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Liverpool can defeat third-placed Tottenham, says Jamie Redknapp

Liverpool can defeat third-placed Tottenham, says Jamie Redknapp

Two of the candidates for Player of the Season meet at Anfield on Sunday.

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Stephen Lewis (Liverpool fan) says...

firstly suarez has been player of the season this year and if he doesn't win that prize it will all be down to politics, second while bale has been playing well this season the rest of the spurs squad hasn't as it was bale the got spurs the win against lfc at white hart lane 15mins of bale magic and then spurs sat back and defended. so spurs fans must be dreading the day when he either gets injured or sold because then the rest of the squad will have to step up and everyone in the league can see without bale spurs aren't the same side

Posted 13:50 8th March 2013

Archie Tashjian (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I'm afraid Liverpool fans continue to live in the past. Boys, wake up! The table doesn't lie. You play some half decent football every now again but continue to drop points when least expected. Be happy that you are in the top 10 for another season or two and if your owners put some big money in, then you can come out of your slumber. If you can finish above Arsenal this season however, I would love you forever :-)

Posted 13:42 8th March 2013

Alan P (Liverpool fan) says...

Suarez has outperformed everyone in the prem this season. He should win PFA PotY but he probably wont because of people perception of him. Spurs are definitely favorites on Sunday. They play good football, have a man in form, Bale, but they can score goals all over. If Liverpool don't score by the 60th minute, spurs will win. We need the goal early on. But if we are on form and score first i think we will win.

Posted 13:37 8th March 2013

Ed Wato (Sheffield United fan) says...

I respect a lot that you say Jamie, but Liverpool haven't beaten anyone good yet. Spurs's defence has been looking stronger the last few weeks. If Spurs get an early goal, they'll pick them off all day. Spurs to win for me.

Posted 13:18 8th March 2013

Amarjit Singh (Liverpool fan) says...

Jamie - I think you might be getting ahead of yourself just a tad. Take a step back mate. No doubt we (LFC) will give Spurs a good game on Sunday but Tottenham are more dangerous on the counter attack when they play away from home. They have been playing consistantly well against the top sides this year whereas we havn't. Liverpool don't have anything to lose but they will not make top 4 this year or make a challenge next year unless the owners back Rogers properly in the summer, which they probably won't, not after making a loss in profits. If both Suarez and Bale did not play the game, LFC would probably lose. Don't get me wrong, the team has improve slightly since last season because the league table doesnt lie....this is where we are at. My last point is...Carragher shouldn't be playing ahead of Skrtel. I know it's his final few months but so what..we need to start with our best start line up which i think is as follows. (ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK) ...................Reina Johnson .Skrtel Agger ...Enrique ........Gerrard .......Lucas Sterling .....Suarez.........Coutinho .................Sturridge IMy prediction is 1-1

Posted 13:11 8th March 2013

Rav Coys (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Not your greatest report Jamie! If our league position is due to Bale run of form then same should be said about Suarez contribution to Liverpool's" lofty" league position (take away his goals and where would they be right now?). You've not really pushed this point as you have with Bale. Equally we (Spurs) played at home yesterday and we did not travel to Inter!

Posted 13:02 8th March 2013

Mike Hodgson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Lets not forget Jamie that prior to Christmas Bale was playing more as an out and out winger that would cut inside when space allowed it. Since his rich scoring form began, he has been playing in a free role popping up across the pitch. That is not to say he hasn't been consistent prior to Christmas he was just playing a different role, not a goal scoring role. Also Spurs did not travel to Milan, they played at WHL.

Posted 12:50 8th March 2013

Paul Taylor (Liverpool fan) says...

Mouthwatering! At the start of the season I would say Spurs were better than Liverpool and they have also proven that in recent games over the past 2 years. Right now we could smash them. If we tick on the day, it's a Liverpool win.

Posted 12:48 8th March 2013

Ruairi Lavery (Liverpool fan) says...

Agree 100% with everything written in this article, and I'll even go a little further too: Van Persie was great before Christmas, Bale has been great since Christmas, but Suarez has been magnificent all season, and I think he's better than both of them. I can't see Spurs slipping up with Bale's current run-of-form, but is it possible that, given their recent turmoils, Chelsea and Arsenal may falter? Of course they both have the talent to pull through, but I can really see both of them having to fight it out with Liverpool for fourth place. Ten points is a lot to overcome, but anything's possible, especially after the City-United battle at the end of last season, isn't it?

Posted 12:40 8th March 2013

Nick Cary (Arsenal fan) says...

If Liverpool win it surely opens the door to Arsenal getting top 4? Chelsea have to play them and they have a few tricky ties, not over til it's over!

Posted 12:27 8th March 2013

Rumel Miah (Liverpool fan) says...

I may sound biased- being a LFC fan, but you must remember that Luis Suarez has been playing as a lone striker for 6 months! He is the top scorer in the League with 21 goals. He has been conisistent all season. He was criticised last season for not scoring enough goals, however now I'm sure he's laughing. He certainly edges Van Persie and Bale for the Player of the Season.

Posted 12:08 8th March 2013

Dean Jules (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Couldnt disagree more. Appreciate your comments Jamie and having played for both sides in the past it can't be easy, but i have to say Spurs go into this looking a lot better. They play with confidence, they play at whatever pace they want whenever they want, Scot Parker dribbling through the midfield raising the tempo. I've seen Spurs play the waiting game and they certainly do go through 10 minute spells where they give the game back to the opposition, but this is by design - their counter attack is awesome, so why shouldn't they play on it, and people mistake this for not playing to there best. I say be careful, you don't know how Spurs will get there goals or how opponents need to set up to deal with them. Defore is back and looking sharp and hungry and the moment you start calling Spurs a one man team you are tempting fate. Great defence too. Dawson for England Captain! COYS!

Posted 11:50 8th March 2013

Stephen Sorenson (Liverpool fan) says...

I think we'll dominate and if we dont get a goal within the first half it will sum us up. Played some of the best football this season and not reaped the rewards so hopefully with more eyes watching this game, we'll dominate as usual and actually put a higher placed in form team to the sword, I do think we'll win, keep Bale quiet and cut out any mistakes and I think we'll win 2-0 minimum.

Posted 11:45 8th March 2013

Frank Solo (Liverpool fan) says...

Both us and Spurs are in form, with two very in form player makers. However I can only see us winning, especially with Stu ridge coming back into the team. And if we beat Spurs, I can see us continuing this winning streak we've started. Can't wait till sunday. Should be a great game; hopefully not to great for spuds ;) YNWA

Posted 11:32 8th March 2013

James Russell (Liverpool fan) says...

I genuinely think these two teams are playing the best football in the prem at the moment and we're in for a cracker on sunday. It's good when two teams are equal unlike the favourtism man u are given every week here in england and have had for many years ferguson is a bully and refs are intimidated to their max when officiating at Old trafford, everyone is aware of it but they are allowed to continue "business as usual" I seen him spit his dummy out and refused to speak to the press(i'm not playing, and grabbing his ball and running home) you can't tell me they have been the best team in the prem this year but they will continue to dominate while things remained biased toward them.

Posted 11:05 8th March 2013

Sean Hutton (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Its rather funny this opinion shared by Jamie comes hours before Spurs demolish Inter Milan playing superb football, so Jamies point that Spurs "aren't plaing great football recently" looks a rather redundant point. Although we all know Jamie's heart is and always will be at Anfield so this view was to be expected. Spurs to win 3-1 on Sunday.

Posted 10:53 8th March 2013

James Claridge (Liverpool fan) says...

For once I agree with Jamie. Last year the only thing missing from Suarez's game (and Liverpool as a whole) was goals, this year he has added that and has become probably the best player in the league. He is also not just better than bale in terms of goals and assists, his all round game is also far superior. If you look at the number of key passes, long passes, through balls, successful dribbles, shots on target and minutes per goal, Suarez beats Bale in all of them. Not to mention he is playing for a so called "mid-table team". Although, undoubtedly, Bale is in better form at the moment, he has had these purple patches before and is yet to really take his game to the next level and become a consistent world class performer all year. Suarez is at that level though, and he has been all season. He has all the style and verve of Bale with the sheer unrelenting consistency of Van Persie, add to this an inhuman work rate and an ungodly amount of nutmegs and I really don't see how anybody can look past him for player of the season... unless of course you support man u or spurs.

Posted 10:41 8th March 2013

Jeff Meades (Liverpool fan) says...

Suarez is the best footballer in the premier league because of his passion for the game and his consistence

Posted 10:18 8th March 2013

Farhan Mehdi (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

We will see who is better on Sunday.

Posted 10:15 8th March 2013

Joe D (Liverpool fan) says...

"Remember, Bale had only netted six times at Christmas, before he went on this superb run of form" Ahh, finally a pundit that recognises Bales average half season from Aug-Dec Suarez has performed all season and deserves player of the season. If Suarez does not win player of the season then it will do more damage to the award than the player.

Posted 09:21 8th March 2013

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