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Carl Frampton vs Scott Quigg: Weight limit looks difficult for Frampton, says Johnny Nelson

Image: Carl Frampton's public workout raised questions for Johnny Nelson

Johnny Nelson has witnessed a tense fight week before Carl Frampton vs Scott Quigg and believes one man might be struggling to make the 122lbs super-bantamweight limit.

Frampton vs Quigg
Frampton vs Quigg

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I think Carl Frampton is struggling with the weight. I know you don't see a lot at the public work-out but there wasn't a drip of sweat on him. Scott Quigg spent the same amount of time hitting the pads and he was dripping with sweat.

Frampton said himself, before his last fight in the United States, that making the weight was a bit of an issue. It's going to be a harder task for Frampton if it's a hard fight, the longer it goes on.

It has been tense behind the scenes. It's the power behind the throne - it's the camps that have made the atmosphere tense
Johnny Nelson

Quigg looks bigger already, and this is before the weigh-in. When he rehydrates he'll look massive. They have to check weight on Saturday morning so they can't put too much on. But I think the size of Quigg will be a huge factor because he's the bigger banger of the two.

It has been tense behind the scenes. It's the power behind the throne - it's the camps that have made the atmosphere tense. There is a lot at stake between these boys who just want to get out there and do the job, but for the trainers it's a battle of youth v experience in Shane McGuigan vs Joe Gallagher.

Carl Frampton takes part in a public work out at Intu Trafford Centre in Manchester
Image: Shane McGuigan (left) is out to prove himself against Joe Gallagher, says Johnny

They've tried to keep their cool but, I'm telling you, it will erupt come fight night. The fight will be won and lost in the corners.

The fight week has been great. It can be the same story with different actors when it comes to fight week but this has been exciting, and something you get addicted to. It's like waiting for Christmas Day.

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Scott Quigg (Pic by Lawrence Lustig)
Image: Quigg looks bigger than Frampton in Johnny's opinion

I've seen two fighters who really believe they are going to win. This is the kind of fight you talk about, the kind of fight you talk about in months' or years' time. They believe they are going to win because there is too much to lose.

I've thought Frampton would win all along but, having seen them at the public work-out, I'm swaying towards Quigg because of the size of him.

It's going to be like a tornado and a volcano clashing.

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