Storm clouds are gathering

Storm clouds are gathering

David Haye makes a sharp exit from the media workout as Wladimir Klitschko turns serious.

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E W says...

this fight has huge anti climax potential, with Haye on the back pedal & Klitschko smothering attacks...can't see VK changing much..haye will tire regardless of the clinches & tie ups..what he has in terms of power, he lacks in stamina..i'd also give Haye to the 7th to knock VK out..or watch him gas & get the eye slashed to ribbons...i just glad this is happening at all

Posted 19:27 30th June 2011

Martin Hutton says...

As much as you cant help liking wladimir klitschko, with his good manners, and politeness, the gentle giant may have bitten off more than he can chew this time, in haye he's facing a fighter with supreme confidence, and power to match, david haye is indeed the marmite of boxing, you either love him, or hate him, i for one love him, but he needs to get this fight over within 7 rounds, because klitschko, who will undoubtedly hold on, and lean on his opponent to tire him out, and if it goes to the later rounds then you have to fancy the russian, having said that, he's not faced anyone like haye EVER!! so for me, haye to win inside 7 rounds, and bring the titles back home to england.

Posted 15:31 30th June 2011

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