Klitschko - Haye's a clown

Klitschko - Haye's a clown

Wladimir Klitschko has branded David Haye 'a clown' and 'a chicken' - but begged him not to get KO'd by Audley Harrison!

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Dan Control says...

Lets be honest- Haye would lose and lose big to either brother, he knows that, hence the bottling each offer laid on the table. Haye is a good cruiser but it so out of his depth in Heavyweight. 6 rounds max with either. Vitali I feel would ruin Haye both mentally and physically. Wlad would just bounce him around the ring. It''''s a no win for Haye with either, so all his theatrical garbage Haye is spilling is purely to sell tickets for his upcoming farce against A-Farce, who- if he comes in with a boxers mindset and not a cowards mindset has a huge chance of upsetting Haye early on. My cash goes on Harrison scoring a 7th KO- if not earlier (think Kahn v Prescott!) I liked Haye, now I just think he is looking like a tool.

Posted 16:39 22nd October 2010

Craig Collins says...

Adam booth and David Haye are boxing clever at the moment.Haye is defending his title against a few lesser opponents,finishing off the "A-Force" Harrison in the process and will then take on the Klitschko''''s next year when they are another year older and a little slower.The Klitschko''''s have been doing this for years now and still claim that Haye is a coward!! The heavy weight division has been poor for years and needs fresh new exciting,brash fighters like Haye and Chisora coming through.

Posted 15:16 22nd October 2010

John Henshall says...

If you look at the ridiculous contract terms Chisora is wrapped into , you would understand there is a little more to it. The Klitchko brothers have hardly been fighting all comers and had plently of opportunity to fight Valuev to unify the division.

Posted 14:42 22nd October 2010

Lindsay Kemlo says...

Look everyone knows david "chicken" haye is only in it for the money!.. he only said he wanted to "unify" the belts to keep the fans happy at the time! he dont care about us and what we want to see!... dont get me wrong davids a good fighter but how does anyone of yous know hes the best IF hes RUNNING away for THE best!? both the klitschko''''s would kill david thats why hes never gonna fight them!

Posted 14:35 22nd October 2010

Rory Webb says...

I love this interview - even though Wladimir does not box with allot of flair he is still a good champion and is very honurable and an exellent sportsman, as regards to the fight with David Haye in my opinion , Wladimir will have to change his style to retain his title

Posted 12:12 22nd October 2010

Mark Breivold says...

David Haye smash Klitschko? Not a chance. As much as I love David Haye, I''''m sorry to say he will lose to either Klitschko except with Vitali, he will get really hurt.

Posted 08:47 22nd October 2010

Ross Evans says...

What a fight this would be!!! i do like haye but it is true what he is saying. he is so cocky and loves himself but is a good fighter and good entertainment too. if he bigs him self up so much before a fight and loses though he would look like such an idiot so he has to be careful!

Posted 06:58 22nd October 2010

Tommy Kerr says...

He''''s true. Haye is fast becoming a joke. I wouldn''''t open my curtains if Haye and Harrison were fighting in my front garden.

Posted 04:54 22nd October 2010

David Wardell says...

I have a lot of respect for what haye did as a cruiserweight, undisputed and all that, i also saw good in the nikolai valuev fight, come on he did wobble the gigantor with his weak hand!!! but after all his talk and t-shirts etc he has to fight one of the brothers. although i am not qualified to say, i think wlad is the best option, as vitali, suffice his age is so quick and powerful, haye may not get knocked out but he may end up getting his face mended like shannon briggs, and lets bare in mind haye''''s chin. Even though he only got sparked once its still questionable. David I respect you as a fighter! as a champion! but you need to fight one of them!!! Knock Audinary out and get back to world level boxing!

Posted 04:54 22nd October 2010

Bal Joy says...

if david has his gut why he doest take fight no more excuses..... david looks like coward like wlad said he is corward coward coward dont be looser get heart fight wid klitchko and get smasheddddddddddddd and you are over

Posted 02:59 22nd October 2010

Rich Field says...

Let''''s see how Wlad feels after Del Boy has dealt with him.

Posted 02:48 22nd October 2010

David Cullen says...

How does he know boxing fans dont take Haye seriously anymore?! I''''m a boxing fan, I take him seriously, and I seriously think he''''d destroy you. How else did you expect him to fight Valuev?! Stand and trade? Jab all year like you? Dont be a muppet. The Klitschko''''s tryin to trash talk is just wrong! "scratchin him like a cat" oohhh Wlad, that''''s sure to annoy Haye.

Posted 01:09 22nd October 2010

Don Muraco says...

Dereck Chisora will lose to Klitschko, but he will not lose as more than Haye. I like Haye, but Klitschko is different league.

Posted 00:30 22nd October 2010

Dave Astley says...

well said Vlad, Haye is a relatively competant fighter and while he will knock audley out, its clear hes been running scared from the Klitschko''''s for years!

Posted 23:30 21st October 2010

Michael Healey says...

David Haye will smash Klitschko. Aaaaah yeeeeeeaah!

Posted 22:42 21st October 2010

Dave White says...

every word he says is true

Posted 21:59 21st October 2010

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