Wales boss Ryan Giggs says Denmark's image rights dispute is 'strange'

By Shona Duthie

Wales boss Ryan Giggs says he is unsure what Denmark side he will face when the two sides meet on September 9 in the UEFA Nations League.

The vast majority of the Denmark squad are not available for selection due to a dispute between the Danish FA (DBU) and the players' union (Spillerne).

As a result, the DBU has been forced to call upon players from the third and fourth tiers of its domestic league, as well as four who played in the 2016 Futsal World Cup.

Giggs said: "What sort of team we will face? I don't know. There is still a bit of me thinking they will sort it out but every day it looks more and more unlikely.

"The thing is for me I have a big game tomorrow so all my concentration is on that. Of course, I am keeping an eye on what is going on.

"But at the moment my concentration is just on tomorrow's game. That's what I am focused on at the moment and that is where the energy going into. I've got an eye on it but I will deal with that after the game tomorrow."

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When asked if he ever had to face a scenario like the Danish players, Giggs said: "We didn't have image rights back then. Image rights? 25-years-ago. I don't know the details, I don't know the ins and outs so it's hard for me to comment.


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"It's very unusual, of course it is, and they are a top 10 team. Especially in the World Cup and in the last few years there form has been brilliant.

"It's strange. If you are a football player you just want to play football.

"But obviously if you feel you are not getting a good deal or the other side of the coin federation think they are getting a good deal it's something you think would have been sorted out by now. It's not and I will just face that problem when it comes."

Giggs' Wales side face Republic of Ireland on Thursday in the Nations League, live on Sky Sports Football.

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