the age of 18/19 in the san siro against that ac milan team.....wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference. the superiority of milan was plain for all to see in every department. the fact that arsena's entire hope is based on an 18 year old and an injury prone 21 year old and a 34 yr old henry says everything u need to know about th state of their squad.

Posted 03:07 18th February 2012

Rodney Huhn (Arsenal fan) says...

I had a discussion with a mate last night and was almost word for word what Jamie has said. Except for me the two things I added that Arsenal are suffering from is the lack of a spine in the team and playing the wrong formation. The defence still isnt a unit and Szczensy may have the odd good save but he isnt a commanding keeper and we have lacked a leader at the back since Campbell. Wenger is persisting with 4-5-1 which is suffering without nasri. We should go back to 4-4-2. Jamie mentions Arshavin and Rosicky playing poor, and they are, but they have never played in their natural positions behind the striker in a 4-4-2. We have to go back to this next season after signing a quality keeper and centre half. Wilshire and another in the centre, Walcott and Chamberlain on the wings (aka Pires and Ljungberg) then RVP and another upfront. 4-5-1 will only prosper if we sign a Nasri type player and toughen that defence up. Why sign players like Vela, Park and the Costa Rican Campbell but dont let them have a sniff, the funds for this could have combined for first teamer.

Posted 01:29 18th February 2012

James Woods (Arsenal fan) says...

I agree with Jamie's comments. Over the past few seasons I've realised that Arsenal have become more about business than football. Balancing the books has become more important than winning. The board have done absolutely nothing to show the fans they care about winning and being the established force they once were. I think neither they nor Wenger plan on making big changes, I think they are hoping to do what they attempted years ago, bringing in lots of young prospects and creating a team that has grown up together. I would consider Arsenal very lucky to finish 4th, if they do though I worry that it will further serve to reinforce the naive belief that they can continue to play champions league football season after season without proper squad investment.

Posted 21:17 17th February 2012

Chris White (Arsenal fan) says...

Many of Arsenal's ex players have voiced their opinions over the last week and basically they agree with Jamie. There's no leadership in the team, no heart and a lot of dead weights. The problem for me is Wenger's policies. 1) he seems reluctant to get rid of players who continually under perform yet if a proven player is in his thirties it's goodbye!! 2) he seems reluctant to bring in any strong characters who are proven performers in the scott parker!! Is he afraid of them?? 3) He bleats on about quality and being prudent..yet doesn't buy Given, Enrique, Cahill or Parker who would have cost him nothing in positions he badly needs reinforcements!! 4) In the summer he started the season with 2 star players on the verge of leaving and only one injury prone left took the mauling at old trafford for him to "Panic buy" players with little PL experience and the Arteta deal almost fell through because of Haggling over wages!! All of this should have been sorted long before then. 5) there's no plan B!! It used to be ok when you had quality possession players..but now they can't even keep the ball. 6) it's ok to be prudent..but at the moment the club has few star players, little success and is slipping down the ladder. They will lose money from sponsorship, shirt sales and not being in the CL because of their refusual to pay for the quality they need. 7) Wenger is a stubborn Man who refuses to listen to advice and act on weaknesses in the team. While Fergie learns from his mistakes..Wenger keeps making them. Drastic measures are required and soon. I for one feel that Wenger is not capable of making those changes alone. Someone needs to come in and either do it with him or without him, for the good of the club.

Posted 18:37 17th February 2012

Kabiru Tobi (Arsenal fan) says...

you have spoken well on behalf of the fans and supporters of our dear club.could u imagine lower class footballer putting on our jersey? arsene wenger is very stubborn for letting us down every recommendation is that we should buy quality & world class or arsene werger should leave the club for another person to come in

Posted 16:56 17th February 2012

Jay Nursigadoo (Arsenal fan) says...

Your comments hit the real issue, not signing players like Parker and Cahill when we had the chance, not getting the likes of RVP on long term deals and why? No person (a la David Dein) for Wenger to bounce off when it came to driving activity at board level - without this, Wenger will cut an increasingly lonely figure and a forlorn one at that. So what is Silent Stan doing apart from living up to his moniker? What the heck is Ivan Gazidis doing? Arsenal pride themselves as operating as a solvent business but when the organisation is suffering as we are, you'd expect the Chief Exec and the major shareholders to speak and let the followers know what the intentions are and what they plan to do and publicly support or denounce Wenger and the players, if nothing else this would take some strain off Wenger who simply cannot do it all himself

Posted 16:15 17th February 2012

Peter Prince (Manchester United fan) says...

I have always been a big fan of Harry as I think he's a football man through and through and besides being a great player Jamie is one of the few football experts worth listening to. Delighted for his dad and his case.

Posted 16:14 17th February 2012

George Tima (Arsenal fan) says...

Wenger and the Board do not understand that if they don't invest well in the team they would not be able to make the money in the future. The team would become inconsequential. The team has been very bad for years and that is why it cann't win anything. 75 percent of the players are not worth playing in that team. I'm sorry the real misery is coming for the entire team and supporters.

Posted 15:52 17th February 2012

Nick Barker (Arsenal fan) says...

Since David Dein left it's been a downhill slope, particularly around transfer dealings in and out of the club. Look at the players he helped sign - Ian Wright, Bergkamp, Vieira, Petit, Henry, Pires, Campbell, Cesc and RVP - all legends. Since he's left who are the signings we've brought in?? We need to bring in somebody to manage that on Wenger's behalf and bring in a better coach - Pat Rice is not a Premier League quality coach - FACT

Posted 15:21 17th February 2012

Phil Reading (Arsenal fan) says...

Jamie talks a lot of sense. But I keep hearing how Arsenal are the best run club in the country, if not Europe; that we take the highest gate receipts; that we are the 5th biggest club in the world - and yet we don't spend the money that our competitors do! Something doesn't add up. Do we have money - or does Wenger just refuse to spend it? Yes, we still have debt on the new stadium, but that has been reduced drastically in the last few years, and the repayment schedule is easily manageable. The premis on which the new stadium was built was so the club could compete financially with the other 'big' clubs in the future. But that was back in 2006. So can someone tell me - when will the future arrive?

Posted 14:05 17th February 2012

James King (Arsenal fan) says...

Most peopel who post about arsenal dont really know about the club . The club prides itself on the club first and this means , no money untill teh stadium is paid off and wenger needs to toe the party line and not blame the bboard . The board 100% supprt wenger because he protects them and the club . But as a fan is frustrating that we are kept in the dark but my business head understand why they have done this. Whats obvious is if you cannot afford the best players you cannot play the current type of football arsenal play . If george graham was in charge he would sell wilshere and persie and by a squad of players who can win games the ugly way. Personally I dont want that but that is the reality if we want to win silverware .

Posted 13:51 17th February 2012

Tom Wood (Arsenal fan) says...

Arsenal fan more confused than ever. On one hand i respect Wenger, as all fans should, and his philosophy on football but on the other hand, some of the situations this season, and last, have really started to raise alarm bells. As fans we know nothing about the real dealings that go on behind closed doors, which i think contributes to the unrest. Reasons as to why we fail to sign the big names: 'the squad is too big', why have we not cleared out the players he clearly has no faith in?, 'we do not have the funds to compete', Cahill slipped over 3-4m, Parker, Mata and probably Hazard and Gotze this summer too, yet we spend £3m on Park, who hasn't featured and £15m on a, yes Ox has been a revolution but it was a gamble, unproven player. I would find it hard to have found a fan who in the summer who wouldn't have preferred that £18m to be spent on Hazard or Gotze with additional future fees taking the total to £20-£25m. As Jamie said the current crop lack that fire that made the invincibles well the invincibles. Their mentality, strength and combined skill deserved such a title. You would watch Henry, Bergkamp, Viera, Freddie, Jans, Sol, Silva, and even a 17yr old Cesc, go onto that pitch as a team and regardless of the opposition take the battle head on with each player knowing what needed to be done individually but also as a combined unit and it is this element the current squad lack. If Wenger is to turn things around a clear out is needed, if we lack funds sell what we don't need, i can think of 10 players, that should be sold. Invest appropriately if not only for the team but also for the club. We, and Arsene, deserve to watch Arsenal play the football we all know they should be playing not what we saw at Undt or AC. PS Jamie if you could gently nudge your old man in the direction of the England job, as an Englishman i'd be most grateful but as an Arsenal fan i'd be i'd be happier :)

Posted 13:37 17th February 2012

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