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Benchmarks needed

Benchmarks needed

City and United need to set their standards for the rest of the Champions League, says Ray Wilkins.

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Mike Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

i think both manchester clubs will go thru to the next round and it will be a draw between them the weekend. man city have done fantastic the last couple of seasons but it will take decades to match the trophy cabinet of united. i would love the champions league final to be man utd v man city,time to bring that cup back to england,loving this season :)

Posted 16:25 18th October 2011

Glen Berry (Manchester City fan) says...

Just a note to Mr Cuddy, in my opinion that's rich coming from a Utd fan, Chelsea buying success, who were the one's who broke the British transfer records, with the likes of, Stam, Van Nistleroy, Ferdinand, and Rooney. I don't begrudge united's success. But they've done a lot of spending themselves. Fair enough not as quickly as us, but things may have been different if they was bought out by a multi-billionaire.

Posted 14:08 18th October 2011

Brendan Cosgrave (Aston Villa fan) says...

As a long life Villa fan I think its time to split the league in two. Its seems pointless paying for a season ticket for the minor team when there's no chance of winning even goal of the season. Once Man utd and City have browsed through Villa Park withe their shopping baskets again hand picking players they don't even need were left with a team that looks like the aftermath of serious shark attack. Its fanastic for their fans but very soon they will have no serious competions to play against. Even on Saturday I felt the Man city fans were bored,thats why we need the split. Arsenal,Spurs,Man.City,Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea and the teams that finish 7th and 8th, Hopefully not Villa

Posted 08:01 18th October 2011

Mathias Chingwalu (Ipswich Town fan) says...

I like to wish Manchester United all the best during today"s game,my advice to sir Alex Ferguson is that he and our mighty players should concentrate on this game by fielding the best Man U squad currently at his disposal,yes try the very best ! Don't think about the forthcoming game against Manchester city,tomorrow will surely take care of itself. My prediction is 2-0 to man u.

Posted 07:42 18th October 2011

Wes Cuddy (Manchester United fan) says...

United 2 City 1 Look at Chelsea they couldn't buy the champions league, take note City fans, you can always buy success, just ask Chelsea

Posted 18:11 17th October 2011

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