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Jamie Redknapp says Daniel Levy's transfer policy has not made it easy for AVB to flourish at Tottenham.

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Larry Sequeira (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Totally agree with Jamie about AVB. He is a very a functional manager who wants his players to stay within an inch of where he has initially positioned them and to not be too expansive, something we have seen this season with him deploying two holding midfielders in Sandro and Jake Livermore. Modric was a great midfield player. Even when he played at WHL though there were times when he seemed to lack cutting edge. I hope Spurs don't depreciate from Harry's values even though I considered him a fixer rather than a developer. AVB may be planning to develop Spurs as a European club but to win the EPL or the Cups, Spurs will have to play flair football. AVB's biggest requirement though will be to go back to George Graham's ideals and that is to have a solid back four who don't concede goals. Spurs have never managed to do that and only Jol came close to achieving this. Much to play for and learn.

Posted 15:53 14th September 2012

Franco Gallo (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Please come back Harry...... Levy got itchy fingers & pulled the trigger one season too soon. Brendan Rodgers is the future of Spurs - AVB is not PL standard - Simple. We wont win a single game with AVB in charge. Poor Harry - when he watches Tottenham play these day's, it must be like watching your wife drive your Ferrari into a brick wall..........

Posted 15:30 14th September 2012

Borris Theboy (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Sorry Jamie. I have to disagree with your assessment that Spurs HAVE to get top four. Harry achieved fantastic league positions and secured a Carling Cup for us and his signings of Gallas and Parker made a huge difference. I will be forever grateful for his achievements; the signings of and your dad's record was fantastic, but these achievements came with the best squad Spurs have had since I have been alive (I am only 28) and I think we should have finished third last season. I believe my Spurs will finish somewhere between 6-10 this year. I will be happy with this as we need to start again. We can¿t compete with the mega buck teams, and Arsenal are I'm afraid, far more stable than us as a club at this time. Expecting AVB to get 4th with a brand new team that has lost 3/4 key players is a big ask. We need to reshape the squad but in another season we will consolidate, grow and be back up there. We will get you big, rich clubs. COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 11:33 14th September 2012

Matt Nicholas (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

It's what I've always suspected. Not sure really what Levy wants from Spurs, every time they get to a decent level he changes everything. 1st Martin Jol got us looking like CL contenders and got sacked for it, then Harry makes us look like future title contenders (a manager employed to save a sinking ship) and he gets sacked. I'm hoping AVB is not another Ramos. Praying in fact.

Posted 11:10 14th September 2012

Matt Pollington (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I agree fully with this article. Bad times at the Lane this season in my opinion. Unable to replace our best players is obviously going to be our downfall.

Posted 10:42 14th September 2012

Chris Smith (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Got to agree with these comments. Even though AVB's tactics have been questionable at the two home games, he really has had one are tied behind his back by Levy. AVB didn't get the players he wanted and we've sold our best (Modric) and 3rd best player (VDV). Levy runs the business side of Spurs very well, be he really needs to leave the football side to the managers. His transfer policy is shocking. Ok he may save a few million by doing the deals at 11pm on deadline day, but how much did writting off the first two games of the season cost us last year? CL football so probably about £30 million. He also never spends money at the right time, giving Ramos a fortune (2 points from 8 games), and Redknapp very little once we actually got into the CL. We should have consolidated. We are now paying the price. Again, this year our outgoings have more than covered our incomings for the 4th yr in a row. So we have actually spent nothing. Maybe it's the new Stadium and we can't compete until this is built. But AVB has not been backed and he will get the blame when it all goes wrong. Levy needs to take the majority of the blame. In years to come, when looking at Redknapp's league finishes in black and white (top 4 two out of 3 full seasons, spending little money), it will look like one of the most ridiculous decisions in PL history.

Posted 10:35 14th September 2012

Peter Huet (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Dempsey replaces Van der vart who was to slow anyway. and im glad he has moved on. dempsey will be great with adebayor and bale in attack. dembele will help fill the spot of modric. modric was a top player and will be missed. vertongen replaces king and hugo Lloris will go on to be the best keeper in the premier league. that is guaranteed. avb needs abit of time to gel them. I doubt if he doesn't beat reading , qpr and get a draw against man u. he probly be sacked.Daniel Levy has let the club down. last 3 years we have been linked to big names like forlan aguero etc and he has never brought a big name in. showed it this year. he should of got mourthino. i dont blame avb i blame daniel levy.

Posted 10:17 14th September 2012

George Bannister (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

100% agree. This had to be the window where we showed intent! We needed to bring in both moutinho and Willian as we needed to replace the players we've lost. I trust Daniel Levy but he let himself down this summer.

Posted 09:57 14th September 2012

Paul Summers (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Spot on JR. I cant see why Levy appointed somone that had failed so miserably at Chelsea. I also can't see what the hell was going on in the last transfer window - as usual. In my opinion we are now alot weaker than last year (but dont worry as we made 17m!).

Posted 09:53 14th September 2012

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