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Young stars shine for Brazil

Image: Pato: Teen superstar

Brazil coach Dunga has backed his inexperienced youngsters to cope with the pressures of stardom.

Pato and Anderson come of age at Emirates

Brazil coach Dunga has backed his inexperienced youngsters to cope with the pressures of stardom. Manchester United midfielder Anderson and Milan teen sensation Alexandre Pato were both used as second-half substitutes during Brazil's 1-0 friendly victory over Sweden at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday. The duo produced impressive displays in front of a lively crowd in North London, with Pato grabbing the only goal of the game in the 72nd minute. While Pato was treated as a hero by the substantial Brazilian following in the stadium, Anderson's every touch was greeted by jeers from the mass of Arsenal supporters in attendance.
He appeared unfazed by the occasion though and his manager has praised the maturity he displayed at such a young age. "Because he plays with Manchester United there is some feeling there, but it is not because of the football that he played," said Dunga. "He showed his personality. He showed that his characteristics are strong. "If he didn't rise to the challenge then it would be a problem for him."
The Brazilian boss also expects Pato to cope with demands currently being placed on him, despite being catapulted to superstar status at just 18 years of age. "He is young for this sort of thing, and also because the media is always on top of him," he said. "But he's a humble, modest person, he keeps working. "People shout and applaud because he's new, at the moment he's a new thing; it's a novelty. "When somebody scores a goal everybody talks about it. You don't hear a lot about the other who also got into the rhythm of the game. "The person who gets the goal gets the limelight, but everybody has a place and everybody plays his role."
Dunga then heaped further praise on the young forward by comparing him to legendary Brazilian front man, and former World Player of the Year, Ronaldo. "He knows how to score a goal," he said. "Pato is in the style of Ronaldo, although he's a bit more timid. "But they're players who participate, they do what you ask them and you give them some room to be creative and play their game."

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