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Man of woe

Man of woe

Paul Merson tips one of the Manchester clubs to lose on Super Sunday. Read all his shouts here...

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Thomas Tyson (Manchester United fan) says...

Of course!!! No one expects Man Utd to win, considering their poor record at Anfield. That said, the United players might see this as a chance to put that record right, especially when everyone is writing them off!!!

Posted 13:59 21st September 2012

Joe Kennedy (Manchester City fan) says...

Merse, Arsenal have nothing to fear - turn it in fella. Kompany, Silva, Toure, Aguero, Tevez probably Balotelli at some stage is plenty to fear!! Get those rose tinted glass off man!! Brilliant commentary on the QPR game by the way ;-)

Posted 12:43 21st September 2012

Marius Bonnevie (Chelsea fan) says...

"He played in the best defence the premiel league has ever seen...". Well, Mr. Merson, that`s not correct. The best defence the premier league has ever seen never played for Arsenal. Look at the stats from the 2004/2005 season and you will find out that Chelsea is far superior to Arsenal. But good luck on sunday.

Posted 11:25 21st September 2012

Jft96 Red (Liverpool fan) says...

Hold the press...Merse backing LIverpool? About time! I tend to agree with the performances so far not being consistant and I think a wolrd class striker added to the team in january would have seen us win those games this season. It was exactly the same story last season. There's no problem with the build up play aside from a little patience, but a poacher is badly needed. Give Borini a little time and I think he'll be the man for now. But we do need to add someone to get on the end of suarez's play. He always looks frustrated, and it's because he's under too much pressure to do it all himself. Let's also hope that the players are as respectful as I know both sets of fans will be. NORTHWEST UNITED. At least for sunday anyway!

Posted 09:52 21st September 2012

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