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Expect unexpected

Man Utd have a healthy cushion over rivals City, but the title race is far from over, says Jamie Redknapp.

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Atish Rahbar (Manchester United fan) says...

This is the 2nd time I have read Jamies article about how it is a disadvantage for Manchester United in the league for their involvement in the champions league where Man city is out of it. But I must point out that lack of games for the relatively huge Man city squad will also mean lesser chances for some bigger players. This means, he either has to rotate his squad a little too often which will result in not gelling the first XI perfectly and also this will result in downward moral for the big names not getting games as regularly as they would like. Manchester United has a big enough squad to cope with 3 ongoing tournaments but does Man city has enough games to boost up their players moral and keep them happy? In my opinion this is a million dollar question to the players of any team who wants to perform at its best. "Are you happy?"

Posted 04:44 8th January 2013

Alan Clarke (Manchester United fan) says...

utd are up for it after the disapointment of last season and so for me utd to win by a big margin at least 8 points

Posted 23:12 6th January 2013

Umair Ali (Manchester United fan) says...

I see everyone talk about being in the Champions League. Well i dont see it as an disadvantage. Its good psychology that you are involved in best competition of hte world. United were knocked out in 2006 but it was never an advantage to chelsea

Posted 12:45 6th January 2013

Rob Mudriczki (Manchester City fan) says...

Good analysis. Utd have pulled clear with a high win percentage and the 'we'll score more than you' approach. I'm a City fan and think that Utd will be succeptible to the odd defeat here and there and don't think that City can play any worse than the first half of the season so it'll be interesting. The Top 6 away games may prove difficult as these are the games that you need to play well in to win. Chelsea were shocking when we played them not so long ago but we completely let them off the hook whereas Utd got a somewhat fortunate win albeit through a more positive approach. I think last season proves anything can happen in this league and that although both teams play a different style they are well matched.

Posted 13:28 5th January 2013

Reno Diamonte (Manchester United fan) says...

Jamie you hit the nail right on its head...Ballo wouldn't have lasted 2 minutes at Old Trafford. As for City, well they still have other issues. Not just Mario Balotelli. Mancini's atittude with the other players, for example. Even if Citeh beat(which I doubt very much) Man Utd they will have no chance of catching up with United. Why.? Because the players at United learned their lesson well last season. I honestly think that Chelsea will overtake Citeh and finish second in the PL.

Posted 07:27 5th January 2013

Dave Imeson (Manchester United fan) says...

Mr jamie redknapp your opinions are of your last season yes utd blew 8point gap and ony lost title in last few seconds .this season utd have leant their mistakes of past.with rvp he's made diffrence not rooney yes defence is leaky but vidic is back but not as sharp as of yet.hopefully if a certain transfer of sergio ramos goes though the defence will be sharp as we need rooney??? Snejiear would be a benefit in midfield to me sir alex needs to look at future rio evra and vidic will be moving on or end of contracts injurys fitness is a question mark hanging over them.if he signs ramos as rumored need to replace evra asap buttner is not up to it as off yet

Posted 17:24 4th January 2013

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