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Things to know: FIFA Interactive Club World Cup

Things to know: FIFA Interactive Club World Cup

Everything you need to know about the FIFA Interactive Club World Cup

What is the Interactive Club World Cup?

The rapid and massive growth of eSports has seen numerous major football clubs join the eSports movement. Clubs that have identified the potential of virtual football have launched their own official eSports teams. FIFA has invited these visionary clubs to compete in the first Interactive Club World Cup. Along with the prestige of representing their clubs in an international tournament, the competing players will get a chance to win one of two qualification seats at the FIWC Grand Final.

How will it work?

Twenty-four players from 19 clubs will compete at the FICWC. Just like in all the previous live qualification events, the players will be split into two divisions: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Each division will consist of two groups of six players. The top two in each group will progress to the divisional semi-final. The semi-finals and final for each division will be played over two legs. The PlayStation division champion and the Xbox division champion will each receive a qualification seat at the FIWC 2017 Grand Final!

Live Interactive Club World Cup Draw

The draw is simple and will be streamed live from 5pm this Friday, with one bowl for Xbox players and one bowl for PlayStation players (16 players/balls each)

We then start with the PlayStation groups and place the first drawn ball in Position 1 in Group A. Second ball goes to Position 1 in Group B. Then we'll go on the second Position Group A, then second Group B and so on until we have all eight players per group. Once the PlayStation groups are done, we will proceed to Xbox Groups and go forward the same way.

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