Fergie demands fans' unity

Image: Ferguson: Togetherness

Sir Alex Ferguson fears the ongoing campaign against the Glazer family could wreck Man Utd's bid for glory.

Anti-Glazer protests could affect team performance warns boss

Sir Alex Ferguson fears the ongoing campaign against the Glazer family could wreck Manchester United's bid for glory. Determined supporter groups are keen to step up their efforts against the Glazers and the latest protests against the Red Devils owners will be on display at Monday night's encounter with Newcastle. Despite having an estimated 4,000 season tickets available, United have sold out for their Premier League opener and Ferguson has called for unity, while defending the fans' right to express their feelings. "One situation clouds the new season and that is the continued opposition to the Glazer family," Ferguson told United Review. "I have no problem with the green and gold campaign. Fans are entitled to protest as they see fit. But not to the detriment of the team. "The fact is that the Glazer family own Manchester United and until such time as they decide they want to sell, they will stay as owners regardless of the opposition.


"So it comes down to the extent of the protest. What I don't want to see is Manchester United mired in so much controversy that it deflects our purpose of winning matches. "Whenever we have had success it has been a collective effort with everyone united - management, players and fans. How many times have I commented in the past about the need to pull together? "There is no doubt that players respond and relish support. We have had some great European nights at Old Trafford and I wouldn't like to see anything develop that would diminish that kind of backing. "I see that one of the protest groups has come up with a slogan along the lines of "New Season, Same Goal". "I know what they have in mind but I just wish they meant that once again we will all be united, busting a gut to win something big; in that sense it is not a bad slogan."

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