Derek Chisora's mother resolves heated row about ring walks for Joseph Parker fight in Manchester

Derek Chisora can settle his heavyweight rivalry with Joseph Parker, and Katie Taylor also defends her undisputed world lightweight titles against Natasha Jonas on Saturday, live on Sky Sports Box Office

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Derek Chisora's manager David Haye explains how the fighter's mother helped end a row over ring-walks which had threatened to prevent the fight with Joseph Parker going ahead

Derek Chisora's mother had to resolve a heated dispute ahead of the Joseph Parker fight, which will go ahead as planned tonight, with Taylor vs Jonas on a bumper bill.

The British heavyweight vented his anger as a coin toss was held to decide the order of the ring walks for his clash with Parker, live on Sky Sports Box Office, with Katie Taylor also defending her world titles against Natasha Jonas in Manchester.

But manager David Haye has confirmed that Chisora's mother Viola stepped in to settle the row.

Joseph Parker, David Haye
Image: Parker won the coin toss to decide the ring walk

"It sounds crazy," Haye told Sky Sports News. "I didn't see the fight happening with Derek walking to the ring first.

"But thankfully the voice of reason came in - Viola, Derek's lovely mother, and she is the only person he actually listens to.

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"I spoke to Viola about an hour ago and she said, 'I told him he's going to come to the ring first, like he promised, and that's that.

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"I talked to Derek, and Derek sort of agreed, yes he's agreed that.

"The fight is 100 per cent on. Derek will be walking to the ring first as he should have done, because he lost the coin toss. We've got ourselves a fight."

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Chisora ignited a heated row with Parker at the weigh-in

Chisora had suggested that he would not fight, with Parker winning the right to enter the AO Arena last.

"We're arguing right now, back there," Chisora told Sky Sports. "They want to do a coin flip, who comes in the ring first and who comes in the ring second.

"I was like, 'Nah, not doing that.'

"Either I come in second or I'll go home right now!"

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