Clued up in Colombo

Clued up in Colombo

England's plans are in place for Saturday, says Mike Atherton, but can they solve their inconsistency?

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Nichartter Haire says...

i guess thats another tournament the superior english were expected by the media to win, but alas not to be, oh never mind, maybe the the british can have a combined team and win the tiddlywinks at the olympics.

Posted 17:17 26th March 2011

Martin Hicks says...

Mike - I echo your sentiments regarding Michael Yardy and hope he makes a speedy recovery. Our rugby world cup winners were burnt out after 18 months on the road and we might have prolonged their careers if we had given them a rest. I think it also applies to cricket tand we need a squad system to rotate the players and keep them fresh for key games. Anderson had the extra stress of flying round the world between games in Australia. Unfortunately Broad who was fresh was fresh for the world cup became injured . I don't agree with your inferance that our chances rest on a comparison of our performance against the W Indies compared to Pakistan's. This tournament seems to be more about one off games. New Zealand thrashed Pakistan but I didn't hear anyone saying that gave them a good chance of beating S Africa. Of course S Lanka at home are favourites but we stand a chance and let's hope we have the run of the ball.

Posted 23:36 25th March 2011

Alan Thompson says...

A huge gamble to pick Anderson.Not only has his recent form been awful his record in ODI is poor.If the ball doesn't swing he is cannon fodder.Quite simply he does not know how to bowl to contain.We really are plumbing the depths.

Posted 13:55 25th March 2011

Stuart Boyce says...

George Staples, have you actually watched any of the world cup? Anderson and collingwood have both been dropped from the playing 11, and prior is our only wicketkeeper, and we drew with India in the groups. You did make one sensible comment. "Every Sympathy for Yardy." That i fully agree with! the rest, not so much. We haven't actually lost to a "top" team yet, lets hope that continues! Regardless, England have been fantastic to watch.

Posted 13:48 25th March 2011

Dan Cohen says...

George Staples, Anderson and Collingwood - both been dropped. Prior is the only keeper in the squad, having had a very good Ashes series both with the gloves and the bat. On top of that, there is no argument that Anderson was our best bowler in Australia, so that's what Prior and Anderson have done 'to deserve constant selection'. Learn to actually look past the previous game (which Collingwood and Anderson both didn't play!) and look at form...and clearly the team selection, before having a go! Dan...a massive hater of fickle fans!

Posted 09:33 25th March 2011

George Staples says...

Every sympathy for Yardy. The greatest danger to England in the next and possibly future games, is the selection system in place. Flower and Strauss seem incapable of leaving out off form players - the favoured few syndrome. Just what have Anderson, Prior and |Collingwood done to deserve constant selection? None of the called up replacements will play, only other teams have the sense to bring in new blood to strengthen the team. Flower and Strauss bleat on about team spirit, but it's performances that count. Shahzad and Rashid should have played earlier in the tour. Prior has been moved up and down the order without achieving anything, he is not a good keeper and now is not a suitable batsman - leave him out with Anderson who is also badly off form and stale. So far Englandf have been very lucky, will thgeir luck persist - if they play India at any time they will be beaten easily. England have gone backwards. George

Posted 19:49 24th March 2011

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