Carl Froch says he fully expects to beat Yusuf Mack inside the distance

Carl Froch is not taking Yusuf Mack lightly ahead of next week's world title defence - but expects to beat the American convincingly.

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Froch expects the American to come into the fight with all guns blazing as he looks to impose his bigger frame on the Briton. Mack has campaigned for much of his career at light-heavyweight but drops down a division to take his second world title shot in 18 months. "He's coming over from Philadelphia and probably thinking he may not get another title shot and I'm sure he's going to try to capitalise on his opportunity," said Froch, who on Tuesday was promoting the fight in 3D. "He'd be stupid not to. He's had over 30 fights, he's only ever lost to (Tavoris) Cloud and (Glen) Johnson and they're big, strong, tough men. "Johnson's knocked out some of the best and Cloud is unbeaten at light-heavy so to lose in that company is no disgrace so he won't be coming into this fight lacking confidence. "He's coming down to my weight so he's bigger and stronger than me but it's up to me to get rid of any of those ambitions and confidence and any ideas he may have of taking my title." Carl Froch v Yusuf Mack will be live on Sky Sports HD and 3D while will be covering the fight live and interactive from the Capital FM Arena.

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