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Ref watch: Dermot Gallagher says Loic Remy incident creates 'moral dilemma' for referees

Chelsea's French striker Loic Remy (R) tries to re-gain his balance for a shot after avoiding Stoke City's English goalkeeper Jack Butland
Image: Loic Remy tried to regain his balance after avoiding Jack Butland

Dermot Galllagher has analysed some of the big decisions of the weekend, including a "moral dilemma" at the Britannia Stadium.

The former Premier League referee dropped by the Sky Sports News HQ studio on Monday for his regular look at the weekend's most controversial calls.

And he had a strong view on Remy's willingness to stay on his feet against Stoke - plus penalty calls for Leicester, Manchester United and Manchester City and Rudy Gestede's controversial throw-in.

INCIDENT: No penalty given for Loic Remy as Chelsea lose 1-0 at Stoke

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Take a look at the Loic Remy incident for yourself and make your own mind up

SCENARIO: Loic Remy breaks into the box and meets the on-rushing Jack Butland, hurdles him, then gradually loses his footing as he attempts to take a shot at goal, which goes wide.

GALLAGHER'S VIEW: No penalty, but there's a 'but'....

GALLAGHER SAYS: "I think this is a massive moral dilemma because, in law, the referee is absolutely right not to give a penalty. Loic Remy has done everything you can ask a forward to do; he's tried to stay on his feet, he's tried to score a goal, he's trying to avoid the goalkeeper, and because he's done all that there is no doubt he has lost his footing at the end and lost his chance to score.

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"What I will say is that if he'd have continued his play and crashed into Jack Butland, which he would have done, not only would it be a penalty but also a red card. So Remy has actually done the goalkeeper a massive service and, by doing so, done himself a disservice.

"It's very difficult to give a penalty in that circumstance. The amazing thing is, because he has taken such immense evasive action he has lost his footing. If the referee gives a penalty there he has got to send off Jack Butland and you are sending off a player who would say 'I didn't commit a foul'. On the one hand we don't want players to dive and this guy has done everything you would expect of him and more - and unfortunately it has backfired on him."

INCIDENT: No penalty given after Raheem Sterling says he is fouled by Alan Hutton in the 0-0 draw between Aston Villa and Manchester City

Image: Raheem Sterling didn't win a penalty for this incident

SCENARIO: Sterling tries to bring the ball down in the box, appears to be caught by Hutton, but waits a few seconds in balance before falling to the floor

GALLAGHER'S VIEW: Correct decision

GALLAGHER SAYS: "I think the referee has got it right. He goes over and you think it could well be a penalty but the referee is quite close. It looks like his foot is caught [from one angle] but it's clearly not [from another angle]. He's close enough to make that decision and he clearly doesn't think it's a penalty. I think it's not a penalty."

INCIDENT: Rudy Gestede wins a corner for Aston Villa instead of giving Manchester City the ball back

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Rudy Gestede provoked the Manchester City players with this ill-judged throw-in

SCENARIO: Man City play the ball out of play when Charles N'Zogbia goes down injured. Gestede throws the ball firmly at Joe Hart and it bounces off the goalkeeper and out for a corner, to the annoyance of the City players. The striker almost scores from the resulting corner.

GALLAGHER'S VIEW: Nothing a referee can do.

GALLAGHER SAYS: "All the referee can say is 'I can't do nothing about it. You chose to kick the ball out and they are not obliged to throw it back.' It's a gentleman's agreement if you like. If they had scored it really would have been a problem because they were angry enough that they'd got a corner and I imagine they would have been very, very angry then.

"In law, Gestede has done nothing wrong. It's a throw-in because Hart put the ball out. Gestede has thrown the ball into play, which is all he is obliged to do and Hart can't control the ball because of how he's thrown it towards him. The easiest solution was for Aston Villa to kick the corner out, but they chose not to."

INCIDENT: Penalty, but no red card as Heurhelo Gomes brings down Jamie Vardy in Leicester's 2-1 win over Watford.

Image: Jamie Vardy wins a penalty against Watford

SCENARIO: Goalkeeper Heurhelo Gomes rushes out to the corner of the penalty area and brings down the onrushing Jamie Vardy. The goalkeeper is arguably the last man.

GALLAGHER'S VIEW: Correct decision.

GALLAGHER SAYS: "One of the tick boxes is he has got to be going towards goal, not moving away from it. Vardy's first touch takes him away from goal and he's got to recover the ball. As he goes wide to the right to recover the ball, it gives the two defenders from Watford a chance to get back into the area and block him off. He's got to be in control of the ball, able to get to the ball and be going towards goal. Unfortunately one of them didn't get ticked."

INCIDENT: Gareth McAuley is sent off for tripping Anthony Martial in West Brom's 2-0 defeat to Manchester United.

Image: Anthony Martial is tripped, but Gareth McAuley didn't see red

SCENARIO: Last man McAuley trips Martial inside the penalty area in stoppage time as the United striker looks to shoot from eight yards.

GALLAGHER'S VIEW: Correct decision.

GALLAGHER SAYS: "The difference with the Vardy incident is he is bearing straight down on goal. He is eight to 10 yards out and once he goes past McAuley he has a clear shot at goal. The rule doesn't say he has to score, it says you have to have an opportunity to get a shot at goal, which he clearly would.

"It's really interesting because everyone said to me on Saturday night 'it's the 91st minute, do you really have to send him off?' Unfortunately you do. It's painful for the referee and painful for Gareth McAuley, but it's a red card."

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