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Jamie Redknapp hopes Italy bench the enigmatic Mario Balotelli and tips England to edge into the semis.

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Paul Robson (Newcastle United fan) says...

This game may come down to luck, which England have had alot of so far in the tournament. They got a draw against an average France, struggled to beat Sweden and were lucky to beat Ukraine after being played off the park for most of the game. Italy are a league above all of these sides and have some genuinely classy players. England could win by a goal with a bit of luck but i can't see Italy missing their chances the way other teams have so far.

Posted 13:35 24th June 2012

Daryl Weelio (Manchester United fan) says...

I'm very impressed with what Cesare Prandelli had done. Tactically, i feel he's spot on. Gerard and Parker looks really pathetic at the center of the park and in my opinion will be dominated by Pirlo and co, on the flanks, A.young inexperience is showing in all his games, Milner is well, ineffective moving forward and with both teams finding it really tough to put the ball into the back of the net, the stability of the Italians at the back, Possession belonging to the Italians, i can't see the English beating the Italians in 120mins. 1-0 to Italy.

Posted 11:00 24th June 2012

Michael Smalls (Birmingham City fan) says...

Near every man and is dog agree that this is likely to be a very tight match and I follow suit. This game will be decided by a mistake or a bit of brilliance. Based on this have to lean toward England. If we can keep Pirlo quiet it in the bag i think. As they stated during coverage of the last Engalnd game, so far in the Euros it has been the team with the least possession in a game that has won it far more often than get results by putting the ball in the net not holding on to it for an age. Also Sky's/Opta's stats show that while our possession hasn't been the greatest ,our goals per minutes of possession is only second to Portugal. England to win this one 2-1 at the death with a sub scoring the winner.

Posted 16:04 22nd June 2012

John Hutchinson (Manchester United fan) says...

i would love to agree with jamie .. but sadly cant .. i hope im very wrong ! but for me its englands defence that scares me ! italy to win in 90 mins .. 3 - 1

Posted 14:19 22nd June 2012

Rob Lusardi (Weston-S-Mare fan) says...

How about technical ability, possession? These are the qualities you need to win tournaments not vocal cords. Do England have the sophistication to win tournaments - can they hold the ball, play it around? We shall see

Posted 14:02 22nd June 2012

Andrew Lilly (Aston Villa fan) says...

i agree with jamie, i think england will just edge it. but it will be very close.

Posted 12:11 22nd June 2012

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