Dillian Whyte sure he can halt Anthony Joshua's rise by repeating amateur victory of 2009

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - JANUARY 21:  Dillian Whyte (R) connects with Hastings Rassani during their Heavyweight bout at Liverpool Olympia on January 21, 2012 i
Image: Dillian Whyte (right): Adamant he'd beat Joshua again

Dillian Whyte is sure he can repeat his amateur victory over Anthony Joshua and bring an emphatic end to the Olympic champion's rise in the professional ranks.

Toe 2 Toe

Toe 2 Toe

Whyte, Joshua, Quigg, Selby and Paul Smith all on this week's podcast.

Whyte, who is also unbeaten and has stopped his last 10 opponents inside four rounds, knocked down and beat Joshua on points in a four-round bout back in 2009 and is adamant he could win again.

Joshua is open to the bout and the 27-year-old from Brixton said: "He knows I've got something in both hands that can put him down. He knows that when he fights me, I'm not coming to lose and just pick up a pay cheque.

"I've humbled him in the ring before and I'll humble him again. I remember his friends were giving it before the fight last time and I said I would knock him out. I almost knocked him out. I will humble him again but I'm not going to talk a lot - the fight will get made and then we'll see.

I've humbled him in the ring before again and I'll humble him again. I remember his friends were giving it before the fight last time and I said I would knock him out. I almost knocked him out.
Dillian Whyte on Anthony Joshua

"September is good for me. I've been off for a while because I broke my hand in the middle of April. I'm looking to fight a couple of times in July and if we can get the deal tied up, then why not? If not September, then whenever. I told Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn I'd be ready in January this year.

"Joshua is not the be all and end all of my career. I would love to fight him because I want to prove to people I can beat him again and knock him out but if I don't fight him, I don't care.

"Anthony Joshua needs the British title and if he wants the British title he better go through me - it's as simple as that."

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The towering Joshua, who has dispatched all 13 of his professional opponents inside three rounds, has left his foes cowering under his heavy hands.

But Whyte feels there is a simple way to upset the odds.

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Anthony Joshua talks about who he could possibly take on next after he destroyed Kevin Johnson last Saturday at the O2.

"You punch him back in the face," he said. "Size hasn't got anything to do with it. He has to face someone who is young with ambition and who is just as hungry or even hungrier than him. Somebody who wants to fight and isn't just there for a pay cheque - someone who doesn't just lean on the ropes and get hit.

"The good thing about boxing in Britain is the boxing fans aren't silly - they know when someone's being protected and having their opponents handpicked for them. We are young prospects and we have to start somewhere, but it's time he fought somebody 'live' who will fight him back.

"He's changed a lot and I've changed a lot. I've got a whole lot more punches in my arsenal now. His defence has got better and so has mine. My punches have got better. That was my first boxing fight and I'd only been training a couple of months. I was wowed and erratic.

"I think it'd be a similar fight but a lot more technical and a lot more aggressive. I'll fight Joshua any day of the week. A lot of people say he's the next Lennox Lewis but I think he'll be lucky if he's as good as Frank Bruno.

"He's strong but there's nothing I see that I'm worried about. He's a big guy and seems to have a bit of power but power isn't a problem for me."

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