Wales see red in Auckland

Wales see red in Auckland

The controversial sending off of Sam Warburton proved decisive as Wales crashed out of the Rugby World Cup 9-8 to France.

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Kevin Gadd says...

A French/Irish man called Alain Rolland (that doesn't sound like a French name at all, does it!) referees a French game... and everyone is shocked that he sends off a player of the opposing team for what basically amounts to a gentle hug. That is not rugby. What a disgrace. 15 v 15 Wales obliterate France, who played their typical game and had their helping hand that they always require. Had our chances though, 3 missed penalties and 1 missed conversion. Bitter taste left in the mouth, but great future ahead for Welsh team, and very talented players coming through the ranks.

Posted 12:04 15th October 2011

John Mcnicholas says...

Such a great shame to see wales bow out this way, poor decision from a good referee, the decision ruined the game. I I'm an Englishman but i am a Wales supporter, England need to take a good hard look at wales to see how a team should act and come together during such a prestige tournament. In wales union is a game for people of all backgrounds but in England its more a game for the upper class hence the arrogance and lack of commitment shown from such a clueless and careless world cup. Well done Wales you have done great Britain proud unlike England who were shameful once again.

Posted 12:00 15th October 2011

Judd Kalkhoven says...

All you people laying on the ref are completely in the wrong. As much as the red card killed Wales chances the rules clearly state a spear tackle under any circumstances regardless of how ahrd he was dropped or anything like that is a red card. The ref had no choice and its a sad thing to happen for the game but its not the refs fault. if anything blame the rules, the ref just enforces them. He had to go and he knew that. Stupid tackle

Posted 11:59 15th October 2011

Richard Coles says...

Am I the only person who thinks an Irish ref with a French father may have an interest in the outcome of the game?

Posted 11:57 15th October 2011

Martin Hopkins says...

yellow card at best. Gutted..........lets get the third place we deserve now boys.

Posted 11:21 15th October 2011

Rybo Flavin says...

WALES WERE ROBBED!!!!! France were poor almost all game and did not deserve to win. Even though Wales had 14 men on the field for most of the game (not a sending off) they dominted throughout. I feel sorry for Warburton but the main reason we lost is because Hook started! Absoloute disgrace he should never play for wales again! All tournament wales were one of the best teams because they ran with ball with power and speed. Not only did Hook stop this by kicking every time we had the ball but he also couldn't kick penalties or drop goals. Unlucky Wales, well done though :)

Posted 11:06 15th October 2011

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