Khan: Bring on Mayweather

Image: Amir Khan: Hoping to get Mayweather at the right time

Amir Khan has once again re-iterated his belief that he is ready to fight Floyd Mayweather.

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Amir believes best fighter in the world is ready for the taking

Amir Khan has once again re-iterated his belief that he is ready to fight Floyd Mayweather. Khan, who takes on Danny Garcia in the early hours of Sunday morning with the WBC, WBA and Ring Magazine light-welterweight titles on the line, inists his future is in the welterweight division. The Briton's controversial defeat to Lamont Peterson in December has delayed his career plans by six months but Khan is once again looking to bigger nights in the future. And that inevitably leads to talk of a clash with Mayweather, the dominant figure at anywhere between 147 and 154lb.


"This is my chance to prove once and for all that I'm the best in the division," he said. "I can win the WBC title and will have held three of the four belts in the light-welterweight division, so it's time to move up to 147lbs. I just think there are more challenges out there for me in that division. "I want to be in big world title fights and in big fights with the likes of Mayweather. To do that, I need to be up in that division." He added: "Watching Mayweather's last fight (a points win against Miguel Cotto), coupled with the way I've been training, I think I'm ready. "Styles make fights. I know Mayweather's fought other styles and has looked so good against them, but he's never fought anyone with my style, someone young, hungry, fit and strong who can punch. "I know I will cause Mayweather problems. He's getting older and slower now. It's the best time to catch him. I really believe I do have the style to beat him. "One of the reasons I want to move up to 147lbs is to fight Mayweather and it's not about the money, it's about me knowing I can beat the guy and be the next guy at the top, the next pound-for-pound champion."
Golden Boy Promotions chief executive Richard Schaefer believes the fight could be made as soon as Mayweather is released from prison later this year. "Floyd Mayweather is going to get out of prison in early August. We're going to sit down with him and see what his plans are but based on what I've been told he definitely wants to fight some time later on this year," he said. "Who knows, maybe we're going to see Mayweather vs Khan later on this year. "If you have two fighters who want to fight each other then it's always an easy fight to make and we have a great friendship with Floyd and we're promoting Amir, so it would be an easy fight to make. "Amir is ready. In my opinion Amir Khan has the skills to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. "His combinations, his speed, his ring generalship and his aggressiveness make him not only an exciting fighter but also in my opinion, an unbeatable fighter. I do think he's ready and he has a hell of a shot."

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