Pakistan end Aussie streak

Pakistan end Aussie streak

Pakistan snapped Australia's 34-match unbeaten run at the World Cup and secured top spot in Group A with a four-wicket win.

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Zah Hussain says...

So much Passion, so many comments, considering how much cricket Pakistan play compared to the other teams, i would say their performance is exceptional. It is important to remember Pakistan have a very young team who have no way near as much experience as the other teams, even to get this far is an achievement. Pride is what'll see them through and belief as no doubt they can beat any team in the world.1992?

Posted 16:46 21st March 2011

Mohammed Nawid says...

So it was Pakistan who beat Australia at Headingley and started them off on their unbeaten run upto the wc3011 where they finished what they started by beating them again. I wonder if they are about to start a run of their own.. Omens. can anybody see them.

Posted 13:34 21st March 2011

Harun Yahya says...

MASSIVE well done to Pakistan! The tournement is wide open & hats off to all the teams for being able to qualify to the Quarters. Its pointless to sit here & talk about the different teams strengths & weakness's. One big factor for Pakistan has been is slowly improving towards their peak. The bowling was superb against the Aussies, no other team has bowled & contained the Aussies in that manner. Now all we need is the batting to switch up a gear. If the batting does improve & Pakistan post total of 280+ THEN we have a very very strong chance of winning the worldcup. The Qaurter final against the Winidies is by no means an easy route or an easy game. It will allow us to determine just how much Pakistan have improved.

Posted 10:08 21st March 2011

Rizwan Khan says...


Posted 05:00 21st March 2011

Usman Ikbal says...

DId a english fan jus say pakistan are inconsistent?wen England did well against south africa and india and lost to teams like Ireland and Bangladesh?HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA JOKE OF THE CENTURY BY D WAY A TEAM THAT TOPS A GROUP CANT BE INCONSISTENT!!!

Posted 04:30 21st March 2011

Frank Bolland says...

Pakistan have always been a team where they can wipe out any team in the world at any peak with their bowling.. if Pakistan do not win this world cup it will be for the same old reason of inconsistent batting. Australia by default are still favourites as this is turning out to be an open world cup. Disagreeing on Matt W's biased comments - I feel if England have a chance then Pakistan have a better chance of winning. The heart break of England's campaign's over the years has yielded from slight improvements without a fierce winning edge every year but I feel once again this year England will lack the raw quality against the top teams given a crunch situation - we need to get cultural with our batting and bowling and cannot rely on the quality that brings us success in test matches. I think South Africa could end up as surprising winners and India/Sri Lanka to fall in the quarters - I think they've been nervous at home and will become eviden given a crunch game in the quarters which may pave way for Pakistan to be the real surprising winners... as for W.Indies... they need to continue with their hard hitting batting in order to have a chance and I feel New Zealand have very little chance given their quality. But as for England... just like the football team - we need that extra raw quality to beat top teams in crunch games.

Posted 13:54 20th March 2011

Zain Afsar says...

oh why oh why have the icc not thrown the book at Brad Haddin. He should be ban for at least three games for pushing younus khan. Come ICC its time you started to BAN some of these Australian cricketers!!! DISGRACE

Posted 02:45 20th March 2011

Ali Khan says...

Great win for Pakistan but I still see the tournament as being wide open. We never know what Pakistan will turn up. I just think if they bat second, chasing a big total, then they will always fall short as their batting, especially opening is weak. You can never right off Australia. India will be tough to be on home soil and Sri Lanka are handy too. England seem to be lacking abit, especially in the bowling department but on their day they can beat anyone too.

Posted 23:42 19th March 2011

Muhammad Rehman says...

Well Done Pakistan. Our win today over the Aussies I'm sure will be a bitter pill to swallow for the Aussies...Ouch ! Not only did we deserve to win and end their 34 game winning streak in World Cups, it proves they are beatable. Let's face it, it was going to end sooner or later? Our bowlers & fielding kept a tight stranglehold on the Aussies which may have caught them off guard? Only Brett Lee looked like he could change the match for them with the ball? We made their batsman look very ordinary today. But a lot of Pakistan fans like yours truly I'm sure will be utterly disgusted by Ricky Ponting's latest antics when he clearly nicked the ball and was caught behind - and didn't walk? That's cheating in my book? Defo not good sportsmanship or within the spirit of the game, but he had to go on review and we had the last laugh...ha ha. Are we starting to peak at the right time? We don't want to peak too soon but I think our win today sends out a clear message Pakistan mean business. I'm not going to comment on Afridi's batting as I don't think I'd be able to avoid using a four letter word towards him? But good captaincy by Afridi. C'mon Pakistan, we green blooded fans are right behind you as always. You can do it & go all the way and win that World Cup on 2nd April. Pakistan Zindabad !!! :-) p.s. Are you watching India?

Posted 23:21 19th March 2011

Kaz Kaz says...

Pakistan outplayed Australia and showed they are in contention to win the tournament. Id love to see a South Africa vs Pakistan final, both deserve their places as they have outplayed other sides fair and square. However must say Brett Lee was awesome for the game of cricket with his bowling today, any young upcoming fast bowlers take note of his performance and im a Pakistan fan 2.

Posted 23:20 19th March 2011

Bilal Y says...

LOL by beating australia doesnt make you world beater you mugs apparently thats what english thought that by beating them in ashes wud make them a world beater but look at england now ahahah you can say what ever you like cos india is the only team who can match south africa ,south africa being the team to win the world cup. the last time we played pakistan in the world cup was when they had legengs like akram and waqar,now you aint got nothing just a spinner getting you wickets.well most it plus you wont get many wickets in indian pitches Lol Saching=maradona...he cud win it for india

Posted 20:31 19th March 2011

Shoaib Ahmed says...

Aus is a wonderful team. They made silly mistakes today in batting. hope they do not repeat their mistakes in quarters.

Posted 18:25 19th March 2011

Yasar Khan says...

i dont think you can rule any1 out at this stage ..all it takes is a good performance on the day and you can beat the big boys in the quarters and semis ...evan tho pakistan are unpredictable they can pull off a win like today and get to the finals and maybe win it

Posted 18:16 19th March 2011

Khayam Ahmed says...

One of the best matches ever that Pakistan have played in the world cup. Brilliant performances from all of the Pakistani batsmen and bowlers. Afridi is one of the best players ever to captain Pakistan. They have beaten the defending champions and now they have everything it takes to win the Cricket World Cup. Pakistan Zindabad!!!

Posted 17:55 19th March 2011

Lucifer Wealdstone says...

it's about time australia were beaten. I definitely see pakistan and australia going to the final.

Posted 17:30 19th March 2011

Glenn B says...

Lets be honest here, Australia are a better side than Pakistan, purely down to being much more consistent as a side. Im English and from a neutral view, you never know what Pakistan side are going to turn up... so for me its a wide open world cup because England showed in the T20 wc we were exactly the same ! WHO KNOWS!

Posted 17:25 19th March 2011

Mohammad Dessiman says...

Now we have done Australia, bring on the Indians and we will show you how to play cricket and we will even come to your country and play and beat you in front of your fans.

Posted 17:23 19th March 2011

Shakeel Chaudhry says...

Pakistani team can do any thing and people who under rate them have no clue how good they are ! Bring on Westindies.!!PS. I dont get how England were favourates to win this world cup ??

Posted 17:18 19th March 2011

Mohammad Khan says...

Pakistan are the best, Australia are just to cocky and its about time they are bought down to earth and Pakistan are the team to do that and will win the world cup.

Posted 16:55 19th March 2011

Matt W says...

This result just shows how wide open this World Cup is, every single team has lost a match now! Of the eight that have qualified (assuming the Windies do qualify), I can see five teams winning it (Windies, NZ & Pakistan being the exceptions). It's brilliant for the sport and I'm really excited to watch all the the QF's. C'mon England!

Posted 16:51 19th March 2011

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