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The Football Association releases 'England DNA report'

England DNA report
Image: The England DNA report is released

The FA has launched a new programme based on the models of Germany and Belgium in a bid to enhance the prospects of the England national team.

The 'England DNA' initiative was unveiled to over 1,500 coaches at St George's Park and focuses on five key aspects: pride in representing England in a "comprehensive and varied" schedule of games at different age levels, playing with a particular philosophy, the skills and attributes the "future England player" should have, plus the coaching and support to go with all that.

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The FA have released the 'England DNA Report' to map out ways of improving the England national team.

England manager Roy Hodgson said: "I think it is very important we have a very clear idea of what principles we are going to follow and what we want the players to be doing in different situations.

"We want to improve their awareness tactically and their game management. All these types of thing are what I think is going to make England teams stronger going forward, and it is very much a coaching matter.

I think it is very important we have a very clear idea of what principles we are going to follow and what we want the players to be doing in different situation.
Roy Hodgson

"The earlier we can get these messages across to the players and really bed them in, it should help the seniors when the players progress through the levels and arrive in that team."

The FA's director of elite development, Dan Ashworth, added: "It's really dangerous to copy another country, but it would be remiss of us not to look at some of the lessons other countries have had.

"Certainly two that spring to mind are Belgium and Germany, who have had strong programmes and leadership from their associations, and a clear direction. In that respect it's similar - what we're doing is not the same as those two but we do have a vision."

England U21 manager Gareth Southgate was equally enthusastic over the announcement and said: "It's not just about the number of caps - it's the types of experiences.

"Historically our games programme was just against Europeans, and we've tried to extend that. It's no use playing nations that don't stretch is, as we quite often get in qualifying groups.

"We've got to play world opposition, and teams we might lose to. Then, also, the clubs view that as an experience that makes it worth their players going."

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