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Ben Granger says...

@Jon Smith... The tip is a 5/2 shot? not 4/11... You are either reading backwards or looking at the place market my friend... got 4.2 on betfair this morning... Looks a 2 horse race...Glitzy's form behind tornado bob looks really sound so may be difficult to pass especially with the assumed liking for a longer trip... Stormy Thunder the unexposed one in the line up and worth a punt at 3s on the exchange. CATEGROICAL IN THE 4:50 TO GAIN COMPENSATION FOR HIS LOSE SECOND LAST TIME OUT OVER C AND D

Posted 09:46 8th March 2011

Jamie King says...

great tip again, just out of interest what was the profit/loss for last year?

Posted 16:39 4th March 2011

Peter Maidment says...

Alex i always check your tip of the day just to make sure i'm on the right track - and your benevolent and beautiful face smiling down on my selection gives me a great sense of confidence for my daily punt... Quinz in the racing post chase was a great call - keep em coming!

Posted 11:13 3rd March 2011

Paul Lake says...

Alex you're my winner every day!

Posted 11:04 3rd March 2011

Neale Menzies says...

Hopefully today we have another winner Alex :-)

Posted 09:23 3rd March 2011

Louis Banham says...

Keep them tips coming alex! I need a winner today as I put the bins out yesterday! Proper done my lump! Giro today though! Send my love to jeff and all the lovely ssn girls. Lovely bit of cornish!

Posted 06:06 3rd March 2011

Lenny Miller says...

Come on Alex, lets have a winner today!!!

Posted 14:47 2nd March 2011

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