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Roo dares wins

Roo dares wins

England's young stars have thrived in Rooney's absence and Jamie says they mustn't stop now he's back.

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Haider Zaidi (Manchester United fan) says...

Wayne will be better than pathetic Carroll & what a delight we dont have Lampard(only play for himself) this time in England!

Posted 08:36 19th June 2012

Robert Kelly (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

The Group C table in today's Daily Mail shows Spain ahead of Croatia even though both teams have played 2, Won 1, Drawn 1 and Lost 0. Presumably this is because Spain's goal difference is 4 whereas Croatia's goal difference is 2. Similarly, the Group D table shows France ahead of England even though both teams have played 2, Won 1, Drawn 1 and Lost 0. Again, I can understand this because France has a goal difference of 2 whereas England have a goal difference of 1. In Group A, however, Greece and Russia have both played 3, Won 1, Drawn 1 and Lost 1. Greece has a goal difference of 0 whereas Russia has a goal difference of 2. In my reckoning 2 is greater than 0 the same as 4 is greater than 2 and 2 is greater than 1. Or is there a special rule where a goal difference of 0 trumps all others? I look forward to your reply to enlighten me.

Posted 23:34 18th June 2012

Jay Smith (Liverpool fan) says...

Rooney should be left on the bench as an incentive to the current line up to continue the hardwork and be better. Thus slacking by any would result in losing their place to Rooney.

Posted 20:31 18th June 2012

Charlie Boggins (Chelsea fan) says...

Disappointed that Roo is to be handed a start, every tournament he is held up as our great/only hope and he just hasn't been able to cope with the pressure (or he isn't as good as everyone says). Keep a wining team and burst some of that inflated ego, Holland! Both Carrol and Wellbeck have been far superior to Roo at holding the ball up, Carrol in the last game was way above his donkey level in his ability to hold up the ball and therefore for England to hold on to possession. Roo in contrast is the worst offender for united at giving the ball away I know he gets some latitude because he is a striker and therefore taking risks to score but its time after time( I suggest you watch for this next time you watch United) His best position is on the left of Midfield his long passes are exception and crossing is brilliant ideal for Carrol, trouble is the last time Sir Alex played him there for a few games he spat out his dummy. Its obvious Milner is just not cardio fit as he can be, I would still start him to keep it tight, stay in the game and then hit them with some pace.

Posted 19:23 18th June 2012

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