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Steady, as he goes

Steady, as he goes

Kenny Dalglish is making progress with Liverpool despite what the critics say, insists Jamie Redknapp.

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Steve Soundford (Liverpool fan) says...

at the start of this season we played some of the best football ive seen us play for a number of years, it was fast moving and attacking. We absolutely battered teams but unfortunately we seemed to come up against a keeper having an outstanding game or we hit the woodwork. Through no fault of his own, our performances went down hill when Gerrard came back into the team. Adam's nose was defintely put out when he was left out and our fluidity in our play stopped. I think the players have realised that 4th place is out of reach, we are already in Europe via the cup win so they are switching off. How Henderson continues to get a run in the team is beyond me, but then we all thought that about Lucas a few seasons ago and now he is our most important player. Having read KK's book, i am surprised that he didnt give Aquilani a go he says that he rates him highly in that. I hope Damien Commoli isnt picking the team??

Posted 12:12 30th March 2012

Mohan Thangiah (Liverpool fan) says...

i am a die hard pool fan. been supporting the club of 30 years, i agree with jamie, there is improvement. Most of the dead wood have been removed and to win the trophy after 6 years its a good sign. as a pool fan all we want is the league.but for the start the carling cup is something to cheer about. kenny is the right man to lead liverpool. trust me he will bring sucess within the next 2 years. we dont need fast food chain, all we need is a team which can win a trophy every year. it take time. we waited 22 years, i would wait another 2 years for the league title. patience pay. have faith with kenny.

Posted 12:11 30th March 2012

Tom Pascoe-williams (Liverpool fan) says...

I agree with Jamie, it's not blind loyalty like most fools proclaim, it's been 1 season, we're better off than we were. Fans need patience, you can't expect a brand new manager to come in, get a tonne of new players, then suddenly hit 1st place. There needs to be time for relationships to form. Simple.

Posted 12:01 30th March 2012

Ben Smart (Fulham fan) says...

Jamie Redknapp has fallen into the trap all loyal Liverpool fans have. He's seeing King Kenny, not Kenny Dalglish. Think about it like this; if Roy Hodgson had spent the same money and was doing as poorly as this would he still be in a job? No. As for anyone that might suggest that it is a rebuilding process, I say that's rubbish. Spending one hundred million pounds is instant results money, not rebuilding money. 5 years ago Liverpool fans would call the Carling Cup a mickey mouse competition, now it is the only reason Kenny Dalglish remains in a job. FACT

Posted 11:47 30th March 2012

Gonzo Muppet (Liverpool fan) says...

The bottom line is getting rid of Kenny now would not be a positive move, yes I agree our League (and remember it's only league) performance has not been good enough however I don't think anyone would honestly say the club is not making progress, they are it's just taking time. Great column.

Posted 11:46 30th March 2012

Steven Curran says...

I agree with a lot of Jamie's comments regarding the situation at Anfield. Being a lifelong fan I've seen the frustrating times we've had under each manager since Graeme Souness' reign. In my opinion the most damage has been due to poor or inconsistent home form since Rafa Benitez was in charge. Man Utd and Arsenal over the years have amassed several wins at home when the performance hasn't quite warranted three points especially against, and no offence, the lesser teams. It's come across to me a fair few times, with both Kenny and Rafa, the stubborness in which they've managed games where it's been blatantly obvious a change should have been made either tactically or via a substitution a lot earlier than it was actually done. What I'm trying to say is that it seems they both have a mentality that will adhere to keeping with the same team or player for a run of games that aren't getting results until we have that one good game, or performance from an individual player, that in turn they feel has justified the selection or give them the satisfaction of sticking two fingers up to their critics as if to say I told you so! Unfortunately it's cost us valuable points during those poor performances that could have possibly been salvaged had changes been made a lot earlier?

Posted 11:37 30th March 2012

Tom Mckevitt (Liverpool fan) says...

Well said Jamie. Kenny needs time, the squad as a whole looks allot better than in previous seasons. I still think we need an out and out goal scorer though. Jamie Redknapp your a top bloke!

Posted 11:31 30th March 2012

Phil Molloy (Liverpool fan) says...

Agree with comments above - checked the other day and i think weve scored something like 35 goals this season. Utd and City have scored 70 odd each. If you cant see where we are slipping up then you are blind. I dont blame the strikers either - i dont believe suarez is a out and out striker hes more of a drop off second striker, and carroll just doesnt suit the style we are playing. He is never gonna beat 3 players and score from 40 yards - if you buy a player like carroll u need to be getting the ball to him in the box and nowhere else. And with gerrard out for most the season who else has contributed? No one is scoring goals! We need to play much further up the pitch - i agree with getting glen johnson further forward and putting kelly at right back. Having said all this i still think Kenny is man for the job, i just wish he would come out and say we are not scoring enough and were on it, rather than everythings fine weve been unlucky.

Posted 11:29 30th March 2012

Trevor Naidoo (Manchester United fan) says...

1 win in 6 - that must be some improvement - even under Hodgson Liverpool did not have such a dreadful record! and Hodgson did not even have half the funds that Dalglish spent!

Posted 11:28 30th March 2012

Dean Higham (Liverpool fan) says...

Jamie, were do we go from here though?? We desperately need to sign some quality, and with us being 7th in the premier league and no champions league football next season realsitically, how are we going to attract the better players?? Our squad is clearly doesn't have the required quality, on our day we can beat anyone in europe, but over a season our squad has been exposed as simply not good enough. I am just very worried for next season that all the clubs above us will attract the better players, leaving us with the left overs, meaning we will take a further step back, our 19th title looks further and further away every year!!!! YNWA

Posted 11:23 30th March 2012

Jesper Hansen (Liverpool fan) says...

Im sad to hear so called fans like Toby. We have one of the best defences in the league, thats improvement. We've won silverware, thats improvement. Out youngsters have done brilliant in europe, thats improvement. We are in the semi-final of the Fa cup since who knows whenever! We are actually in Europa League next year, thats improvement. Our ball possesion stats, our passing stats have all improved. We need backup and reckognition from the fans as well. Otherwise we won't keep improving like this.

Posted 11:16 30th March 2012

Terry Lavelle (Liverpool fan) says...

i agree with toby, its everygame we play,i say to myself they cant play worst than that, we have not improved in the league this year, at start of season kk said we gat a better squad of players, were, we are going backwards in the league, lets hope kk, realises were he gone wrong and put right nx season, come on king kenny, we all behind you.

Posted 11:15 30th March 2012

Jordan Dooley (Liverpool fan) says...

i believe that we are making progress.. we have won a cup and are in a semi final.. look at the players he has brought in downing henderson enrique carroll look at what we had konchesky poulson merieles ! we have had an injury hit season aswel our best player untill he got sidelined was lucas hes a major player for LFC now i can imagine we would be a lot lot higher up the table with him in the side week in week out alowing gerrard to feed both suarez and carroll... all i can say is he deserves time hes liverpool through and through .

Posted 11:13 30th March 2012

Paul Incles (Liverpool fan) says...

A teams gravest problem is not being able to score. If you let in ten goals a game - it's fine; as long as your scoring eleven. So onions in the bag are the backbone of any successful side. LFC currently are suffering (and have for a long time) THE biggest, baddest, ugliest problem any team can - we can't score. And it all comes from supporting the strikers as well as the strikers themselves. Kenny just can't cut it when it comes to positive attacking pressing play. We get 2/3 up the pitch and have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER. And it's game in, game out, week in, week out. Maxi in for Downing, Kuyt in for Henderson - sort the wings out. Or push Johnson or Kelly forward on the right. Shelvy in for Spearing - who is just not good enough. And 2 up top please. Carroll has been dire - but standing alone waiting for the ball so he can attempt to forge another 40 yards to goal is pathetic. He isn't Ussain Bolt! Help the lad out.

Posted 11:04 30th March 2012

Toby Allison (Liverpool fan) says...

Jamie, where is this so called improvment, you are the second pundit to mention this, we in the stands are simply not seeing, can you hand on heart so we have moved forward from this time last year?? We are stalling. We are sick of hearing "Carroll will come good" "Henderson will come good" "Downing will come good" they have had more than enough time. Its now becoming embarrassing, the clubs we bought these players off will be sitting back and laughing, and all the blame lands at Kenny's table. If you can't publicly admit that then there is something seriously wrong

Posted 10:50 30th March 2012

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