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Steve Sanders says...

I see that you have started tipping each way, that is better than giving odds on favourites as tips. Give it a go for a while, its much more fun !!

Posted 19:49 22nd May 2011

Jonny O connell says...

Your on a bad run Alex!! Lucky your soo pretty!!

Posted 10:28 18th May 2011

Sajjad Khan says...

Your the best presenter on skysports news. I look forward to waking up in the morning and seeing ur face on telly it puts a smile on my face. Keep up the good work xxx

Posted 00:45 15th May 2011

Sandeep Bassi says...

Is there any way that a running total can be kept of all the winners Alex has tipped since 1st Jan.I would be very interested to see what her profit or loss would be to a £1 stake.

Posted 16:55 13th May 2011

John Griffiths says...

rose blossom cost me £400 but still won something.. thats the 1st tip thats let me down you are generally bang on... will give it another go today...

Posted 09:05 12th May 2011

Max Noad says...

Legend, come on world domination touch wood!!!

Posted 08:51 12th May 2011

Kev Mallen says...

Hi Alex, I checked out your tips and could see you have for winners on the bounce well done. I have a bet daily so thought I ll get on lucys perfect and it came no where.. Just my luck.. I did do glens diamond so that was a bonus. Well done Alex. Ps u r gorgeous as well ha.

Posted 09:16 7th May 2011

John Bodie says...

Great week so far Alex, hopefully it continues today. You've made me a nice few quid so far this week... keep it up!!

Posted 09:58 6th May 2011

Barry Kelly says...

3-1 Winner Monday, Non-Runner Tuesday, 3-1 Winner Wednesday, well done Alex, I for one am quids in.

Posted 10:27 5th May 2011

Brendan Mccabe says...

love your tips had many winners

Posted 09:33 4th May 2011

Pompey Paul says...

Need a winner tomorrow please alex

Posted 16:38 27th April 2011

Padraig Brogan says...

your an absolute hero! have made loads the last two days! cheers!

Posted 10:45 8th April 2011

Andrew Lilly says...

has alex hammond got any good tips for the grand national on saturday.

Posted 19:45 5th April 2011

Gary Blythyn says...

Dear, alex any tips for aintree thursday please

Posted 20:03 2nd April 2011

Sean Powell says...

I love the way everyone who takes a tip then compains if it doesnt come in. The idea is gambling is that it may or may not come in everytime. Its gambling people and not garunteeing if it was everyone would do it. crazy! keep it up Alex!

Posted 10:15 31st March 2011

Mark Wilkinson says...

Thank you Alex........... you are an absolute diamond. A pleasure to wake up every morning to see you. x

Posted 09:40 27th March 2011

Jack . says...

Makes a change for you to have a winner

Posted 10:46 24th March 2011

Andrew Harper says...

Good Morning Alex You are due a run of 2 or 3 naps winning in a row, I feel that time is near and what better place to start than at Cheltenham. Good luck and the very best of health and wealth Alex.

Posted 08:25 16th March 2011

David Chiarletti says...

I think Alex is genuine when she tips a horse i seem to know when to leave alone and when to get on, as we all know horseracing is very strange when we see the same horse run completely different races ,and we ask ourselves why is that ,i still believe there are many grey areas to racing,besides that keep up the good work Alex.

Posted 10:42 9th March 2011

Karl Hyland says...

Alex your a legend but is there any chance of giving us a tip with a bit of value for money your tips always seems to be odds on favs

Posted 09:44 9th March 2011

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