Evra - Roo should trust United

Image: Evra: Has called for trust

Patrice Evra feels Wayne Rooney should not play for Man Utd if he does not trust his team-mates.

Defender insists every player should have confidence in team

Defender Patrice Evra feels Wayne Rooney should not play for Manchester United if he does not trust the ability of his team-mates. England striker Rooney has controversially revealed his desire to depart Old Trafford this week, admitting doubts over whether the club can still attract world class players and secure silverware. Frenchman Evra believes if the 24-year-old has become disillusioned with the team around him he should not be wearing the Red Devils shirt.


"If one player in the team does not trust the others, he should not play in the team," Evra told Sky Sports News. "Me, I trust everyone. I know we can win." When asked if he believes Rooney will run out for United again, Evra replied: "I hope so, but I'm not Sir Alex Ferguson. I'm only Patrice Evra." Evra's colleague Darren Fletcher agrees every member of the team must have complete confidence in their fellow players and manager. "You've got to believe in your team-mates and the manager and we definitely do," said Fletcher. "You go on that pitch, look around and you're confident in the team you've got and the players that surround you." Midfielder Fletcher pointed out that many key players have departed Old Trafford without affecting the success of the club, and insists United will continue to excel whether Rooney leaves or not. "There have been a few instances of big players leaving Manchester United but Manchester United goes on," he said. "It's such a big club, it's the biggest club in the world. You have to keep going, you have to respond. The fans don't let you settle for anything other than winning."
World class
Fellow midfielder Michael Carrick reiterated that United have enough world class players to generate results, with or without Rooney. "We've got a world class squad here and whatever the circumstances we stick together and believe we're good enough to win competitions," said Carrick. "Hopefully this season we can do that."

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