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Arsenal must secure the long-term services of Theo Walcott, says Jamie Redknapp

Arsenal must secure the long-term services of Theo Walcott, says Jamie Redknapp

It was good to see Arsenal sign up five of their brightest young talents this week - but this is how it should be.

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Alban Obianyor (Arsenal fan) says...

Jamie, I like what you are saying but you seemed to have missed a big fundamental with the RVP situation. When he had "3 or 4 years" left on his contract, I doubt even Liverpool (who so happen to be desperately searching for a striker now) or any club for that matter would have offered tuppence for a player who was called, and proving to be very injury prone much less "£30-40million". RVP came good in December 2010/January 2011 and I am sure I wasn't alone in believing when he scored the equaliser against Birmingham in the League Cup Final, we were in for another long spell without him as it looked to me like he might have hyperextended his knee on contact with the City player, and even then every commentator expected him to get injured again. The fickle amongst the Arsenal fans had already called for him to be sold or given away, same as they call for Abou Diaby now. Arsene Wenger showed faith in him, RVP, and stuck to his guns (for say seven+ seasons if I have got my numbers right) and RVP repaid him for a sason and a half before deciding he didn't like the way Arsenal were going. The way Arsenal was being run was waiting for the likes of him, RVP to come good! I only hope Diaby realises what Arsene is suffering for him and pays him back properly. The same thing I wish for Theo. I will admit that I wouldn't have shed a tear had he, Theo, been sold last January but again Arsene seemed to have stuck by him so now it's payback time. I can only hope that one day one of these footballers works out that what goes around comes around. Always has and always will. I have learnt over time that when people say 'In Arsene we trust', it makes sense.

Posted 14:08 21st December 2012

Adrian Page (Charlton Athletic fan) says...

I'd live to see the wages and lengths of contract they have just signed. With it being reported that Wilshire and Ramsey were on £50k a week before these contracts (I'm willing to bet Oxlade-Chamberlain was on similar wages as well), there's a high chance they're on £70k+ a week. Even for a 5 year contract this only takes them to 25-28 years old and they're currently on wages which or 3 or 4 times what they'd get anywhere else. If they fulfil their potential they'll be coming in to their peak at the end of these contracts giving them all the power in negotiations and potentially meaning that Arsenal will again be forced to sell them on at a relatively cheap rate or lose them for nothing. If they don't fulfil their potential, they have 5 years on a contract 3,4,5 times greater than they'll get anywhere else, then they can get the contract which is their market value after. Admittedly this is all hypothetical based on my assumptions of the lengths and wages. As for Walcott he' s a good player not world class and he's always going to be one serious injury away from losing a yard of pace and then being hust an average player, so £100k a week is a huge gamble on him

Posted 10:16 21st December 2012

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