Rod Harrington explains decision to increase Premier League Darts field to 10 players

Rod Harrington explains decision to increase Premier League Darts field to 10 players

So why did we decide to increase the Premier League from eight players to 10 players this year?

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Rob Staniforth says...

Dissapointed, think there should have stuck to the top 8! if you miss out then tough, work harder, trouble is though i do understand this is the only way some players are ever going to get into it, as certain players are gaurenteed a spot cos of their name no matter how they are playing, Dean Whinstanley has to be unlucky after the first year he has had, Hamilton should NOT have made the spot! and the form Anderson showed neither should he! *Anderson my fav player also

Posted 01:46 14th January 2013

Jarrad Sharp says...

Dave Chisnall could have easily been a wildcard. Tough call.

Posted 15:11 7th January 2013

Marc Ayres says...

I have to admit, increasing to 10 players and adding a relegation is a very good idea, but feel slightly disappointed in the way the relegation works,. I think a better idea for relegation would be that these two players would become inelegible for the following years premier league. This would mean that there is some loss for the underperfoming players in that they will have to work there way back into the premier league the year after and will obviously incur a penalty of having lesser tv coverage and loss of income, and also gives the ability to introduce two new darters into the fray the next year. This gives up and coming or on-form darters a chance to appear on TV on a more regular basis

Posted 13:39 7th January 2013

John Spurgeon says...

good call rod it will be better to have all the worlds top players in the premier league rather than limiting it . Will give the fans better value and the players that deserve it a chance

Posted 10:39 4th January 2013

Mike Walsh says...

Rod, what is going to be the format from week 10 onwards? Will it go back to best of 14 legs?

Posted 10:27 4th January 2013

Daz Chaz says...

I think kim huybrechts and dean winstanley would have been good wildcards.

Posted 08:03 4th January 2013

Richard Amos says...

i,am a yorkshire man that lives in ireland cricket is my first love. but saying that since sky got hold of darts i can't get enough. i totally agree about the new format for premier league.

Posted 23:58 3rd January 2013

Darren Wilkinson says...

Wasn't impressed with the idea at first but listening to Rods explanation I see why they came up with the 10 player format. We will see how it works as the weeks progress and I do like the relegation idea itl be similar to the football play offs and keep all the players interested . Darts is getting bigger and bigger and it's a fantastic night out with some awesome arrows thrown and we follow it all over the country and when we cannot be there sky sports does a fantastic job long may it continue It's also good to see a sporting boardroom working together in the interest of the fans ie more matches,more players ,same price because tickets already on sale before decision announced ,well done Rod and PDC board Roll on Nottingham premier league Yours Darren and Helen Wilkinson

Posted 20:07 3rd January 2013

Paul Dennett says...

The strange thing is i was thinking the other day about having 10 players and trying to work out how it could be done. And here it is. Fantastic well done PDC

Posted 19:51 3rd January 2013

Shane Henson says...

Although Thornton has had a good year. I would definitely pick Jenkins or painter over him. #nobrainer

Posted 18:28 3rd January 2013

Jean. Day says...

brill idea can't wait fot Paul Nicholson to up there with the rest of them lookin forward feb 7th

Posted 15:16 3rd January 2013

Robert Crozier says...

yes i toatly agree with rod it would be great to hav the top ten players in the world it would be great for the fans and tv viewers that cant get to see the best play bring it on i say

Posted 14:31 3rd January 2013

Steve Wild says...

You should have had Ted Hankey in it. He would have got more interest than Wes Newton!

Posted 13:39 3rd January 2013

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