ICC confirm cup reduction

ICC confirm cup reduction

The next two World Cups will each feature only 10 teams, dealing a blow to associate nations such as Ireland.

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Mike James says...

ICC are a joke! Perhaps the other countries should quit the ICC and start their own ACC (Associates Cricket Council), and put their money into that?? They could perhaps invite the "full" members to attend a Real World Cup tournament? I can't believe they can't do the qualification for 2015 - they do it currently for the associates, it can't be hard to expand for 10 more Countries surely???? And it would bring more funds into Associate countries when games are played there against the Big Boys??

Posted 13:31 6th April 2011

Gordon Cooper says...

I do think that there needs to be an adjustment on teams in the 50 over format, but it must include the likes of Ireland and Holland who play decent cricket. I have more of an issue with how boring the 50 over format is once the power plays have been used, when the fielding teams using spinner after spinner to stiffle the game.

Posted 20:56 5th April 2011

Bobby Brown says...

This is a disgraceful decision and players of Test nations past and present need to start a campaign to have the decision over-turned. As it stands, the associate nations find it hard to keep their best players (e.g. Eoin Morgan) because the lure of Test cricket is so great. If you are going to remove the chance of playing in a World Cup from associate nations, then there is nothing to keep the best players playing for their home nation. The 10 ICC Members will get stronger and the associates will fade away into obscurity. Beefy, Nas, Gower, Bob, Bumble, Warney, Ian Bishop - you guys have the voice. You need to lead the charge here. (How about Sky witholding some TV rights money until the decision is reversed!!)

Posted 14:51 5th April 2011

Mike James says...

Jay J is dead right. How can they call it a world cup if not everyone has a chance of playing in it??? If they can do a full qualification system in 2019, why can't they do that for 2015?? Surely 4 years is long enough to work out, arrange and play the qualifications?? Or leave it as it is until 2019?? Or does it take 4 years for the ancient cogs of the ICC to actually work out how to implement the system?? The football world cup has a huge number of countries who have the chance of attending with the hosts automatically attending. Cricket playing nations are not as many and with joint hosts in the last and next world cups how is this to hard?? Associate countries will not improve unless they compete against the full members and beat them from time to time and yes they will get trashed in some, but that's sport. All teams get thrashed from time to time, including full members and surely the ICC want to encourage more countries to pick up bat and ball and play cricket??? Excluding them from the world cup will not help this cause at all. Come on ICC give the minnows a chance to be there!

Posted 14:04 5th April 2011

Den K says...

What a disgrace! I agree with other comments. The fact that Ireland have ranked ahead of Zimbabwe for 4 years now and ranked 10th in the world. Surely reducing the number of teams to 10 and yet excluding a top 10 team is completely unjust. Not only is it not a world cup but it is not even a tournament amongst the best 10 teams and reduces the credibility of the tournament as a whole. A qualification round is the fairest and only way - all nations should be given the chance to grow. This is only an example, think of the effects this will have on cricket in Netherlands and other would be competing nations. This is also an injustice to non associate nations as what exactly is the point in winning a tournament that is excluding teams that could have potentially beaten them.

Posted 12:09 5th April 2011

Brian Tompkins says...

I can understand what the ICC are trying to do because i do think that there are to many teams in the world cup, but i do not think that you should be able to chose who is in the competition. Maybe have a pre tournement where the smaller countries play each other and the top 2 go through to the actual World Cup group stages to join the other 8 countries??

Posted 08:50 5th April 2011

Peter Sorsa says...

I would see if the ICC could be taken to the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) for some sort of discrimination against the lower ranking teams... Surely soprts is made for all and the entertainment for the fans and families to enjoy.. Just look at the news when the Irish beat top teams.. I would have thought this brings media attention to the sport... So what is wrong with media attention. Is the ICC trying to kill the sport.. If these teams were droped it would be cricket back 100 years as these countries would find it hard to find new blood for the sport and cricket could lose a potential Viv Richards again... I just see this as being stupid.... I would like it to be increased not decreased.. Peter

Posted 06:30 5th April 2011

Ger Keogh says...

This decision compounds the impression that the sport is run by fuddy duddy relics of the commonwealth. Finding a solution to the upstarts beating the big boys by excluding them? Ireland didnt get a fraction of the credit they deserved by beating england. they were set a very big target and achieved it. O'briens century deemed lucky in the press. And their reward is to be omitted in the future. Look at New Zealand, not so long ago they were whipping boys. Look at argentina in rugby. they too not long since being a joke. Shame on you ICC, you ammount to nothing but a non progressive exclusive boys club who make their own rules.

Posted 18:07 4th April 2011

Eric Furey says...

I totally agree with Jay J - this puts the competition in the same farcical category as US baseball's so-called 'World Series'. I am an Englishman now living in Ireland and the game's popularity has increased dramatically over here in recent years - not least due to world cup successes (such as whacking England). With cricket having to compete for popularity with global sports such as football this is a truly inward-looking retrograde step. Cricket, sadly, has always suffered as a result of buffoons at the administrative helm. Here we go again.

Posted 17:57 4th April 2011

Gary Lawler says...

Its an absolute disgrace!!! Its effectively killed off Irish cricket and means our up and coming youngsters have to declare for England in order to play!

Posted 17:56 4th April 2011

Andrew Hickey says...

I'm probably a bit biased but this is a crazy decision for the development of cricket in "lesser" nations like Ireland and Holland etc. It beggars belief and i totally agree with Jay J that the world sports council should step in and deny the ICC the chance to call this a world cup when its not open to the world. Now the likes of Ryan ten Doeschate and Kevin O'Brien will and their likes will not even think about representing their own country and jump ship to whoever will give them a chance to play at the highest level.

Posted 17:44 4th April 2011

James Gordon says...

That's a real shame, that only the "big" nations will feature for the foreseeable future. Ireland were fantastic against England, and even as an Englishman, I have to say that game was one of the highlights of the tournament. I know the fixture schedule for international cricketers is hectic to say the least, so reducing the number of teams in each World Cup would help in that sense, but then introducing qualifying for all ahead of 2019 would surely negate that. Perhaps 4 "minnows" this time was too many, so I think a 12-team tournament would've been better, with qualifying for the associate nations to narrow it down to the best 2 making the World Cup proper.

Posted 17:21 4th April 2011

Shane Beirnes says...

Disgraceful. 2007, Ireland bet Pakistan. 2011, Ireland bet England. 2015, Ireland excluded from WC. Its a terrible shame for a team, and nation that always light up any sporting event they play in.

Posted 17:18 4th April 2011

Jay J says...

A world cup that just picks who they want is not a world cup, without a qualification process they should not be allowed to call the tournament a "World Cup", it should be called The ICC Members Cup.

Posted 16:46 4th April 2011

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