Jose could return to England

Image: Mourinho: Ready to return

Jose Mourinho has not signed a pre-contract with Inter and admits he could come back to England.

Former Chelsea boss denies signing Inter deal

Jose Mourinho insists he has not signed a pre-contract with Internazionale and admits his next job could be back in the Premier League. The Portuguese has been out of management since leaving Chelsea last September and has been strongly tipped to replace Roberto Mancini at Inter. The Italian champions have denied the rumours and Mourinho has also confirmed that he currently has nothing in place for next season. "In this moment I have no club," Mourinho told Sky Sports News. "I didn't sign any kind of contract, or pre-contract, or agreement, or the way you want to call it.

Life is good

"In this moment I'm happy and I hope that I have a club to start working again in the next pre-season. "If I don't have it, I don't have it. Life is good in many other aspects and I can wait a bit more." Mourinho would prefer to coach in a different country next season, but acknowledged he would be willing to return to England, if he receives no other offers. He added: "I was three years and a few months in English football and being so connected with the club, with a club that I wear the shirt and I was strongly connected with the club. "I was almost like a flag of the club and the relationship I have with the fans is something which is impossible to forget and difficult to explain - it is amazing. "If I could choose, I would choose to go to another country and not directly from Chelsea to another English club, but I don't know, maybe the market is closed in one country and open in another one. It is something I cannot control."
The former Porto boss also confirmed there was no clause upon his departure from Stamford Bridge that would prevent him joining another Premier League club this summer. "A lot of people were saying I had in my contract that I couldn't work in England for two years, three years, four years - it is completely untrue," Mourinho continued. "Legally, I'm in a condition to work in England again. "I would prefer, in spite of I love English football, not to go directly from Chelsea to another English club, but if it has to be, it has to be."

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