WBC uphold Chisora ban

Image: Dereck Chisora: Continues to be banned indefinitely by the WBC

The World Boxing Council has upheld their indefinite ban of Dereck Chisora following a meeting in Mexico City.

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The World Boxing Council has upheld their indefinite ban of Dereck Chisora following a meeting of the organisation's Supreme Board of Governors in Mexico City. After his infamous February brawl with David Haye in Munich, the WBC announced in February that they would not allow Chisora to fight again under their jurisdiction until he had completed anger management classes. And they have now reiterated their stance in a statement which further condemns Chisora's behaviour prior to his fight with Vitali Klitschko. Chisora slapped his opponent at the weigh-in and spat water at the WBC heavyweight champion's brother Wladimir shortly before the bout, conduct the WBC say had "never been seen before in boxing". The statement went on: "The WBC followed its rules and regulations due to the fact that Chisora has not even showed any sign of regret or apology. "The WBC concluded that with his acts he put in danger the development of the bout... and it was considered that he stained the credibility of boxing as any boxer ever to be known had committed so many acts of aggressiveness, disrespect and mockery of 'fair play', in addition to have violated several disciplinary rules of the organisation." Chisora's promoter Frank Warren issued an angry response in which he said Chisora had originally been told the hearing would be in London, and that he could not go to Mexico City due to being in training for his July 14 bout with Haye. In the statement, Warren's organisation said they were "not surprised" by the WBC's verdict, and added: "The response of the WBC is heavy-handed and inconsistent with the approach they have taken over other fighters."

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