Don't believe the hype

Don't believe the hype

Bumble expects a fantastic World Cup Final if the players don't get carried away in the hysteria.

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Mohammed Haris says...

Thank god you and nasser are in box for the final.Help us from that biassed commentators who only get excited if their team do well.And also looking forward to some spats in box like we had in semifinal between atherton and gavaskar ,when gavaskar told only those played in county cricket has been treated as good players and atherton countred it by saying 3 proud former players of lancashire when he ,ganguly and akram was in box

Posted 06:31 1st April 2011

Jai Singh says...

srilanka have a dismal record against india in india. This would be a very tough match,but india is going to win this match.There is nothing much to differentiate the two teams,it should be a exciting one.David ,you have to accept the fact that the subcontinent teams are the power house in world cricket today.There is definitely a power shift to the subcontinent.AUSTRALIA have lost their aura and invincibility.England are just average one day team.INDIA and SRILANKA and SOUTHAFRICA are the best teams in the world at the moment.

Posted 06:25 1st April 2011

Pravina Cannan says...

Aww, I was hoping it would be Atherton in the box.Guess I will have to revert to ESPN or can we get sky to the US?..The ads are a pain . BTW , Goodluck Team India , keep the faith.

Posted 03:10 1st April 2011

Karthik Raghav says...

India and Srilanka have faced each other far too many times recently. India won Asia cup. India beat SL in SL in 2 consecutive series and beat them in India in 2 series. In the recent exchanges India got the better of SL almost all the time. But it is one off match. Both teams are extremely familiar with each other due to IPL and far too many bilateral encounters in recent times.

Posted 01:43 1st April 2011

Sarmad Qureshi says...

I agree 100% with Bella Megan. We Pakistanis are shell shocked the way shastri and manjrekar conducted the commentry and post match presentation. They were extremely biased, rude and arrogant. Lost all respect from the Pakistanis. Shastri even got involved in a verbal banter with Amir Sohail in a TV programme, when he said India Pakistan game is a race between a BMW and auto rickshaw. We can only hope and pray that this arrogance of the Indians is shattered by the Lankan tigers. Though to be fair, most neutral commentator from India is Saurav Ganguly, and he has won great respect for his fairness.

Posted 20:39 31st March 2011

Areen Attari says...

Im from India, and the adverts are a pain! I wish i could see some commercial free cricket! Its irritating when a wicket falls, instead of seeing a replay, we're shown which bank we should go to for life insurance! Bumble, you better take some more money and put it on India!! PS, i live in Mumbai, and i really really really want a ticket to the Wankhede! Can you please organise one??!! Willing to do anything! PLease!

Posted 18:04 31st March 2011

Billa Megan says...

Very good one. I wish SL team isn't watching IND programmes. and tell Sanjay Manjrekar to be at least a little bit neutral commentator. (I know he is an Indian but can't listen to him when he talks like only IND team is playing in the field, they are good team but his voice makes us hate them). Even though I am a SriLankan After 2005 Ashes I follow ENG team and like England cricket more than I like SriLanka cricket not only be cause of the team but also because of the Sky sports commentary team. Even in the WC quarter final SL vs ENG I love your commentary team, even ENG lost. Even in that match i supported ENG my bro was supporting SL. In the end SL won but my bro said I love the ENG commentators not that much Nasser.

Posted 16:43 31st March 2011

Aniket Kibe says...

Agreed with you bumble,we are also sick of advertisements,please bring sky to india...

Posted 16:30 31st March 2011

Viru Sehwag says...

Boy this torture is endless.. Tough games we had against Australia and yesterday Pakistan.. Now Sri Lanka, the best team in the world cup so far imo... They is just so much for both teams, both have explosive opening batsmen, the middle order on their day can turn it on anytime in the innings, i still think in bowling they have murli and slinga malinga very dangerous combination.. Both have very cool headed captains/wicketkeepers... Well the major bonus is this will be home for india, the crowd will very very noisy and of course home to SRT.. big game big occasion... ITS GAME ON..........

Posted 15:19 31st March 2011

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